Merchants Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Membership ListMembers of the Merchants Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties . . . .

In 1916, P. M. Tuttle published a book titled Merchants Rating and Credit Association Local Credit Reports, which provided the credit ratings of thousands of individuals residing in Porter County and Lake County. The book also published the credit ratings of some residents of adjacent counties conducting business in these two counties. No national credit rating service bureaus existed as this time, so area merchants would often form associations to inform one another of their patrons' credit worthiness. In a few instances, the merchants would publish credit reports to be used exclusively by association members. This book was published by the members of the Merchant Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Members of the Association are listed below by their location of operation, exactly as they were presented in the book.



Belshaw, Indiana
F. C. Brown, Grain and Hay
Belshaw Lumber Company
Leon Merwinger
George Newlin

Crown Point, Indiana
Allman Gary Title Company
H. T. Baker
Batterman and Millies
Biegel Brothers
Dr. Blackstone
H. A. Bladoe
The Boston Store
M. M. Brown
C. P. Floral Company
E. H. Crowell
Minor DeCamp
M. Dovichi
F. E. Farley
Frederick and Miller
Goat Brothers
L. H. Grant
Hank Brothers
Dr. Hank
Frank Hank
Haydens Livery
Heide and Bartholomew
A. F. Heide
John Horst
R. H. Kilborn
C. J. Kramer
Lake County Star
Letz Manufacturing Company
J. M. Ludwig
Albert Meyer
J. P. Miller
William Parry
H. C. Peters
P. E. Roasch
C. D. Roat
Dr. Robbins
Ray Scharf
W. A. Scheddell
E. F. Schroeder
Struebig and Nielson
S. Wasterman
George J. Weis
C. A. Weise
Dr. P. Williams
M. Winer
August Wirtz
J. P. Young

Deep River, Indiana
T. J. Cullman
William Waldeck
W. H. Wood

Dyer, Indiana
H. C. Batterman
W. H. Frederick
Mat. Hoffman
L. Keilman and Company
L. Keilman and Son
Moeller Brothers
Henry Scheidt

East Gary, Indiana
Glen Park Lumber Company
E. B. Olson
George E. Wiggo

Griffith, Indiana
P. J. Beiringer
Vr. Grummer
Dr. F. A. Malstrom
Mat Miller

Highland, Indiana
Wolf Fiesenbrenne
Harkema and Vantil
Kartenhoven and Wiersma
Jacob Kikkert
P. J. Koog
Edward W. Krooswyk
Lake County Produce Company
Dick Van Strigh

Hobart, Indiana
Barnes and Scherer
E. Batterman
Charles A. Borger
Hobart Lumber Company
Rofer and Brown
E. Rohwedder
Santer and Mackeldey
William Scharbach
Scheidt and Keilman
William Strommel
E. Tabbert and Son
L. A. Van Dusen
Veal and Mueller
Alvin Wilde

Leroy, Indiana
J. A. Batterman
Harvey Hathaway
Henry B. Kenny
Love and Stewart

Lowell, Indiana
Thomas Arnott
Louis Baum
George Berg
E. H. Dickman
Dr. John A. Dinwiddie
Lynch Brothers
A. H. Maxwell
John Miller
F. E. Nelson
C. R. Nichols
Dr. Franklin Petrey
W. C. Quincy
William H. Sheets
Charles F. Thompson
H. W. Weaver
George Wilson

Merrillville, Indiana
Math Neudorf
J. T. Stoltz

Miller, Indiana
A. M. Blank
R. L. Myer
A. M. Olson
August Olson
Gus. Strom

Palmer, Indiana
Claussen Brothers
J. Riley

St. John, Indiana
Gerlach Brothers
John Miller, Junior

Schererville, Indiana
George N. Gard
G. P. Miller

Schneider, Indiana
George W. Anderson
G. A. Gourd
W. E. Hoag
F. J. Lindermeyer
Mrs. J. F. Rouse
O. W. Sowers

Shelby, Indiana
Davis Coal Company
George W. Dickey
F. H. Shineberger


LaCrosse, Indiana
George H. Goetz
T. W. Marquardt
Drs. Oak and Maddoux
M. J. Schults
J. P. Taylor

Otis, Indiana
Mrs. A. S. Curran

Westville, Indiana
Augustine Brothers
Bluhm and Henton
C. F. Cattron
G. L. Howell
Kalies and McKellips
Dr. F. J. Pinkerton


Boone Grove, Indiana
Dye Brothers
E. F. Jones
Alfred Olson
Fred Wittenberg
J. B. Woods

Chesterton, Indiana
Joseph H. Ameling
John H. Bartels
Bird and Groff
Bradley Brothers
Busse and Smith
H. F. Carlson
Carlson and Pillman
Ray Demass
Charles C. Fuller
John W. Hjelm
P. Hokensen and Company
P. Holst
Arthur T. Johnson
J. A. Johnson and Brother
F. A. Langshair
L. B. Lundberg Company
L. P. Matson
Dr. C. L. Mingis
Arthur E. Nickel
Fred L. Rubo
Mrs. Emma Silk
M. Smith and Son
Dr. J. J. Theovell
Charles O. Wiltfong
R. A. Woyahn

Crisman, Indiana
H. D. Schofield

Crocker, Indiana
Dalke Brothers

Hebron, Indiana
The Main Garage
Dr. F. C. Ling
Joseph Reit

Kouts, Indiana
A. L. Arnold
Dr. S. E. Dittmer
Kasanke Brothers
J. J. Knoll
Frank F. O'Brien
Martin Walter

Malden, Indiana
B. A. Jones

McCool, Indiana
J. James

Porter County (General)
C. E. Jacobson

Valparaiso, Indiana
A. A. Armes
E. G. Barneks
C. W. Bartholomew
M. J. Beach
Andrew Beyer
G. C. Billings
Bliss Brothers
B. L. Brenner
Coovert and Young
Dickover Cement Products Company
H. M. Foridling
John W. Freer
Gassett and Pelzenthal
Gost and Banister
Heinneman and Seivers
H. S. Herrick
E. L. Hubbel
F. Joel
Dr. J. D. Keehn
Kuehl Millinery
M. LaForce
Dr. J. Leatherman
McMahan Brothers
Fred Messer
J. Lowenstein and Sons
Maxwell Implement Company
Robert E. Miller
C. H. Packer Company
Poole and Son
John H. Ross
J. E. Small
Specht and Finney Company
L. V. Springer
J. D. Stoner
Louis L. Szold
Thune and Meagher
The Up-to-Date Hand Laundry
Valparaiso Hand Laundry
Valparaiso Lighting Company
Wheeler Elam Company
Zimmerman Garage

Wheeler, Indiana
Robert Anders
Dr. Allen O. Dobbins
Field and Sherer
E. E. Jones
O. G. Larson
A. A. Shinabarger
Horlan Smith
Walsh Brothers

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