Porter County Resident Credit Ratings, 1916Credit ratings of Porter County (and adjacent county) residents . . . .

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In 1916, P. M. Tuttle published a book titled Merchants Rating and Credit Association Local Credit Reports. This book provided the credit ratings of thousands of individuals residing in Porter County and Lake County. The book also published the credit ratings of some residents of adjacent counties conducting business in these two counties. No national credit rating service bureaus existed as this time, so area merchants would often form associations to inform one another of their patrons' credit worthiness. In a few instances, the merchants would publish credit reports to be used exclusively by association members. This book was published by the members of the Merchant Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Corrections and comments related to these credit ratings should be directed to the Porter County GenWeb Coordinator.

                Key to Credit Ratings
                Good (Prompt Pay)   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    G
                Fair (Honest But Slow)    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    F
                Speculative (Pays if Pressed)    .    .    .    .    .    S
                Poor Risk (Has Nothing)  .    .    .    .    .    .    .    P
                No Credit (Irresponsible)     .    .    .    .    .    .    N

Here are two examples of the use of the rating system: An individual with a credit rating of 3-G received "Good" ratings from three member merchants of the Credit Association. An individual with a credit rating of F.N. received ratings of "Fair" and "No Credit" from two member merchants of the Credit Association.

Surname Given Name Residence Credit Rating Source Page
Vader F. H. Wheeler 3-G. 271
Vail W. H. Valparaiso G. 271
Vallee Emil Lowell G. 271
Valparaiso and Northern Railroad   Valparaiso P. 271
Valparaiso Light Company   Valparaiso G. 271
Valparaiso Water Company   Valparaiso G. 271
Van Der Frank C. Highland S. 271
Van Der Mrs. Highland G. 271
Van Slooten H. Griffith S. 271
Van Slooten Jacob Griffith F. 271
Van Slooten John Griffith P.P.S. 271
Vander D. Hammond G. 271
Vander R. Griffith G. 271
Vander Walter Griffith G.G. 271
Vander Walter S. Griffith G.G. 271
VanDolhren Company   Valparaiso F. 271
Vane T. H. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F. 271
Vanes Robert Hessville G. 271
VanLoon Rudy Hobart F.F.P.N. 271
Vann G. W. Valparaiso F.G. 271
Vannatta Jas. Valparaiso G. 271
VanNess E. F. Valparaiso, 603 Franklin 3-G. 271
VanNouse Anthony Valparaiso G. 271
VanPayne Jacob G. Schererville G. 271
VanProvien Gerritt Griffith G. 271
VanProvien Jacob Griffith G. 271
VanSciver Wm. Schererville G. 271
VanStright Dick Highland G.G.F. 271
VanTil Henry Hammond F. 271
VanTil Henry Munster S. 271
VanTil I. Munster G.G. 271
VanTil Nick Hammond G. 271
VanTil R. Griffith F.F. 271
VanTil Sam Griffith F. 271
VanTil Sam Highland G. 271
VanTrees Gladys Valparaiso G. 271
VanTrees John Valparaiso 3-G. 271
VanTrees Miss Besse Valparaiso, 405 Napoleon G. 271
VanTumen   Griffith G. 271
VanVlect   Highland S. 271
VanWagoner Alfred Valparaiso, 153 West Monroe G. 272
Vargh Edward Valparaiso G. 272
Varner Chas. Walnut, Illinois N.N. 272
Varner Mrs. L. Valparaiso, 121 East Main P. 272
Vauder Walter Griffith G. 271
Vaughn Andrew Miller S. 272
Vauscerer Wm. Crown Point G. 272
Vauter J. Valparaiso, 652 Main Street F. 272
Vauter Miss Blanch Valparaiso, 652 West Main Street F. 272
Vauter Scott Valparaiso P. 272
Vawm Mrs. Geo. Valparaiso, LaPorte Avenue G. 272
Veal Walter Hobart F.F.P. 272
Vedal Mrs. A. Chesterton G. 272
Vedal Vern Chesterton G. 272
Vedeen Chas. Porter P.G.G. 272
Vedstead Mrs. Ida Valparaiso, 306 Calumet G. 272
Vella Miss Mary Valparaiso P. 272
Vella Rosina Valparaiso F. 272
Vencenzo Cuneglio Miller P. 272
Vergin Arthur Kouts G.G. 272
Vergin August Kouts G.G. 272
Vergin Dick Kouts F. 272
Vergin Ed. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 272
Vergin Harry Kouts G.G. 272
Viant Bird Lowell F. 272
Vicory Lonzo Schererville G.G. 272
Victory L. Schererville G. 272
Vido Paul Merrillville G. 272
Vilmer W. E. Crown Point 5-G. 272
Vina Walter Valparaiso, 58 Main Street G. 272
Vincent Dan Crown Point 3-G. 272
Vincent Ella Valparaiso, 605 Lafayette G.G. 272
Vincent Harold Crown Point G.3-S. 272
Vinegar Chas. Hobart S. 272
Vinegar Dave Hobart S.F. 272
Vinery W. F. Boone Grove G. 272
Vinnedga Cal Shelby F.F. 272
Vinnedga Calvin Lowell F. 272
Vinnedga Obe G. Lowell 3-G. 272
Vinnedga Thomas Creston G. 272
Virgin August Kouts G. 273
Vito George Crown Point N. 273
Vito Julius Crown Point P. 273
Vivia Miss Martha Valparaiso G. 272
Vivia Walter P. Valparaiso, West Main Street F.F. 272
Vivia Wm. Valparaiso, 155 Institute P.S.S. 272
Vkeo Mike Miller G. 273
Vobburgh Mrs. Nellie Valparaiso, 604 East Erie G. 273
Vogelei Mary Valparaiso G. 273
Voight Charles Crown Point G. 273
Volge E. Valparaiso F. 273
Volk H. G. Valparaiso S. 273
Volke Ernest Valparaiso, Lincoln Avenue G. 273
Volke Nick LaCrosse [LaPorte County], R #1 G. 273
Voltmer August Lowell G. 273
Voltmer Henry Lowell G. 273
Von Dien Miss Eva Hebron G. 273
VonDoehren Arthur Racine, Wisconsin, 838 College F. 273
VonDoehren John Valparaiso, 604 East Jefferson S.G. 273
VonDoehren Martha Valparaiso, 609 Jefferson G. 273
VonDoehren Walter Valparaiso, 6 Locust S.F. 273
VonDoehren William Valparaiso, 3 Poplar F. 273
VonDoehren Wm. Valparaiso, 302 Monroe S.G. 273
VonIsenberg G. H. Valparaiso, 537 Franklin G. 273
Vovesk Andy Crown Point G. 273

Source Citation:
Tuttle, P.M. 1916. Merchants Rating and Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Publication location unknown. 296 p.

Credit data transcribed and prepared by Steven R. Shook


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