Porter County Resident Credit Ratings, 1916Credit ratings of Porter County (and adjacent county) residents . . . .

Surnames Beginning with S

In 1916, P. M. Tuttle published a book titled Merchants Rating and Credit Association Local Credit Reports. This book provided the credit ratings of thousands of individuals residing in Porter County and Lake County. The book also published the credit ratings of some residents of adjacent counties conducting business in these two counties. No national credit rating service bureaus existed as this time, so area merchants would often form associations to inform one another of their patrons' credit worthiness. In a few instances, the merchants would publish credit reports to be used exclusively by association members. This book was published by the members of the Merchant Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Corrections and comments related to these credit ratings should be directed to the Porter County GenWeb Coordinator.

                Key to Credit Ratings
                Good (Prompt Pay)   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    G
                Fair (Honest But Slow)    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    F
                Speculative (Pays if Pressed)    .    .    .    .    .    S
                Poor Risk (Has Nothing)  .    .    .    .    .    .    .    P
                No Credit (Irresponsible)     .    .    .    .    .    .    N

Here are two examples of the use of the rating system: An individual with a credit rating of 3-G received "Good" ratings from three member merchants of the Credit Association. An individual with a credit rating of F.N. received ratings of "Fair" and "No Credit" from two member merchants of the Credit Association.

Surname Given Name Residence Credit Rating Source Page
Sabine Marry Valparaiso P. 227
Sabinski Geo. Miller G. 227
Sabinski Richard Chesterton G. 227
Sader Wm. Merrillville S.P. 227
Sager A. L. Valparaiso P. 227
Sager C. A. Valparaiso, Axel Avenue [Axe? Avenue?] G.P. 227
Sager Herman Crown Point 3-F.2-G. 227
Sager Mrs. Geo. Crown Point, RR 2-G. 227
Sager Mrs. Mary Valparaiso, Axel Avenue [Axe? Avenue?] G. 227
Salamander Gust Chesterton G. 227
Salate Andrew Otis [LaPorte County] G. 227
Salate St. Otis [LaPorte County] G. 227
Sales Henry Valparaiso S. 227
Salisburg Dr. A. L. Crown Point 4-G.F. 227
Salisburg E. J. Valparaiso G. 227
Salisburg Harry Valparaiso G. 227
Salisburg J. M. Valparaiso G. 227
Salisburg Miss Ruth Valparaiso G. 227
Sallwasser H. W. LaPorte [LaPorte County] G. 227
Salyer Miss Fedilia Valparaiso, 106 Lafayette 4-G. 227
Salyer Miss Grace Valparaiso, Lafayette Street G. 227
Sams John Hebron G. 227
Samuels Nate LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N. 227
Samuelson Chas. Chesterton G. 227
Samuelson Gust Chesterton, RFD G. 227
Samuelson J. A. Chesterton G. 227
Samuelson J. F. Chesterton G. 227
Samuelson J. V. Chesterton G. 227
Samuelson N. A. Chesterton, RFD 2-G. 227
Samuelson Peter Chesterton G. 227
Samuelson Victor Chesterton, RFD G. 227
Sandberg John Hebron 2-S. 227
Sanders Abner Chesterton F. 227
Sanders Claude Crown Point 2-P. 227
Sanders Edwin Lowell F.G. 228
Sanders Jode Schneider 2-F.S.P. 227
Sanders L. Crown Point 3-F.2-G. 227
Sanders Peter Hobart F. 227
Sanders Trint Lowell, RFD S. 228
Sanders W. W. Lowell G.F. 227
Sanders W. W. Lowell 2-S. 227
Sanders Wm. Valparaiso N. 227
Sanderson Lewis Valparaiso G. 228
Sanderson   Porter 2-G. 228
Sandy R. H. H. Valparaiso, Mead Flats F. 228
Sanford C. D. Valparaiso, 255 Locust G. 228
Sanford Mrs. C. E. Crown Point 2-G. 228
Sanger Berdette Lowell N. 228
Sanger Chas. Lowell S.F.G. 228
Sanger Harry Lowell 2-F.S.P. 228
Sanger Joseph Shelby F.G. 228
Sansom Chas. Barrington, Illinois N. 228
Sansom Wm. Chicago, Illinois G. 228
Sarenson Lillian Valparaiso, Elmhurst Avenue F. 228
Sargeant A. B.  Lowell G. 228
Sargeant Chas. Valparaiso N.G.P. 228
Sargeant E. D. Lowell G. 228
Sargeant Frank Lowell F. 228
Sargeant Milan Valparaiso, 203 Michigan Avenue F. 228
Sargerberg Chas. Hebron G. 227
Sark Clyde Lowell 2-S.F. 228
Sassel H. E. Crown Point G. 228
Satkowski Andro Otis [LaPorte County] G. 228
Sauer Brothers   Hanover Center G. 228
Sauerberg Chris Valparaiso, 815 Main Street 2-G. 228
Sauerman Andrew Crown Point G. 228
Sauerman Val. Crown Point 2-G. 228
Sauerman Brothers   Crown Point G. 228
Saunders Mrs. W. M. Chesterton G. 228
Sauter Ed. Hobart F. 228
Sauter Ed. Miller G. 228
Sauter G. H. Valparaiso, 11 Spring Street S. 228
Sauter Geo. Hobart G. 228
Savas Nick Valparaiso G. 228
Sawyer Freemont Boone Grove G. 228
Sawyer Freemont Valparaiso, RR7 3-G. 228
Saxton A. Crown Point F. 228
Saxton Alvin Crown Point G. 228
Saxton Bert Hobart G. 228
Saxton H. A. Hobart G. 228
Saxton Hurbert Crown Point G. 228
Saxton Robert Crown Point G. 228
Say Chester Hobart G. 228
Sbretiski   Porter G. 227
Sbruss Louis Valparaiso S. 229
Schaeffer Edward Crown Point G. 229
Schaeffer Geo. E. Dyer 2-G. 229
Schaeffer Geo. N. Dyer G. 229
Schaeffer Jack Hobart G. 229
Schaeffer John St. John 4-G. 229
Schaeffer Nick Schererville G. 229
Schaeffer Nick Jr. Schererville G. 229
Schael Mrs. Henry Valparaiso, R1 G. 229
Schaffer Al. Hobart F.G. 229
Schalesta A. Crown Point G. 229
Schaller Henry Valparaiso 2-G. 229
Schaller Jos. M. Chicago Heights, Illinois G. 229
Schaller Joseph Dyer G. 229
Schaller Mary Dyer G. 229
Schaller Mike Chicago Heights, Illinois N. 229
Scharbach Barney Hobart 2-F.N. 229
Scharbach Ben Hobart F. 229
Scharbach Emil Hobart G. 229
Scharbach Fred Hobart 3-F.S. 229
Scharbach Wm. Hobart 3-G. 229
Scharbach Wm. Sr. Hobart G. 229
Scharbach Lumber Company   Hobart G. 229
Scharf Geo. Crown Point 6-G. 229
Scharf Raymond Crown Point 2-G. 229
Schau J. P. Valparaiso, R3 G. 229
Schavey Frank Hobart G. 229
Schavey Fred Hobart 2-G. 229
Schavey Fred Jr. Hobart F. 229
Schavey Henry Hobart 2-S.F. 229
Schavey Jno. Hobart N. 229
Schavey Julius Hobart, RFD S.F.G. 229
Schavey Wm. Hobart S. 229
Schearer Art. Hobart F. 229
Schearer Emma Hobart N. 229
Scheddell Frank Crown Point G. 229
Scheddell W. A. Crown Point G. 229
Scheerenga H. Griffith F. 229
Scheerenga J. Griffith G. 229
Schefio Frank Dyer 2-N. 229
Schefio Joseph Dyer S.N. 229
Scheidt Barbara Crown Point G. 230
Scheidt Ed. Hobart G. 230
Scheidt Frank Dyer G. 229
Scheidt Jacob Crown Point G. 229
Scheidt Joseph Dyer G.N. 230
Scheidt Keilman Hobart G. 230
Schellberg Wm. Chesterton G. 230
Schelling J. A. Valpraiso F. 230
Schellinger D. E. Valparaiso S. 230
Schemick Frank Dyer G. 230
Schenck B. H. Valparaiso, 605 Morgan Street G. 230
Schenck Harold Valparaiso, Lincoln Avenue P. 230
Schenck Harry Valparaiso, 802 Glenwood Avenue S. 230
Scherda Rev. Z. Highland G. 230
Scheringa H. S. Griffith F. 230
Scheringa J. Griffith G. 230
Scherman Chas. Highland, RFD 3 F. 230
Schever Adolph M. Merrillville P. 230
Schichler Mrs. Jacob Cedar Lake F. 230
Schieser Adam Crown Point 3-G. 230
Schieser Bart Crown Point 2-G.F. 230
Schillen C. Miller N. 230
Schilling Chas. Crown Point G. 230
Schilling Brothers   Crown Point F. 230
Schilling Brothers   Crown Point G. 230
Schillinger D. C. Valparaiso F.G. 230
Schillo Chas. Crown Point G. 231
Schillo Frank Merrillville, RFD 3 F. 230
Schillo Joe Merrillville, RFD 3 F. 230
Schillo Joseph Crown Point G. 231
Schillo Mike Hanover Center G. 230
Schillo Brothers   Crown Point G. 230
Schinkink Fred Valparaiso G. 230
Schinmaak Frank Dyer F. 230
Schisser Adam Crown Point G. 230
Schisser Bartle Crown Point, RR 2-G. 230
Schlank Chas. Crown Point G. 231
Schlank Jeff Crown Point G. 231
Schlegelm Conrad Crown Point, RR 2-G. 230
Schlem August Otis [LaPorte County] G. 230
Schlem Frank Otis [LaPorte County] G. 230
Schlem Henry Otis [LaPorte County] G. 230
Schlem Wm. Otis [LaPorte County] G. 230
Schleman Wm. Valparaiso, Lafayette Street G.F. 230
Schlemmer Frank Crown Point G. 230
Schlemmer Geo. Crown Point G. 230
Schlemmer Wm. Crown Point G. 230
Schlemmer Brothers   Crown Point G. 230
Schlobohm Geo. Hobart, R#3 G. 231
Schlobohm Henry Hobart G. 231
Schlobohm Wm. Wheeler 2-G. 231
Schluester Fred Crown Point, RR 3-G. 231
Schlundt C. Chesterton G. 231
Schlundt John Valparaiso, Lincoln Avenue 2-G. 231
Schlundt Walter Valparaiso, 257 Michigan Street G. 231
Schmal Jacob St. John G. 231
Schmall Alfred Brunswick G. 231
Schmall Geo. Crown Point 2-G. 231
Schmall Grace Crown Point G. 231
Schmall Harry Wheeler G. 231
Schmall Jacob Crown Point G. 231
Schmall John Crown Point F.G. 231
Schmall Peter Crown Point 2-F.3-G. 231
Schmall W. M. Valparaiso F. 231
Schmeltz Chemical Company   Hobart N. 231
Schmidt Anton Crown Point G. 231
Schmidt Anton Porter 2-S. 231
Schmidt August Chesterton G. 231
Schmidt Chas. Crown Point 4-G. 231
Schmidt Conrad Crown Point G. 231
Schmidt Ernest Crown Point F. 231
Schmidt F. E. Kouts G. 231
Schmidt Fred Crown Point 2-G.F. 231
Schmidt Fred Hobart N.F. 231
Schmidt Geo. Dyer G. 231
Schmidt Henry J. Crown Point 2-G. 231
Schmidt Jacob Dyer F. 231
Schmidt John Crown Point G. 231
Schmidt Miss Emma Crown Point G. 231
Schmidt Mrs. Hobart F. 231
Schmidt Otto Highland F. 231
Schmidt Peter M. Dyer 2-G. 231
Schmoltz Piano Tuner   Crown Point G.F. 231
Schnabel Edward St. John G. 232
Schnabel Fred Hobart G. 231
Schnabel Geo. Hobart G. 232
Schnabel John Hobart G. 232
Schnabel Joseph St. John F. 232
Schnabel Mrs. C. Hobart G.G. 231
Schneider Andrew Jr. Valparaiso, RR1 G. 232
Schneider Arthur Valparaiso, 252 West Erie Street F. 232
Schneider August Crown Point 2-F. 232
Schneider Carroll Valparaiso, 301 North Napoleon G. 232
Schneider Chas. Crown Point F. 232
Schneider E. G. Chesterton G. 232
Schneider Harry Valparaiso, 301 North Napoleon G. 232
Schneider Henry Valparaiso, 301 North Napoleon 2-G. 232
Schneider John Crown Point N. 232
Schneider John Valparaiso, 4 Wayne Street G. 232
Schneider Mrs. Carrie Valparaiso, 252 College Avenue N.P. 232
Schneider Mrs. J. B. Valparaiso, 703 Franklin G. 232
Schneider Mrs. Wm. Valparaiso, 252 West Erie Street F.G. 232
Schneider Phillip Hobart, RFD 1 G.F. 232
Schneider Val Valparaiso, RFD #7 F.G. 232
Schniber N. M. Sr. Cedar Lake S. 232
Schnick Matilda Otis [LaPorte County] G. 232
Schnick Paul Otis [LaPorte County] F. 232
Schnider Abe Hobart S. 232
Schnider Peter Merrillville G. 232
Schnider Val Ainsworth G. 232
Schnurlein Fred Crown Point, RR G. 232
Schnurlein Geo. Crown Point, RR G. 232
Schnurlein Wm. Crown Point, RR 3-G. 232
Schnurr A. W. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-G. 232
Schnurr Albert LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 232
Schnurr C. H. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 232
Schnurr Chas. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 232
Schnurr R. P. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 232
Schnurr Roy LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 232
Schoenrock Julius Valparaiso, RFD 1 G. 232
Schofield Miss Valparaiso, 357 College Avenue S. 232
Scholkie Mr. Sr. Wanatah [LaPorte County] 2-G. 232
Scholl Frank Schererville G. 235
Scholl Geo. Schererville G. 235
Scholtz Frank Crown Point G. 232
Schoon C. J. Griffith G. 232
Schoon C. J. Griffith G. 235
Schoon C. N. Griffith, RFD G. 232
Schoon C. N. Highland G. 235
Schoon C. P. Hammond G. 235
Schoon D. J. Griffith G. 233
Schoon Dick Griffith 2-G. 233
Schoon Ed. Griffith F. 232
Schoon Ed. Griffith G. 235
Schoon J. A. Griffith G. 235
Schoon J. J. Griffith G. 233
Schoon J. J. Griffith G. 235
Schoon Jake A. Griffith G. 233
Schoon Nick Griffith, RFD G. 232
Schoon Nick Highland 2-G. 233
Schoon Peter Munster G. 233
Schoon Peter D. Hammond F. 233
Schraw Mrs. Chas. Wilders [LaPorte County] G. 233
Schreffler Harry Hobart G.S. 233
Schreiber Chas. Crown Point, RR G. 233
Schreiber Philip Crown Point, RR 3-F. 233
Schreve Mrs. Valparaiso, 309 College Avenue P. 233
Schreve T. M. Valparaiso, 105 Lincoln G. 233
Schriver Frank Crown Point N. 233
Schrock Aug. McCool G. 233
Schrodder Emil Crown Point 3-G. 233
Schrodder Fred Hebron G. 233
Schrodder Herman Crown Point G. 233
Schrodder Herman Jr. Dyer G. 233
Schrodder J. L. F. Crown Point 4-G. 233
Schrodder John Crown Point 2-G. 233
Schrodder John Kouts G. 233
Schrodder Otto Tefft, RFD [Jasper County] G. 233
Schroder Christina Valparaiso, RFD 8 G. 233
Schroder Edith Valparaiso G. 233
Schroder Emil Crown Point G. 233
Schroder Fred Valparaiso, RFD 6 S.N. 233
Schroder John Kouts G. 233
Schroder P. T. Crown Point, RR 3-G.F. 233
Schroder Ted Hobart G. 233
Schroeder C. L. Dyer S. 248
Schroll D. E. Crown Point P. 233
Schubert Edward Schererville G. 233
Schubert John Schererville G. 233
Schubert Lillian Crown Point G. 233
Schubert Mrs. Adam Schererville G. 233
Schueber E. C. Hammond G. 233
Schueknecht Geo. Hobart G. 233
Schuelke Rev. Hobart G. 233
Schuesten Aug. Crown Point G. 233
Schuesten Victoria Crown Point G. 233
Schuldt Mable Valparaiso, Jefferson Street G. 233
Schulren Mathew Crown Point, RR 4-G. 233
Schulte Ben Jr. Schererville G. 234
Schulte Geo. Schererville G. 234
Schulte M. J. Dyer G. 234
Schultz August F. Jr. Valparaiso, R5 F.P.N. 234
Schultz August F. Sr. Valparaiso N.S. 234
Schultz Chas. Crown Point, RFD 2 G. 234
Schultz Frank Crown Point P.G. 234
Schultz Fred Crown Point G. 234
Schultz Fred Crown Point, RFD 6 F. 234
Schultz H. Ward Valparaiso G. 234
Schultz Henry Grant Park, Illinois S. 234
Schultz James Crown Point 2-P.G.F.N. 234
Schultz John Hobart G. 234
Schultz John E. Crown Point N. 234
Schultz John J. Lowell G. 234
Schultz M. Crown Point, RFD 2 F. 234
Schultz Mathew S. Griffith G. 234
Schultz Milton LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 234
Schultz Mrs. Herman Valparaiso, 811 Union Street G. 234
Schultz Mrs. Mathew Schererville G. 234
Schultz Otto Valparaiso, R4 3-N. 234
Schultz Paul Leroy P. 234
Schultz Theo. Chesterton G. 234
Schultz Wm. Ainsworth F. 234
Schultz Wm. Hobart G. 234
Schultz Brothers   Crocker G. 234
Schulun Joseph Crown Point, RR F.G. 234
Schumaches John Valparaiso G. 234
Schumaches Mat. St. John F. 234
Schumaches Peter St. John G. 234
Schumaker Frank Hobart, RFD 2-G. 234
Schumdt Mrs. Wm. Westville [LaPorte County] G. 231
Schurbounn R. R. Palmer N. 234
Schurer Theo. Chesterton G. 235
Schurte Wm. Lowell 2-S. 234
Schussler Andrew Kouts P. 234
Schussler Mrs. A. Valparaiso, R7 N.G. 234
Schuster A. Valparaiso, R7 S. 234
Schuster Mike Crown Point 2-G. 234
Schutski Felix Tefft, RFD [Jasper County] G. 234
Schutski John Tefft, RFD [Jasper County] G. 234
Schutski Joseph Tefft, RFD [Jasper County] G. 234
Schutski Leo. Tefft, RFD [Jasper County] G. 234
Schutski Michael Tefft, RFD [Jasper County] G. 234
Schutz Alvin Crown Point, RR 4-N.2-P.F. 235
Schutz James Crown Point N. 235
Schutz John Crown Point N. 235
Schutz John Schererville 2-P.G.F.N. 235
Schutz Mat Dyer G. 235
Schwab Fred Lowell G. 235
Schwalbe Bernhard Hobart F. 235
Schwalbe Wm. Hobart F. 235
Schwartz Frank Valparaiso, 822 LaPorte Avenue F. 235
Schwartz Hubert Valparaiso, Court Hotel S. 235
Schweir Theo. Chesterton G. 235
Schwenson Peter Persia, Iowa G. 235
Schwinkendorf F. W. Valparaiso G. 235
Schwinkendorf Fred Valparaiso, RFD G. 235
Schwuchow Geo. Crown Point, RR G. 235
Schwuchow John Crown Point, RR G. 235
Schwuchow Wm. Crown Point 2-G. 235
Scofield Miss Ruth Valparaiso, 357 College Avenue G. 235
Scott Alex. Kouts N. 235
Scott Geo. Kouts N. 235
Scott Ira Wilders [LaPorte County] N. 235
Scott J. L. F. Valparaiso, 702 Lafayette Street G. 235
Scott J. T. Valparaiso, Lafayette Street S. 235
Scott Jodie Lowell N. 235
Scott M. J. Valparaiso, RR4 N. 235
Scott Mike Valparaiso G. 235
Scott Miss Anna Valparaiso, 358 College Avenue G. 235
Scott Miss Kittie Valparaiso G. 235
Scott Mrs. Crown Point F. 235
Scott Mrs. Elma Valparaiso, 601 Erie Street G. 235
Scott Thomas Hebron G. 235
Scritchfield Cass. Lowell G. 235
Scritchfield Dick Lowell S. 236
Scritchfield Logan Lowell G. 236
Scritchfield Richard Lowell [?] 235
Scritchfield Richard Lowell F. 236
Scritchfield Robert Lowell G. 235
Scroeder C. D. Dyer S. 236
Scull Dr. W. F. Crown Point G. 236
Scull Fred Crown Point S.G. 236
Seager C. A. Crown Point, RR6 G. 236
Seager Henry Crown Point, RR6 G. 236
Seaman Henry Griffith, RFD F. 236
Searmour Jake Lowell S. 236
Searmour Peter Lowell N. 236
Sebastian Sam Schneider G. 236
Seberger I. Miller F. 236
Sebre J. M. Crown Point G. 236
Sebre J. M. Crown Point, RFD 2 F. 236
Sebre L. R. Crown Point, RFD 2 F. 236
Sederberg Chas. Chesterton G. 236
Sederberg Gust Chesterton 2-G. 236
Sederburg Miss Leah Valparaiso, 65 Franklin P. 236
Seebe John Crown Point, RR G. 236
Seeberger Jacob Schererville G. 236
Seeberger Michael Schererville G. 236
Seeberger Mrs. F. Crown Point G. 236
Seeberger Seed Company   Crown Point G. 236
Seegers Conrad Crown Point 2-G. 236
Seeley Mrs. C. W. Valparaiso, 305 East Jefferson G. 236
Seeley T. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N. 236
Seeman H. Griffith F. 236
Seems Fred Hebron G. 236
Seese A. Crown Point, RR F. 236
Seibenthal C. C. LaCrosse, RFD 1 [LaPorte County] G. 236
Seibenthal David LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 236
Seifer Frank Dyer F.G. 236
Seitz C. W. Highland 2-G. 236
Seivert Frank Valparaiso, RFD F. 236
Seivert John Ainsworth F. 236
Seiverts Carl Ainsworth G. 236
Selig M. Crown Point G. 236
Sellamn Frank Valparaiso N. 236
Sellers Garfield Miller F. 236
Selman Buzz Valparaiso G. 237
Selman E. C. Valparaiso P. 236
Selman John Valparaiso, 701 Calumet Avenue N.F.P. 236
Selman Roy Valparaiso G.F. 237
Selman Steve Valparaiso G. 237
Selrinski Richard Chesterton N. 237
Seramour Jacob Lowell, RR F. 237
Seramour John Crown Point, RR 5-N. 237
Seramour Mathew Crown Point G.F. 237
Seramour Peter Cedar Lake N. 237
Seramour Peter Lowell P. 237
Sergeant B. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 237
Sergeant M. C. Valparaiso, 203 Michigan Street G. 237
Serois Emil Lowell N. 237
Sevens Geo. Merrillville 2-G. 237
Severn Fred Dyer G. 237
Severn Wm. Dyer G. 237
Severt Amil Wheeler P. 242
Severt Aug. Wheeler F. 242
Severt Frank Valparaiso F. 242
Sexton Ted. Hebron F. 237
Seydell C. C. Hobart, RFD 1 F. 237
Seymore W. E. Valparaiso, 808 LaPorte Avenue G. 237
Seymore Wm. Valparaiso S. 237
Shafer Henry Creston G. 237
Shaffer John LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 237
Shaffer L. Kouts G. 237
Shanahan John Valparaiso, 705 Calumet Avenue G. 237
Shane Frank Chesterton G. 237
Shane Fred Porter G. 237
Sharey Henry Wheeler, RFD G. 237
Sharp Almina Valparaiso, 754 Cyrus Street P. 237
Sharp Aron Valparaiso N. 237
Sharp Chas. Creston G. 237
Sharp Mrs. Alice Valparaiso, 754 Cyrus Street P. 237
Sharty Wm. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 237
Shatz Jacob Valparaiso G. 237
Shavey Henry Hobart F. 237
Shavey Hoy Hobart F. 237
Shavey John Hobart, RFD N. 237
Shaw E. M. Valparaiso, Eiss Hall F. 237
Shaw Geo. Valparaiso, 351 Chestnut G.F. 237
shaw Harvey C. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F.G.N. 237
Shay C. M. Hessville G. 237
Shea Mrs. M. Chesterton N.G. 237
Sheaerer A. E. East Gary G. 238
Sheaerer Adolph Crown Point S. 238
Sheaerer Alger Valparaiso S.F.N.P. 238
Sheaerer C. C. Hobart 4-G.F. 238
Sheaerer Dan Hobart F. 238
Sheaerer Fred Hobart F. 238
Sheaerer Fred Wheeler F. 238
Sheaerer Geo. Wheeler 2-G.F.P. 238
Sheaerer Harrison Hobart 2-G. 238
Sheaerer Howard Hobart F. 238
Sheaerer Jas. Hobart F.G. 237
Sheaerer John Crown Point F.G. 238
Sheaerer Richard Wheeler 3-P. 238
Shear Guy Hobart S. 237
Sheats Cliffton Crown Point F. 238
Sheats Gust Crown Point G. 238
Sheedd E. E. Valparaiso, 835 LaPorte G.F.N. 238
Sheedd Roscoe Valparaiso, Wayne Street G. 238
Sheehan J. J. Valparaiso, R1 N. 238
Sheeley Frank Porter G. 238
Sheeley John Porter G. 238
Sheets Art. Valparaiso, Napoleon Street G. 238
Sheets Clifford Valparaiso, Franklin Street G. 238
Sheets Frank Valparaiso, 701 Lafayette 2-N. 238
Sheets Gust Valparaiso, 107 Elm Street G. 238
Sheets Mrs. Arthur Valparaiso, 107 Lincoln Avenue G. 238
Sheffield Bertin F. Valparaiso, 353 Greenwich Street S. 238
Sheffield Chas. Valparaiso, R 3 G. 238
Sheffield Hazza Valparaiso F. 238
Sheffield Mrs. Eliza Valparaiso, 406 North Washington G. 238
Sheldon James Valparaiso, Main Street N. 238
Sheldon James Valparaiso, Spindler H2 F.G.P. 238
Shellburgh Martin Chesterton, RFD G. 238
Sheller Henry Valparaiso G. 238
Shelley Frank Porter G. 238
Shelley John Porter G. 238
Shepherd A. M. Valparaiso, 751 Greenwich Street G. 238
Shepherd E. C. Valparaiso S. 238
Sheppard M. Crown Point G. 238
Sheptren Bill LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 238
Sherad Chas. Lowell G. 238
Sherad W. L. Crown Point 2-F. 238
Sherbahn H. Valparaiso, 1053 Franklin Street G. 238
Sherburne Joseph Leroy 2-G. 238
Sherburne R. Crown Point P.S. 239
Sherburne R. R. Crown Point 3-G. 239
Sherda Zacharia Highland G. 239
Sherer Adolph Crown Point F. 239
Sherick Cliff Valparaiso, RFD 7 2-G. 239
Sherman A. Crown Point G. 239
Sherman D. A. Crown Point G. 239
Sherman Geo. V. Crown Point 9-G. 239
Sherman John Crown Point 2-N.P. 239
Sherman Miss W. Valparaiso, R3 G. 239
Sherman Mrs. D. Crown Point, RR G. 239
Sherman Raymond Crown Point F. 239
Sherwood E. J. Hobart G.F. 239
Sherwood Geo. Valparaiso, 404 Chicago Street P. 239
Sherwood R. A. Miller F. 239
Sheviak Miss Mary Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 239
Shideler S. H. Valparaiso, 151 Garfield G. 239
Shields Jos. Crown Point G. 239
Shieve E. E. Valparaiso, College Avenue N. 239
Shifkorosksi Frank Otis [LaPorte County] F. 239
Shifkorosksi Joe Otis [LaPorte County] N. 239
Shifkorosksi John Otis [LaPorte County] G. 239
Shillm Casper Miller N. 239
Shillo Brothers   Crown Point RR3 2-G. 239
Shinebarger A. Wheeler S. 239
Shinebarger Fred Hobart, RFD P. 239
Shinebarger Fred Valparaiso F.G. 239
Shinebarger Fred Valparaiso, RR5 G. 239
Shinebarger Fred Wheeler G. 239
Shinebarger G. P. Valparaiso, 852 Cyrus Street F. 239
Shinebarger Mrs. A. W. Valparaiso, 256 Chestnut Street G. 239
Shinebarger Mrs. Allen Valparaiso, RR5 2-G. 239
Shinebarger R. W. Valparaiso, 106 Wayne Street G. 239
Shinebarger Walter Valparaiso 2-N. 239
Shinebarger   Valparaiso F. 239
Shirley John Crown Point G. 239
Shirt Harrison Valparaiso, RFD 1 F. 239
Shitcher Henry Crown Point G.G. 283
Shleman Wm. Valparaiso G. 239
Shoemaker Edward Valparaiso, RR5 S. 239
Shoemaker Frank Hobart G. 240
Shoemaker J. J. Hobart F. 240
Shoemaker John Valparaiso, 356 Campbell 3-G. 239
Shoemaker Mrs. Fred Indiana Harbor G. 240
Shoemaker P. Valparaiso, 63 Main Street N. 240
Shoemaker Wm. Valparaiso F.S.N. 239
Shoeniuker John Hobart F. 240
Sholes L. A. South Chicago, Illinois, 9030 Hustove A.N. 240
Sholes Venie Valparaiso F. 240
Sholl F. E. Hobart F. 240
Sholl Thos. Hobart N.P. 240
Sholts Theo. Chesterton G. 240
Shook Arthur Chesterton F. 240
Shook C. D. St. John N. 240
Shooster Mrs. St. John S. 240
Shore Oscar