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Cemetery Indexes

The Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society has published indexes of every cemetery located in Porter County. These indexes were compiled the records of past cemetery readings, as well as through the more recent readings conducted by Ed and Doris Brozak. Cemetery index books, categorized by township, can purchased directly through the Northwest Indiana Genealogy Society. These cemetery index books are also available at the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso.

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Below is a list of Porter County cemeteries. Burial data for cemeteries are being added on a regular basis.

Cemetery Township
Adams Cemetery (Cornish Cemetery) Morgan
Agnew Cemetery Morgan
Augsburg Cemetery Westchester
Bailly Cemetery Westchester
Barnard Cemetery (Quakerdom Cemetery) Jackson
Bates Cemetery Boone
Bedenkop Cemetery (Burdick Cemetery) Pine
Beth-el Cemetery Portage
Betholene Cemetery (now part of Hebron Cemetery) Boone
Betz Cemetery (Mosier Cemetery) Union
Blachly Cemetery Union
Blake Cemetery Portage
Boone Grove Cemetery Porter
Boot Hill Cemetery (Old Widow Bonesteel's Cemetery) - obliterated Pleasant
Brough Cemetery (Five Pines Cemetery) Boone
Burdick Cemetery (Bedenkop Cemetery) Pine
Burstrom Cemetery Westchester
Cadwell Cemetery Union
Calvary Cemetery Portage
Campbell Cemetery Washington
Carter Cemetery Jackson
Chesterton Cemetery Westchester
Clifford Cemetery (old Catholic Cemetery) Center
Cole Cemetery - removed Liberty
Congdon Cemetery (Sauk Trail Cemetery) Union
Cornell Cemetery Boone
Cornish Cemetery (Adams Cemetery) Morgan
Crisman Cemetery Portage
Dillingham Cemetery Liberty
Dunn Cemetery - obliterated Porter
Dye Cemetery (Merriman Cemetery) Porter
Eight Square Cemetery Pine
Essex/Salem Cemetery Washington
Fehrman Cemetery (Lantz, Shurr, or Weaver Cemetery) Porter
Five Pines Cemetery (Brough Cemetery) Boone
Fleming Cemetery Porter
Flint Lake (Kinne No. 1 Cemetery) Center
Frame Cemetery Porter
Friar's Cemetery (Seven Dolor Shrine Cemetery) Portage
Furnessville Cemetery Westchester
German Evangelical Cemetery Washington
Gossett Cemetery (Hageman Cemetery) Liberty
God's Half-Acre Cemetery (Old Widow Bonesteel's Cemetery) - obliterated Pleasant
Graceland Cemetery Center
Guernsey Cemetery Porter
Hageman Cemetery (Gossett Cemetery) Liberty
Hebron Cemetery Boone
Hoosier Nest Cemetery Union
Hopewell Mennonite Cemetery Pleasant
Hyde Cemetery - obliterated Pleasant
Jackson Center Cemetery (Lansing Cemetery) Jackson
James Cemetery (Schrock Cemetery) Portage
Janes Cemetery Union
Jones Cemetery (Lee Cemetery) Porter
Kimball Cemetery Liberty
Kingery, Glenn Cemetery Porter
Kinne No. 1 (Flint Lake Cemetery) Center
Kinne No. 2 Cemetery Center
Kinne No. 3 Cemetery Center
Lake Eliza Cemetery - obliterated Porter
Lansing Cemetery (Jackson Center Cemetery) Jackson
Lantz Cemetery (Fehrman, Shurr, or Weaver Cemetery) Porter
Lee Cemetery (Jones Cemetery) Porter
Leonard Family Cemetery Union
Link Cemetery Jackson
Ludington Cemetery Porter
Luther Cemetery Washington
Maplewood Cemetery Center
McCool Cemetery Portage
Memorial Park Cemetery Center
Merriman Cemetery (Dye Cemetery) Porter
Mosier Cemetery (Betz Cemetery) Union
Native American Burial Grounds Multiple
Noble Cemetery Jackson
Old Catholic Cemetery (Clifford Cemetery) Center
Old City Cemetery (Union Street Cemetery) Center
Old Widow Bonesteel's Cemetery - obliterated Pleasant
Paine Cemetery Jackson
Pine Township Beach Burials Pine
Quakerdom Cemetery (Barnard Cemetery) Jackson
Quinn's Cemetery Porter
Robbins Cemetery Portage
Robinson Cemetery Porter
Salem Cemetery (White Settlement) Morgan
Salem Cemetery Washington
Salem-Friedhoff Cemetery Washington
Salem Methodist Cemetery Porter
Sauk Trail Cemetery (Congdon Cemetery) Union
Sedley Cemetery Union
Seven Dolors Shrine Cemetery (Friar's Cemetery) Portage
Schrock Cemetery (James Cemetery) Portage
Sheffield Cemetery - obliterated Porter
Shurr Cemetery (Fehrman, Lantz, or Weaver Cemetery) Porter
Smith Cemetery - obliterated Boone
Smith Cemetery - obliterated Porter
Spencer Cemetery Pleasant
St. Mary Catholic Cemetery Pleasant
St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery Westchester
St. Paul Catholic Cemetery Center
St. Paul Lutheran No. 1 Cemetery Pleasant
St. Paul Lutheran No. 2 Cemetery Pleasant
Stoner Cemetery Morgan
Strong Cemetery Union
Suman Cemetery Jackson
Sunset Hill Farm Cemetery Liberty
Tassinong Cemetery Morgan
Temple Israel Cemetery Portage
Union Center Cemetery Union
Union Street Cemetery (Old City Cemetery) Center
Unnamed Cemetery Union
Warner Cemetery Morgan
Weaver Cemetery (Fehrman, Lantz, or Shurr Cemetery) Porter
White Cemetery Morgan
Wolf Cemetery - removed Portage
Zane Cemetery - obliterated Liberty


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