Photographs & Historical ImagesAerial Homestead Images of Porter County, 1956 . . . .

Historical Aerial Homestead Images of Porter County, 1956

Below we provide 2,008 aerial homestead images, arranged by township, that were included in John Drury's book This Is Porter County, which was published in 1956 by the Inland Photo Company, Chicago, Illinois. The scanned images themselves and their associated text on this website are copyrighted [©] property. There is no objection to the use of the images contained on this website for nonprofit or personal uses. Under no circumstances, however, can the images on this website be used for commercial purposes (e.g., business websites, websites containing advertising, books, print advertisements) without prior written consent. Please contact the Porter County GenWeb Coordinator to obtain permission.

Full Citation:
Drury, John. 1956. This Is Porter County. Chicago, Illinois: Inland Photo Company. 352 p.

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Surname Township
 Adaire Foundation Westchester
 Adamik, Frank Morgan
 Adams, Floyd Morgan
 Adam, Raymond M. Morgan
 Affeld, Vernon Center
 Ahrendt Motel Westchester
 Ailes, Arthur Morgan
 Ailes, Harold Morgan
 Ailes, Lawrence and Sons (All Dale Farms) Morgan
 Ailes Walter Morgan
 Akers, John Porter
 Albertson, H. J. Porter
 Alexander, William (Ross Shook) Union
 Allen, Bill (Lawrence Mattox) Pleasant
 Allison, James E. Pine
 Altman, H. W. and D. E. Miller Jackson
 Alyea, Miss Goldie and J. Sam Boone
 Alyea, Mrs. William Boone
 Anders, Charles and Belala Washington
 Andershock, George Westchester
 Anderson, Carl (Raymond Pfledderer) Pleasant
 Anderson, Ed. G. (Orchard Lodge Cabins) Liberty
 Anderson, Edward A. Portage
 Anderson, Edwin J. (Henry Bockelmann) Liberty
 Anderson, Elgert B. Center
 Anderson, Ernest Jackson
 Anderson, Heber Morgan
 Anderson, Herman Liberty
 Anderson, Lawrence Jackson
 Anderson, Leonard Westchester
 Anderson, Mrs. Walter E. Jackson
 Anderson, Mrs. William Liberty
 Anderson, Myron C. Liberty
 Anderson, Nelson Morgan
 Anderson, Richard Morgan
 Anderson, Walter M. Portage
 Angelo's Restaurant Center
 Angle, M. O. Washington
 Anker, James and Baron Arnold Liberty
 Annen, Joseph E. Center
 Antol, John Pleasant
 Arndi, George L. Washington
 Arndt, Marion Liberty
 Arndt, William Jackson
 Arnett, David Morgan
 Arnold, Mrs. Lodema (Earl Schnekeburger) Pleasant
 Arnold, Mrs. Nellie Pleasant
 Asher, Harry H. Center
 AT&T Station Westchester
 Atchinson, Ernest Portage
 Atherton, Earl M. Pleasant
 Atwell, Harry Porter
 Atwell, Walter E. Porter
 Austgen, Nick J. Pleasant
 Aylesworth, Clyde Boone
 Aylesworth, Clyde and Sadie Boone
 Aylesworth, J. P. Boone
 Aylesworth, Phillip and Verda Beeker (Paul Colman) Boone
 Aylesworth, Wallas Porter
 Babcock, Charles Westchester
 Babcock, Louis Center
 Babe's Lunch Portage
 Baird, Bernard Porter
 Baird, Clyde Porter
 Baird, Grace (Roland Baird) Porter
 Baird, Roger B. Porter
 Bakalec, Archie (James Smith) Westchester
 Baker, Emery Porter
 Baker, Robert Union
 Balchunas, Anton Westchester
 Bales, Ernest E. Boone
 Bamesberger, Harry Center
 Bankert, Edward (John Kalina) Union
 Banning, C. A. Boone
 Baranto, Mike Jackson
 Barber, Alvin L. Morgan
 Barnard, Dora Jackson
 Barnard, Harold, Sr. Jackson
 Barnard, Harold, Sr. Jackson
 Barnard, Harold, Sr. Jackson
 Barnard, Joy A. Jackson
 Barneko, Ernest Center
 Barneko, Herman Washington
 Barnett, Clifford Portage
 Barnett, Henry Washington
 Bartalinni, Frank Union
 Bartley, Charles A. Center
 Bartz Washington
 Bartz, Asa Center
 Bartz, Walter M. Washington
 Batczkowski, Steve Pine
 Batholomew, Bill Morgan
 Baturinsky, Steve (Martin Laszlo) Liberty
 Batzka, Walter Morgan
 Bauer, Bennett Portage
 Bauer, Gordon Morgan
 Bauer, Herman Porter
 Bauer, Tony Porter
 Baughman, A. E. Pleasant
 Baum, Dora Washington
 Beach, Clarence Morgan
 Beach, Ed Morgan
 Bearss, Carlton Porter
 Bechinski, Agnes Pine
 Bechler, Edward (Raymond Mosher) Pleasant
 Beck, Elwood Pine
 Beck, Harold A. (Lawrence Beck) Pine
 Beckler, Ed (Andy Anderson) Porter
 Beckman, William (Fred Beckman) Union
 Bedenkop, Leland V. (David Bedenkop) Pine
 Bedenkop, Oris J. Pine
 Bell, Clarke Morgan
 Bell, John Morgan
 Bell, Lester, Sr. Union
 Bell, Marvin E. Boone
 Bell, Orron Boone
 Bell, Pat Union
 Bentley, John Porter
 Bentley, Joseph C. Porter
 Bently, Harold Porter
 Berdine Service Station Boone
 Berdine, Blake (Louie Eichelberger) Boone
 Berkoski, Pete J. Jackson
 Berndt, Arthur W. Center
 Berndt, Everett Liberty
 Berrier, A. J. Porter
 Berrier, Arthur Center
 Bessler, Louis Morgan
 Betz, Edward Union
 Betz, Fred A. Union
 Betz, John Union
 Betz, Louis Union
 Beverly Shores Rest Home, Inc. Pine
 Biddle, James Portage
 Biggart, Stereephen (Ray Owen) Morgan
 Biggart, Steve Pleasant
 Biggs, Grover A. Jackson
 Biggs, John Liberty
 Biggs, Urbin Porter
 Bigler, Edward Washington
 Bilborn, Mr. and Mrs. Center
 Biller, Marvin J. Union
 Billets, Al Porter
 Billows, Andrew Westchester
 Billy, Jean Pleasant
 Birky, Arthur Pleasant
 Birky, Chauncy Morgan
 Birky, Dean Pleasant
 Birky, Eldon Porter
 Birky, Emanuel Pleasant
 Birky, Emory Boone
 Birky, F. S. Boone
 Birky, Jake Morgan
 Birky, Jonas Pleasant
 Birky, Jonas Pleasant
 Birky, Ralph Pleasant
 Birky, Reuben A. Pleasant
 Birky, W. H. Morgan
 Birky, Warren Morgan
 Birky, William Boone
 Blachly, Glen (Mrs. Emerald Maple) Union
 Blackman, D. L. Morgan
 Blackstone, Ella (Tony Monix) Porter
 Blair, Les Portage
 Blake, Vint Washington
 Blank, John P. Boone
 Blastic, Frank Union
 Blastick, Martin Morgan
 Blastick, Tony Union
 Blenker, Donald (Thomas Roland) Porter
 Blinks, Dr. Harold Jackson
 Blood, Dr. R. P. Boone
 Bloom, Mrs. Clara Liberty
 Bloum, Herman (Harold Bloum) Morgan
 Bluebird Inn (Lawrence Caprows) Liberty
 Blummer, Leo Porter
 Blunk, Artie Washington
 Bobak, John (Charles Sawlsgiver) Pleasant
 Bob's Grill (Bob Young) Westchester
 Bochnicka, George (Paul Bochnicka) Center
 Bockelmann, Henry E. Liberty
 Bodin, Silverd and Sylven Westchester
 Boedeker, Fritz A. Jackson
 Boehlke, Harold Morgan
 Boehlke, J. M. Washington
 Bogdanich, Frank Union
 Bolkhe, Harold Morgan
 Boo, H. R. Westchester
 Boomer, Ralph Westchester
 Boone Grove Elevator (B. J. Kroft) Porter
 Boone Grove School Pleasant
 Bootcheck, Bernard Pine
 Bootcheck, Leonard Pine
 Born, Fred Morgan
 Bors, Stanley Boone
 Borun, Ruth Morgan
 Bos, Alfred Morgan
 Bowman, A. W. and L. B. Jackson
 Bowman, Frank Pleasant
 Bowman, Theodore R. Porter
 Bozarth, Pearley Center
 Braun, Carl D. and Anna Jackson
 Breitenbach, Leo Morgan
 Briggs, Grace (George Glenn) Union
 Brille, Gene Jackson
 Brooks, Ralph H. Westchester
 Brooks, Tom E. Liberty
 Bross, Richard Westchester
 Broton, Alex Center
 Brown, Clarence Washington
 Brown, Floyd Center
 Brown, Floyd P. (Howard R. Moreland) Union
 Brown, George Washington
 Brownfield, Ralph Jackson
 Bruce, Robert A. Boone
 Brunicon, George Morgan
 Brust, Henry Morgan
 Bruszewski, Julis Union
 Bruszewski, Julis Union
 Bryant, George H. Boone
 Bryant, Miss Ora (Lloyd Asher) Boone
 Buchanan, Glenn Boone
 Buchanan, Glenn (Perry McKay) Boone
 Buchanan, Leland and Neil Boone
 Buchanan, Leland and Neil (John Lauer) Boone
 Bucher, Orville Center
 Buck, Louis (Robert Torbeson) Boone
 Buergler, Joseph H. Portage
 Buergler, Joseph H. Union
 Buhman, Mrs. Emil E. (Claude Buzalski) Liberty
 Buhmann, William Portage
 Buick, Blunke Brothers Center
 Bukalski, John Pleasant
 Bull, Theodore Washington
 Bunnell, Herman Pleasant
 Burda, John Jackson
 Burge, J. C. Union
 Burke, Erwin J. Pine
 Burke, Samuel E. Pleasant
 Burkhart, Mrs. Martin Porter
 Burkhart, Mrs. Martin Porter
 Burkman, Herbert A. Pleasant
 Burks, George (Dean Farster) Union
 Burns, Frank and Alfred Boone
 Burrus, R. O. Center
 Bushore, Joseph T. Liberty
 Busker, Henry Boone
 Bussert, Eugene Washington
 Butler, Walter C. Center
 Byers Brothers (Dan Byers) Union
 Byers Brothers (Dave Byers) Union
 Byers, Joseph S. Union
 Cadwalader, Enos (Lowal Bucher) Porter
 Cain, Carl Morgan
 Callahan, Guy Pleasant
 Caller, Frank Union
 Callihan, Frank Center
 Camp Farr (Eddy Edwards) Jackson
 Camp Farr Camp Grounds Jackson
 Campbell, Amburgh Center
 Campbell, Robert M. Liberty
 Campbell, Robert M. (August Vitoux, Jr.) Liberty
 Canie Estate Washington
 Caress, T. J. Morgan
 Carlberg, A. B. (Richard Carlberg) Porter
 Carlson, Carl Joel Jackson
 Carlson, Conrad Westchester
 Carlson, David R. Pine
 Carlson, John Morgan
 Carlson, W. L. Liberty
 Carlson, Walter (Carl Hinderer) Portage
 Carlucci, L. Union
 Carmignani, S. Union
 Carpenter, C. A. Pleasant
 Carpenter, Ed Union
 Carpenter, George E. Jackson
 Carpenter, Leslie R. Jackson
 Carson Estate Washington
 Carstensen, Charles Jackson
 Carter, David and Anne Porter
 Carter, John W. Liberty
 Carver, Mrs. Grace (Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Peak) Pine
 Casbon, A. J. Boone
 Casbon, Floyd Center
 Casbon, Harry J. and Helen L. Porter
 Casbon, Herbert Porter
 Casbon, Loring Morgan
 Casbon, Lynnet Boone
 Cauffman, Richard Westchester
 Cauley, Wilbert Union
 Cederberg, Carl Porter
 Cesel, Otto (Ray Stewart) Pleasant
 Chancellor, Mrs. Mollie Beach (Clifford Ronk) Liberty
 Chaney, Glen Morgan
 Charlson, Howard W. Portage
 Charlson, L. Westchester
 Chelburg, Carl Westchester
 Chester Hybrids Washington
 Chester Hybrids (Boone Grove) Porter
 Chesterton Farm Produce Westchester
 Chesterton High School Westchester
 Children's Home and School Morgan
 Choder, John Pine
 Christensen, Chris (Walter Wiemuth) Porter
 Christiansen, Hans Liberty
 Chubinski, E. L. Portage
 Church, Carl (Richard Schultz) Pleasant
 Church, Craig and Frances Washington
 Church, Floyd Pleasant
 Ciancio, Peter Union
 Ciganek, Frank J. Jackson
 Cigrand, Arthur Porter
 Cities Service Westchester
 Clanricarde Elevator (William and Williard Dahl) Pleasant
 Clark, Bayle Porter
 Clark, Edward Morgan
 Clark, Eugene Washington
 Clark, Harry N. Center
 Clark, James H. Washington
 Clark, John Washington
 Clark, John M. Center
 Clark, Mrs. Myra (Edward Wood) Pleasant
 Clark, Mrs. Myra (Eldon Riehle) Pleasant
 Clark, Mrs. Myra (Otis Miller) Pleasant
 Claudon, Joseph Washington
 Claus, Arthur Porter
 Claussen, Arnold Porter
 Claussen, Edwin Porter
 Claussen, Leslie Porter
 Clegg, Walter C. Jackson
 Clemens, Mary Westchester
 Cletcher, Norman Washington
 Clifford, Leo Center
 Clifford, Leo Center
 Clifford, Walter (Paul Good) Washington
 Cline, Morse Center
 Clites, Melvin ((Clyde Riddell) Union
 Cobb, Charles Washington
 Cochran, Otis Porter
 Cochran, Robert H. (Albert and Glenn Hardesty) Union
 Cody, Harry C. Union
 Coffman, George Boone
 Colonial Motel Portage
 Colton, Gordon Morgan
 Colton, Melvin Morgan
 Comeford, John F. Washington
 Conner, Beatrice M. (Leo Ogle) Union
 Conners, William Westchester
 Conoco Gas (Nick Solich) Westchester
 Conrick, Kenneth Liberty
 Continental Diamond Fiber Company Center
 Cook, Agnes J. Pine
 Cook, Erma (Chris Pfledderer) Pleasant
 Co-op Porter County Center
 Corbin, Fred Liberty
 Cottage Inn Trailer Park Washington
 Cottlieb, Ervin Portage
 Coughron, Hoyt Union
 Coulter, Mrs. John S. Jackson
 Coursel, Peter R. Jackson
 Courtesy Court Portage
 Covert, Jess Morgan
 Crane, Dean Morgan
 Cravens, Stella Union
 Creamer, Merle Portage
 Crisman Brothers Union
 Crisman Brothers (Charles Curtis) Union
 Crisman, Ray Union
 Crisman, Ray Union
 Crisman, Ross (Walter Carlson) Portage
 Crisman, Ross M. (Carl Hinderer and Walter Carlson) Portage
 Crowe, Roland J. Morgan
 Cubich, Rudy Porter
 Cunningham, C. N. Center
 Curry, Robert T. Portage
 Curtis, Roy Porter
 Czerwonke, Helen Morgan
 D & K Implement Sales Boone
 Dahl, Clinton (Naton E. Christensen) Pleasant
 Dahl, Joe Pleasant
 Dahl, Percy Pleasant
 Dahl, William (Harold Sutter) Pleasant
 Dalke, Fred R. Liberty
 Dalke, Fred R. Liberty
 Daly, Edward Liberty
 Daly, Edward Liberty
 Daly, Jerry Liberty
 Dancey, Francis Porter
 Danes Lumber Supply Company Westchester
 Daniels, Grant Porter
 Darcy, Frank Pine
 Darda, Frank Washington
 Darr, H. S. (W. H. Teufert) Porter
 Dasse, Richard J. Pine
 Davies, A. P. Jackson
 Davies, Harvey Union
 Davis, Grace E. (Clarence W. and Hebert E. Davis) Boone
 Davis, Lee F. Union
 Davis, Lewis (Clarke Stoner) Morgan
 Davis, William H. Union
 Davison, Homer R. Jackson
 Davison, Mrs. Ben Washington
 Deal, Rex Morgan
 Deardurff, George E. Pleasant
 DeBruzzi, Fred Porter
 Decker, J. L. Westchester
 Deep Rock (John F. Hansen) Westchester
 Deep Rock (John F. Hansen) Westchester
 Deery, Phil (Clarance Rushing) Porter
 DeGrazia, Dr. M. G. Center
 Delph, Mrs. John F. Pine
 Demaskus, Fred Morgan
 DeMass, Ray and Dora Westchester
 Denny, Arthur R. Porter
 Deon, Edward Portage
 Detlees, Willis Center
 Dettman, Edward Jackson
 Devine, James Westchester
 DeVoy, Thomas and Viola (Sandune Kennels) Union
 Dibbern, William G. Porter
 Dickinson, Roy Porter
 Diener, Wesley K. Union
 Dilley, Mrs. W. A. (Ben Wiltfang) Boone
 Dilley, Mrs. W. A. (Mrs. Ray Bryant) Boone
 Dillingham, Paul Liberty
 Dinse, Vernon (John C. Dinse) Morgan
 Dionne, Lowell Boone
 Ditlow, Raymond K. Union
 Dittman, W. H. Center
 Dixon, Elizabeth Porter
 Dockery, Leland Porter
 Doler, Thomas O. Jackson
 Dolhover, Coit Porter
 Dolhover, Coit Porter
 Dolson, Bess (Clarence Lemster) Union
 Dolson, Mrs. Glenn (Jay H. Bell) Union
 Dombrowski, Joe (Joe Hessling) Pleasant
 Domke, Edw. G. Center
 Domke, Mrs. William Center
 Dondanvill, Grace Washington
 Dondlinger, Arnold Morgan
 Dondlinger, Mrs. Blanch Morgan
 Don's Motel Portage
 Douglas, Allen Washington
 Douglas, Mildred (Lester Douglas) Porter
 Draves, Otto Fern C. Jackson
 Drazer, George Pleasant
 Drazer, Max S. Pleasant
 Drazer, Paul Pleasant
 Dremly, Paul Porter
 Drennan, Paul Boone
 Drowty, Roy R. (Joe Trembicki) Westchester
 Duckworth, Stanley Morgan
 Duggleby, Wadby (Norbert Dolezal) Pleasant
 Duncan, Frank Portage
 Duncan, Merdith W. Center
 Dunes Midway Garage Westchester
 Dunes Nursery (Don Collins) Westchester
 Dunes State Park Hotel and Pavilion Westchester
 Dunlap, Theo M. Jackson
 Dunne, Mrs. P. J. Morgan
 Durkee, Russell Boone
 Dust, William and Dorothy Jackson
 Dutcher, Francis and Frances Pine
 Dutlinger, Charles Pleasant
 Dye, Joe Union
 Dyniewski, Michael Boone
 Dyniewski, Michael Boone
 Dzur, George (Raymond Martin) Liberty
 Dzur, Mrs. Elizabeth Liberty
 Earley, James P. Pine
 Eaton, Earl Liberty
 Eaton, Earl H. Liberty
 Ebner, Raymond Union
 Eckland, Kenneth Westchester
 Edwards, John Westchester
 Egelske, Walter Jackson
 Eggert, Herman and Anna Boone
 Egilski, John Pine
 Egli, A. D. Pleasant
 Egli, A. D. Pleasant
 Egli, Paul and Wayne Pleasant
 Eichelberger, Chris Pleasant
 Eick, William J. C. Porter
 Ellis, Glenn Porter
 Ellis, James Center
 Ellis, Mrs. Alma (Arthur Bloum) Morgan
 Elsner, Carl Union
 Ensey, George and Rachel (George B. Ensey, Jr.) Union
 Ensminger, Van O. Portage
 Erickson, Olaf Center
 Erickson, Walter F. Center
 Essenberg, J. M. Pine
 Esserman, Edward R. (Edward Jr. and Fred Esserman) Liberty
 Esserman, Harold Liberty
 Esserman, Leslie W. Liberty
 Etchason, Homer Liberty
 Etchison, Frank D. Westchester
 Evans, Paul (Glen Evans) Boone
 Fair Grounds Center
 Felta's Bargain Center Center
 Fennell, William Jackson
 Ferguson Transfer, Inc. Center
 Ferguson, F. A. Washington
 Ferguson, Harry F. Westchester
 Ferrell, William (Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tillema) Porter
 Feulner, Fred S. Portage
 Fickle, John Boone
 Fickle, John Boone
 Finney, L. W. Morgan
 Finney, William P. Morgan
 Fitzgerald, Joe Union
 Fitzgerald, John Porter
 Fitzgerald, John (John U. Fitzgerald) Porter
 Fleming, Lee D. Porter
 Fleming, William Porter
 Flitter, August Morgan
 Flitter, Clarence Center
 Flitter, George Washington
 Foley, Bonnie Morgan
 Follis Tractor Sales Center
 Folsom, Harry Pleasant
 Folsom, Loraine (Murl M. Nichols) Boone
 Fontana, A. Union
 Foreman, Arthur and Rose (Wade Susdorf) Union
 Foreman, Arthur F. (Wade Susdorf) Portage
 Foreman, Leslie Portage
 Foreman, W. H. Portage
 Forman, N. Clarke Liberty
 Forszt Brothers Jackson
 Foster Lumber and Construction Company, Inc. Center
 Foster, Charles Morgan
 Foster, Chas. Morgan
 Foster, Ernest Liberty
 Foster, Howard Liberty
 Foster, Ross and Clarence Center
 Foust, Lewis Pleasant
 Fowler, George Morgan
 Frailey, C. F. Porter
 Frailey, Edwin Porter
 Fraley, Edward L. Jackson
 Frame, B. L. Union
 Frame, Charles Union
 Frame, Harry Boone
 Frame, Lloyd Liberty
 Frame, Mrs. Margaret Union
 Frank, Dr. J. R. (Dale Stalbaum) Porter
 Franks, J. D. Morgan
 Franz, Edward Westchester
 Franzson, Robin A. Liberty
 Freier, Herbert Jackson
 French, Glenn D. Union
 Frenchy's Truck Stop Liberty
 Freywald, Frank A. (Mrs. Mary Freywald) Center
 Friday, Russell C. Westchester
 Froberg, Chester Center
 Froberg, Chester Center
 Froberg, Chester Center
 Frodin, Elmer (Carl Patterson) Westchester
 Fry, Ernest G. Boone
 Fry, James W. (Richard G. Boyd) Jackson
 Fry, Kenneth Boone
 Fry, Mrs. Nellie M. (Guy Bowman) Boone
 Fry, Neal Morgan
 Furness, Hershel Pine
 Gaines, Leland Liberty
 Gaither, J. T. (A. F. Huber) Union
 Galbrath, Clifford Pleasant
 Galligani, Livio (Paul H. McKinley) Porter
 Garbe, Clarence Pine
 Garridet, Clarence Morgan
 Gary C. Y. O. (Charles Durand) Liberty
 Gary Motel Portage
 Gas, Louis (John Imre) Union
 Gast, Andrew (Thomas Gast) Union
 Gast, Arthur W. Center
 Gast, Ben Center
 Gast, Clarence Union
 Gast, Frank (James D. Gast) Union
 Gast, Lloyd Center
 Gast, Louis L. (Leslie Wilson) Center
 Gast, W. A. Center
 Gatewood, Harry Morgan
 Gebert, Leonard Jackson
 Genovese, John Porter
 Gesse Estate (Floyd Gesse) Pleasant
 Gesse, Rheinold Pleasant
 Gesse, William Pleasant
 Gibbs, Otto (Lloyd Birky) Pleasant
 Gibson, Maurice Porter
 Gilbert, Joan Center
 Gilger, Donald B. (Elwin Biggs) Liberty
 Gilman, George Porter
 Gilson, Arthur (Lewis Gilson) Boone
 Gilson, Arthur D. and Mary E. Boone
 Gilson, Chester Boone
 Gingerich, Joseph W. Pleasant
 Glands, B. Pleasant
 Glasshagel, Ed Washington
 Gleason, Ditty Boone
 Glenn, B. L. Center
 Glinski, Stanley Liberty
 Glisic M. Pleasant
 Glissman, George J. Pleasant
 Glowinski, Frank A. Jackson
 Gloyeske, Benjamin Portage
 Gloyeske, Edward Center
 Gloyeske, Sylvester Liberty
 Gloyeske, Theodore D. Liberty
 Gluek, Alvin C., Jr. (Richard Herren) Porter
 Gluek, Alvin C., Jr. (Richard Herren) Porter
 Gluek, Helen C. (Lawrence Ketchmark) Porter
 Gluek, Helen C. (Sanford E. Gruel) Porter
 Goan, Joseph D. Morgan
 Goin, Harry Jackson
 Golombowski, Stephen Jackson
 Gonlag, Marie (Herman Gonlag) Porter
 Good Fellow Camp (Paul Schaffer, Mgr.) Westchester
 Good, Allen C. Pleasant
 Good, Chris (D. L. Wallace) Porter
 Good, Christ (Orvin and Edna Good) Porter
 Good, Simon Pleasant
 Good, Simon (Walter Wenger) Boone
 Good, Simon, Sr. Porter
 Good, Wilmer Morgan
 Goodrich, Nick Center
 Gorden Brothers Morgan
 Goreham, John H. Liberty
 Gosiorowski, Lewis Liberty
 Gotaut, John Porter
 Gottlieb, Arthur Portage
 Gottlieb, Walter A. Jackson
 Gower, Mrs. Ada (Lewis Claussen) Pleasant
 Gowland, Joseph Morgan
 Gradle, J. F. Porter
 Graeber, Carl A. Porter
 Graeber, Ralph Porter
 Graeber, Ralph (Earl J. Hanner) Porter
 Graeber, Ralph, Jr. Boone
 Graedner, Oliver Center
 Graff, Joseph Porter
 Graft, Frank Jackson
 Granovich, John and Bessie Liberty
 Grant, Raymond Porter
 Grantham, Joe Portage
 Grass, Oscar E. Washington
 Gray, John Jackson
 Green, Mark Washington
 Greene, Ralph Westchester
 Greening, Paul Jackson
 Gregg, Col. Clifford C. Jackson
 Greinke, Charles (Edwin Nicholson) Pine
 Greu, Mary Center
 Grieder, Calvin Morgan
 Grieger, August Washington
 Grieger, Gust H. Morgan
 Grieger, Otto Jackson
 Grieger, Paul Morgan
 Grieger, Paul Morgan
 Griegr, L. Henry Pine
 Grieiger, Clarence Pleasant
 Griffeth, E. W. (C. J. Spencer) Liberty
 Gronwell, Al C. Jackson
 Gropp, Hubert A. Liberty
 Groszek, Theodore J. Pine
 Grott, Edward Jackson
 Gruel, Louis, Otto, and John Union
 Gruel, Otto and Sons Union
 Guernsey, Kithcart Boone
 Guillaumant, Rodger Morgan
 Gumz Union
 Gunder, John Porter
 Gundrum, F. M. and Lulu Portage
 Gurnsey, Albert Westchester
 Gustafson, Ellen (Rudy Lawrence) Westchester
 Gustafson, Robert and Inez Porter
 Gustafson, Vern C. Morgan
 Gutt, Edwin E. Center
 Guzis, Thomas Liberty
 Haas, Mrs. Rhea (Arthur Ellenson) Boone
 Hacker, Howard Pine
 Hagen, Otto Union
 Hagenow, John W. Jackson
 Hagerty, Albert Porter
 Haggerty, John (Edward R. Haggerty) Union
 Hajduswicz, Walter Pine
 Hall, Allen F. and Esther B. Pleasant
 Hall, C. E. (Ray Hall) Pleasant
 Hall, Carl and Edwin (Minnie Gagel) Pine
 Hallberg, Clarence W. and Ruth E. Boone
 Hallberg, Peter Porter
 Haluska, George Union
 Haman, George Pleasant
 Haman, Herb (Randal Stevens) Pleasant
 Haman, Herbert Pleasant
 Haman, Herbert (Harold Haman) Pleasant
 Haman, Louis and Fred and Laura McGarvey Morgan
 Haman, Robert Pleasant
 Hamann, Fred J. Pleasant
 Hamann, William (Royce Hamann) Union
 Hamill, Dennis Westchester
 Hamilton, Martha Jackson
 Hamlett, Ralph Pleasant
 Hamstrom, Carl Portage
 Hanaway, Alfred Boone
 Hanaway, Mrs. Lavon Westchester
 Hannon, James Center
 Hannon, Julia Morgan
 Hannon, Richard A. Pleasant
 Hanrahan, Earl Liberty
 Hanrahan, Roy Liberty
 Hansen, Walter B. (Arthur Kneifel) Pleasant
 Hansle, J. W. Washington
 Hanson, G. F., Sr. Jackson
 Hanson, Gurney, Jr. Jackson
 Happy Hill (Powell) Washington
 Harbeck, Frieda B. (Robert P. Harbeck) Washington
 Harbit, James C. Porter
 Hardel, Edward T. Pleasant
 Harder, E. F. Union
 Harders, W. C. Union
 Hardesty, Mary A. Union
 Hardesty, Maurice L. Union
 Hargarten, Nicholas Jackson
 Harold, Loretta Washington
 Harrigan, Forrest E. Pine
 Harrington, Anna Center
 Harris, Edgar (Beverly Sheets) Porter
 Harrison, John R. Jackson
 Harrison, Poole (Guy Tindle) Westchester
 Harrison, Ross Portage
 Harrison, Ross A. Portage
 Harrison, Ross A. Portage
 Hartmann Brothers Union
 Hartnup, John C. Union
 Hartwig, Charles W. Union
 Hass, Lewis Liberty
 Hass, Lewis F. Liberty
 Hassel, Roy (Ervin E. Jentzen) Liberty
 Hastings, Rollin Pleasant
 Hatala, Mrs. Mary Portage
 Hatchel, Doyle Pine
 Hawbrook, Leland Boone
 Hawkins, Roland Union
 Haxton, Dan Portage
 Hayes, Christian Porter
 Hayes, Francis A. Jackson
 Hayhurst, Howard Porter
 Heavilin, Raymond E. Center
 Hebron Lumber Company Boone
 Hecht, Jos. C. Liberty
 Heckman, Irvin Portage
 Hedstrom, E. L. Portage
 Hefner, Carl E. Pleasant
 Heimold, Virgil W. Pleasant
 Heinhold Elevator Boone
 Heinhold Elevator Pleasant
 Heinhold, Harold (Delos Booker) Pleasant
 Heinhold, Joe (Lynn E. Feller) Pleasant
 Heiniger, Ben (Lester E. Nuest) Pleasant
 Heiniger, Walter S. Pleasant
 Heinold, Aaron Pleasant
 Heinrich, Edwin Boone
 Heller, Robert Liberty
 Henderlong, John Union
 Hendrey, James B. Center
 Hendricks, John Center
 Hendson, Mrs. N. (Fay Sims) Boone
 Henning, F. J. Boone
 Henson, George Porter
 Henson, Sybil (Howard Smith) Center
 Henzor, John Pleasant
 Herlitz, Wilbur Porter
 Herman, William Morgan
 Herren, Ralph (East Farm) Morgan
 Herring, James (Clifford Tucker) Pleasant
 Hershman, Allen Morgan
 Hershman, William Pleasant
 Hess, Elizabeth Liberty
 Heuser, Erwin E. Center
 Highlan, R. Porter
 Hill, Edward Washington
 Hill, H. B. Washington
 Hineline, Vernon Porter
 Hi-Way Open Air Market Center
 Hoagland, Sam Boone
 Hockelberg, Mrs. Bess Liberty
 Hodsden, Isaac H. (Laurence W. Hodsden) Union
 Hodsden, Lee Union
 Hoehn, Otto Pleasant
 Hofeller, Robert Liberty
 Hofeller, Robert (Jacob Hartog) Portage
 Hofeller, Robert (Milwood Farm, Earl Douglass) Liberty
 Hokanson, Virgil Westchester
 Holiday, John Union
 Hollandsworth, Mark Pleasant
 Hollis, John Union
 Holm, Roy Westchester
 Holmes, F. R. (Big River Farm) Porter
 Holmgren, Ernest W. (Ernest R. Holmgren) Jackson
 Holmgren, Everette C. (Albert and Glenn Hardesty) Union
 Holmgren, Walter Jackson
 Holst, Aaron Porter
 Holst, Fred, Sr. (Fred Holst, Jr.) Center
 Home For Aged (W. H. Dittman, Superintendent) Center
 Homfeld, Herman Porter
 Hooper, Lloyd D. Center
 Hoover, Alfred (Nelson's Cabins) Westchester
 Horan, Mr. and Mrs. John (Mr. and Mrs. William Elder) Union
 Horn, Otto G. Liberty
 Horst, Robert Porter
 Horton, Arthur Washington
 Horton, Arthur (Enoch A. Edwards) Washington
 Horton, Arthur (Enoch A. Edwards) Washington
 Horton, Mrs. (Leroy Johnson) Jackson
 Horton, Mrs. H. T. Jackson
 Horton, Mrs. H. T. Jackson
 Hotter, Herman Center
 Hotz, Lenard Jackson
 Hough, Mrs. Vernice Boone
 Howard, Francis Morgan
 Howes, Edward Jackson
 Hrdlicka, Joseph F. Boone
 Hren, John M. Boone
 Hroma, Steve (Charles Hroma) Jackson
 Huball, Edward Union
 Huball, Paul Center
 Huber, Walter Center
 Huggard, Gordon Center
 Hughart, Eugene Pine
 Hull, Herbert Union
 Humpty Dumpty Westchester
 Hundt, Bill and Anne Morgan
 Hunter, Enos M. Boone
 Hupp Saw Mill Pleasant
 Hurley, Art Pleasant
 Hurley, Edward C. Westchester
 Huszar, Julius Liberty
 Indiana State Prison Farm Pine
 Indiana State Prison Farm Pine
 Indiana State Prison Farm Pine
 Indiana State Prison Farm Pine
 Industrial Buying Service Portage
 Ingram, Edward Portage
 Ingram, Oliver Portage
 Ingram, Oliver H. Portage
 International Harvester Sales and Service Center
 Irk, Edward Pine
 Irland, Clarence Porter
 Irons, James E. Liberty
 Isaacson, Howard J. Westchester
 Izard, Charles Jackson
 Izzak Walton Game Refuge Portage
 Jackson Township High School Jackson
 Jacobs, Clarence Center
 Jacobs, Fred Morgan
 Jacobs, Louis Porter
 Jacobs, Walter C. Washington
 Jaeger, Mark Jackson
 Jalnicke, Robert F. Pleasant
 Janowski, Leo M. Pine
 Janusevic, John Jackson
 Jardine, Mrs. Martha Jackson
 Jardine, Noel E. Jackson
 Jarnecke, John Pleasant
 Jennings, Miss Vera (Delbert Haggerty) Boone
 Jensen, Andrew and Carl Paulsen Washington
 Jensen, Daymond Porter
 Jensen, Frank Westchester
 Jensen, J. P. Westchester
 Jentzen, Edwin (Ervin E. Jentzen) Portage
 Jesse, Will Pleasant
 Jessen, Bill Morgan
 Jim's Skelly Service Washington
 John Horan and Sons Lumber Company Center
 Johnica, Joseph Pleasant
 Johnnie's Service Portage
 Johnson, Alfred (Robert Johnson) Pine
 Johnson, Arthur Pleasant
 Johnson, Arthur L. Washington
 Johnson, Bell Jackson
 Johnson, Carl Harry Liberty
 Johnson, Clyde Porter
 Johnson, Emil Westchester
 Johnson, Frank O. and Ellen Westchester
 Johnson, Glenn Morgan
 Johnson, Gus Westchester
 Johnson, Hjalmar W. (Kenneth Rosenbaum) Union
 Johnson, James A. Jackson
 Johnson, Lewis B. Portage
 Johnson, Mrs. Anna Liberty
 Johnson, Mrs. Fred Liberty
 Johnson, Mrs. Hilda (Leon Deardurff) Boone
 Johnson, Mrs. Lillie (Frank Silhavy) Jackson
 Johnson, Mrs. Lillie (Frank Silhavy) Jackson
 Johnson, Norman Portage
 Johnson, O. M. Portage
 Johnson, Olander (Floyd Wolfe) Liberty
 Johnson, Oliver H. Liberty
 Johnson, Walter Washington
 Johnson, Williams Pleasant
 Johnson's Chicken Diner (Mrs. Lillie Johnson) Liberty
 Johnson's Filling Station Pine
 Johnson's Seed Store Boone
 Jones, Charles Porter
 Jones, George Portage
 Jones, Issac Morgan
 Jones, J. A. Jackson
 Jones, Mr. and Mrs. E. V. (Berwyn Jones) Porter
 Jones, Mrs. Edgar Porter
 Jones, Raymond Center
 Jones, Thomas, Sr. Jackson
 Joyce, Mrs. Helen Boone
 Joyce, Robert C. Porter
 Jungles, Barney Morgan
 Jurasin, P. Portage
 Kaczmarek, Steve Liberty
 Kado, Joseph Liberty
 Kaiser, W. Pleasant
 Kane, Mrs. Mary (David Hitesman, Jr.) Porter
 Kanschat, Edward (Richard Gumz) Union
 Kanschat, Richard J. Porter
 Karlen, Mary (Harold McGriff) Morgan
 Karp, Walter Boone
 Kats, Mrs. Christine Boone
 Katterman, James W. Center
 Kazlauski, Alex Center
 Kazlauski, Alex Center
 Kazlauski, Alex (Robert Sheffer) Center
 Kazmierczak Jackson
 Kearns, Paul Center
 Keel, Roy Washington
 Keeler, William Porter
 Keen, Jacob Union
 Keene, Sarah and Ralph Union
 Kelleher, Mrs. Rose Liberty
 Keller, Mrs. Helen Liberty
 Keller, Mrs. Martha (Paul Riley) Boone
 Kempke, Mary Washington
 Kenworthy, Owen Porter
 Kerr, R. L. Center
 Kerray, Gabrel Union
 Ketchmark, Paul Center
 Kielpikowski, Frank Portage
 Kielpikowski, Frank (George Kielpikowski) Union
 Kingery, Glenn V. Porter
 Kinne, Hazen L. Boone
 Kirby Garage Portage
 Kirsten Brothers (Raymond M. Miller) Pleasant
 Kistler, Lee Porter
 Kitty West Inn Westchester
 Klahn, Mrs. Harry Center
 Kleiber, Richard Washington
 Klein, George Washington
 Kleist, Edward Morgan
 Klemz Estate Pleasant
 Klemz, Riene Washington
 Klemz, Riene Washington
 Klich, Joseph G. Liberty
 Klich, Michael J. Portage
 Kliest, Ewald Morgan
 Kliest, Richard (Ray McGinley) Morgan
 Knarr, Harry E. Boone
 Knochel Estate Pleasant
 Knochel Estate (Erwin Fritz) Pleasant
 Knoila Farm (John and Bill Graff) Pine
 Knoit, Peter Morgan
 Koepke and Hittle Farm Boone
 Koepke, John Porter
 Koepke, Mrs. Wilhelmine (Charles F. Sprately) Boone
 Koepke, Rheinold Boone
 Koeppen, Albert W. Portage
 Koeppen, Mrs. Charles (Clarence A. Koeppen) Union
 Koeppen, Tena Union
 Kolic, Michael John Westchester
 Komasinski, Alex Pine
 Komasinski, Clem Pine
 Komasinski, Polly (Chester S. Matuszak) Pine
 Kooi, Jake Porter
 Koperny, William Pleasant
 Koselke, George Morgan
 Koselke, Mike (G. B. Grimm) Pine
 Kotzer, Nick Pleasant
 Kowalski, Alex Pine
 Koziol Brothers Union
 Kraft Brothers (John, Frank, Nettie, and Bertha) Portage
 Kraft, Martin Union
 Krakar, Paul Pleasant
 Krebs, William Porter
 Kredlo, Michael Jackson
 Kreiger, Charles H. Porter
 Kreiger, George H. (John H. Kreiger) Porter
 Kreiger, Herman F. Porter
 Kriekas, John Morgan
 Kriesel, Warren W. Pine
 Krise Robert (Boyd Bell) Porter
 Krisel, Warren Pine
 Kriston, George Center
 Kroger, Don Washington
 Kruell, Edgar A. Pleasant
 Krug, Leonard Pleasant
 Krug, William C. (Edward Jameson) Pleasant
 Kruse, Clarence C. Westchester
 Krysa, Stanley Center
 Kubeck, Ben Westchester
 Kuehl, Benjamin Washington
 Kuehl, George Center
 Kuehl, Harold Morgan
 Kuehl, Howard Union
 Kuehl, Vernon Union
 Kuenkl, John H. Center
 Kuss, Emil Washington
 Kuzmich, Eli Union
 Kwiatkowski, Sylvester Westchester
 Lachowin, Paul Morgan
 LaCount, Leslie Morgan
 LaDuna Cafe (John Antic) Westchester
 Lafever, Roland C. Union
 Lagler, Jake Center
 LaHayne, Arnold Westchester
 LaHayne, Richard Westchester
 Lahody, Myron Porter
 Lake Eliza Resort (P. Fitzgerald) Porter
 Lake Eliza Resort (P. Fitzgerald) Porter
 Lake Flint Liberty
 Lake Long Liberty
 Lake Mink Liberty
 Landfadt, Clarence Pleasant
 Landgrebe Transfer Company Center
 Landgrebe, Edward Union
 Landgrebe, Edward J. Union
 Landgrebe, George Center
 Landgrebe, Paul C. Center
 Landorf, William Porter
 Lands, Warren (Neal Pumroy) Pleasant
 Lansing, Leslie Morgan
 Lantz, Brice Porter
 Larson, Harlon Washington
 Laszlo, Martin Liberty
 Latek, Stanley J. Center
 Latham, Mrs. Susie Liberty
 Lauer, John Pleasant
 Laughlin, Harry G. Boone
 Lauridsen, Simon (Walter Lauridsen) Pleasant
 Lawrence, Ed Washington
 Lawrence, Fred Washington
 Lawrence, John W. Washington
 Lawrence, Otis (Jeff Shadrix) Union
 Lawrence, Randolph E. Westchester
 Lawson, Gus Westchester
 Lawson, John Westchester
 Lawson, Marvin Liberty
 Leaming, Stewart (Mrs. M. Hefner) Pleasant
 LeBoeuf, John R. Boone
 Lee, Elmer H. Center
 Lee, George and Mildred Washington
 Leeavich, Phil (Paul Vandevender) Center
 Leffew, Edgar A. Washington
 Leffew, Henry Washington
 Leffew, Oscar Washington
 Leininger, E. L. Portage
 Leitch, D. F. Jackson
 Lemster, William L. Center
 Lenard's Casino Pine
 Lenburg, Edith V. (Joe Trimbicke) Portage
 Lenburg, Elmer, Sr. Portage
 Lenburg, James Portage
 Lenburg, Melvin A. Center
 Lester, Oscar Westchester
 Leucuta, Theo Morgan
 Levenbouski, Thomas Jackson
 Lewandoski, Gust Pine
 Lewandowski, Frank and Peter Pine
 Lewis, Mrs. Stella Morgan
 Liberty Center Grade and High School Liberty
 Lichy, Louis Center
 Lidke, Ernest R. Westchester
 Lidke, John W. Pine
 Lilley, Alvin Boone
 Lindahl, Harold G. Jackson
 Lindahl, Harry L. Jackson
 Lindahl, Hervie Westchester
 Lindberg, Claud Washington
 Linderman, Clarence W. Jackson
 Linderman, Frank C. Jackson
 Linderman, Roy (A. E. Anderson) Liberty
 Linderman's Nurseries (Roy Linderman) Liberty
 Lindquist, C. A. Portage
 Lindsley, Marion Porter
 Lindstedt, Arthur J. Jackson
 Lindstedt, Clarence G. Westchester
 Lindstrom, Elmer (Amelia Lindstrom) Pine
 Lindstrom, Miss Amelia Pine
 Lines, Maurice Liberty
 Link, Herb Jackson
 Lino, Frank Westchester
 Lipinski Texaco Service Westchester
 Lipke, Norman Washington
 Lipke, William Center
 Lippelt, Carl G. (Carl R. Lippelt) Pleasant
 Lippert, Emil Pleasant
 Lippert, Mrs. E. (Wilbur Lippert) Pleasant
 Liss, Charlie J. Pine
 Litinski, Mrs. Mary Morgan
 Lobsiger, M. A. Portage
 Lombardo, Frank Union
 Long, Vernon Washington
 Loomis, Mrs. Minnie (Abner D. Loomis) Porter
 Lorey, Lillian Morgan
 Loubi, Henry Washington
 Louise, Mamie Porter
 Lovay, Andrew (Frank Hollapfel) Morgan
 Lowenstein, Mandel Washington
 Lowenstine, Abe Pleasant
 Lowenstine, Abe (George Vitoux) Center
 Lowenstine, Mandel Washington
 Lowman, Charles Boone
 Lowman, George Porter
 Lowman, Ralph (Harold Johnson) Boone
 Lowry, Cecil Porter
 Ludington, Bertha Porter
 Ludington, Lawrence Porter
 Ludington, Lester Porter
 Ludington, Maurice Porter
 Ludington, Ross Porter
 Lundahl, Leslie Liberty
 Lutai, Arthur Pleasant
 Lute, Ben A. Portage
 Lute, George H. Portage
 Lute, George H. (Howard W. Lute) Portage
 Lute, Raymond E. Portage
 Luthi, Sam (willis Alt) Pleasant
 Lyddick, John and John Ballan Portage
 Lynch, Martin E. Boone
 Maack, Mrs. Fred Morgan
 MacArthur, Mrs. Beatrice Liberty
 Mace, Albert Porter
 Mace, John Center
 Machowicz, John Boone
 Mac's Tourist Court (H. A. McClellan) Jackson
 Magio, Sam (Wilford Oyer) Porter
 Magurean, Peter Liberty
 Majcan, Luka Union
 Malden Farm Bureau Porter
 Malden Food Shop Morgan
 Malek, Catherine (Alex Komasinski) Pine
 Manley Sand Company Westchester
 Manns, L. C. Washington