Porter County Resident Credit Ratings, 1916Credit ratings of Porter County (and adjacent county) residents . . . .

Surnames Beginning with P

In 1916, P. M. Tuttle published a book titled Merchants Rating and Credit Association Local Credit Reports. This book provided the credit ratings of thousands of individuals residing in Porter County and Lake County. The book also published the credit ratings of some residents of adjacent counties conducting business in these two counties. No national credit rating service bureaus existed as this time, so area merchants would often form associations to inform one another of their patrons' credit worthiness. In a few instances, the merchants would publish credit reports to be used exclusively by association members. This book was published by the members of the Merchant Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Corrections and comments related to these credit ratings should be directed to the Porter County GenWeb Coordinator.

                Key to Credit Ratings
                Good (Prompt Pay)   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    G
                Fair (Honest But Slow)    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    F
                Speculative (Pays if Pressed)    .    .    .    .    .    S
                Poor Risk (Has Nothing)  .    .    .    .    .    .    .    P
                No Credit (Irresponsible)     .    .    .    .    .    .    N

Here are two examples of the use of the rating system: An individual with a credit rating of 3-G received "Good" ratings from three member merchants of the Credit Association. An individual with a credit rating of F.N. received ratings of "Fair" and "No Credit" from two member merchants of the Credit Association.

Surname Given Name Residence Credit Rating Source Page
Paddock Mrs. S. J. Valparaiso, Alturia Hall G. 199
Pagels Henry O. Kouts 3-G. 199
Pagels L. C. Kouts G. 199
Pagin Dr. J. R. Valparaiso, East Main Street F.G. 199
Pagin Harry Valparaiso, RR 2-G. 199
Pagin Mrs. Carrie Valparaiso F. 199
Pagin Mrs. J. R. Valparaiso, 506 Main Street G. 199
Pahl Henry Valparaiso 3-G. 199
Pahl Miss Mabel Valparaiso, RR 1 G. 199
Pahl Walter Palmer 2-G. 199
Pahl Wm. Kouts G. 199
Paine A. D. Crown Point, RR F.G. 199
Paine A. D. Hobart G. 199
Paine Albin D. Ainsworth F. 199
Paine David Valparaiso, 507 North Locust G. 199
Paine Earl Valparaiso G. 199
Paine H. D. Crown Point G. 199
Painter Mathew Crown Point, RR F. 199
Painter W. S. Crown Point G. 199
Paker Richard Hobart S. 199
Palmer B. F. Lowell S.G. 199
Palmer C. F. Lowell 2-G. 199
Palmer Dennie Palmer G. 199
Palmer James Hammond G. 199
Palmer Mark Palmer G. 199
Palmer Mrs. Louise Hammond N. 199
Palmer P. Wheeler 3-N.P. 199
Pamora Louis Miller G. 199
Papas Gust Gary P. 199
Papish Jacob Valparaiso, 809 LaPorte Avenue G. 199
Pappineau Mrs. Rose Valparaiso, 61 South Street G. 199
Paradise Henry Valparaiso, 708 Campbell S.N. 199
Paradise Mrs. Ella Valparaiso, 708 Campbell F. 199
Paradise Sam Valparaiso, 708 Campbell S.F.3-G. 199
Paradise Thos. Valparaiso, 708 Campbell N. 199
Parker A. C. Chesterton, RFD 4 G. 200
Parker C. H. Company Valparaiso G. 200
Parker C. H. Jr. Valparaiso, 258 Haas Street G. 199
Parker C. H. Sr. Valparaiso, 153 Walnut Street 2-G. 199
Parker Chas. Valparaiso G. 200
Parker E. M. Valparaiso, 508 LaPorte Avenue G. 199
Parker Harry Valparaiso G. 200
Parker Jerry Hobart 2-G. 200
Parker L. Porter, RFD 1 P.G. 199
Parker Mrs. C. H. Valparaiso, 258 Haas Street G. 200
Parker Mrs. M. F. Valparaiso, 502 Lafayette 3-G. 199
Parker Nelson Hobart F. 200
Parker T. C. Crisman P. 200
Parker T. C. Hobart S. 200
Parker Thomas Hobart G. 200
Parker W. L. Chesterton, RFD F.P. 200
Parker Wm. Hobart S. 200
Parker and Son   Valparaiso G. 200
Parks E. R. Hobart 4-N. 200
Parks Frank B. Valparaiso, 401 Academy G.F.S. 200
Parks Miss Emroy Valparaiso, 808 Jefferson P. 200
Parks Mrs. P. A. Indiana Harbor, 3723 Euclid Avenue G. 200
Parks R. E. Hobart 2-N.P. 200
Parks Ralph Valparaiso, 401 Academy F. 200
Parks Will Thayer [Newton County] S. 200
Parmley Irvin Shelby F.G.S. 200
Parmley Jim Schneider N. 200
Parmley Paris Schneider 2-P. 200
Parmu James Lowell S. 200
Parry D. E. Valparaiso G. 200
Parry Gwendolyn Crown Point F. 200
Parry Howell Crown Point G. 200
Parry John V. Crown Point, RR 3-F.2-G. 200
Parry Vernon Crown Point S.F.G. 200
Parry Wm. Crown Point 2-S.4-F.G. 200
Parsons James L. Washington, D. C. G. 200
Parsons Thomas Miller F. 200
Pasckle Wm. Schneider 3-N.P. 200
Passman H. C. Crown Point N. 200
Passow Christ. Hobart 2-G. 200
Passow E. M. Valparaiso G. 200
Passow Ernest Hobart G. 200
Passow Fred Hobart 2-G. 200
Passow Geo. Hobart N.G. 200
Patrick Alonzo Hebron F. 201
Patrick DeForest Hebron G. 201
Patrick Loren Hebron G. 201
Patrick Mrs. J. H. Valparaiso, 207 Michigan G. 201
Patrick Mrs. J. H. Valparaiso, Erie Street G. 201
Patrick Peter Crown Point, RR F. 204
Patte Cyrus Lowell G. 200
Patte Frank Crown Point 3-G. 200
Patte O. L. Hobart 2-N.S. 200
Patterson Frank Crown Point, RFD F. 204
Patterson John Crown Point, RFD F. 204
Patterson John Leroy 2-G. 201
Patton James Crown Point, RR G. 201
Patton Mrs. J. M. Valparaiso, Mead Flats G. 201
Patz Aug. Crown Point 3-G.F. 201
Patz Edward Crown Point G. 201
Patz Herman Crown Point 4-G.F. 201
Patz John Crown Point 3-G. 201
Paul Ida Crown Point F. 201
Paul Lillian Crown Point F. 201
Paul Michael Crown Point 2-S. 201
Paul Mrs. M. Crown Point 2-G. 201
Paul Walter Crown Point G. 201
Paulson O. E. Chicago, Illinois F. 201
Pavek John Schererville G. 201
Pawlowski   Hobart S. 201
Payne David Valparaiso G. 201
Payne Horace Michigan City, RFD [LaPorte County] G. 201
Payne L. Chesterton F. 201
Pcinka James Hebron G. 201
Pearce Miss Edith Valparaiso, Indiana Avenue P. 201
Pearce Mrs. Geo. Valparaiso, Indiana Avenue 2-G.S. 201
Pearce Roy Valparaiso N. 201
Pearce Walter Gary F. 201
Pearson A. C. Chesterton P. 201
Pearson Alfred Hobart G. 201
Pearson Amos Chesterton O. [?] 201
Pearson Chas. Chesterton, RFD 2-G. 201
Pearson Emil Hobart G. 201
Pearson J. L. Chesterton F. 201
Pearson Olaf Chesterton F.S. 201
Peas Jessie Hobart P. 201
Pecalow Anton Crown Point 2-F.G. 201
Peck A. C. Boone Grove S.G. 202
Peck A. C. Valparaiso F. 202
Peck Clinton Hebron, RFD G. 201
Peck D. B. Valparaiso G. 201
Peck Emerson Boone Grove S. 202
Peck Eugene Valparaiso G. 202
Peck Grant Valparaiso G. 201
Peck Miller Schneider G. 202
Peck O. I. Hobart S. 202
Peck O. S. Hebron 2-G. 201
Peck O. V. Hobart F. 202
Peck R. O. Valparaiso G. 201
Peck Reed Valparaiso G. 202
Peck Vance Ainsworth F. 202
Peck Vance Hobart, RFD 2 G. 202
Peddicord R. R. Hobart G. 202
Pederson Geo. Hobart 3-G. 202
Peer P. W. Valparaiso, 263 West Jefferson G. 202
Peirce A. J. Valparaiso N. 202
Peirce Chas. S. Valparaiso, East Jefferson G. 202
Peirce Loring H. Hobart G. 202
Peirce Miss Mae Valparaiso, 603 North Lafayette G. 202
Peirce Mrs. Dudley Valparaiso, RR G. 202
Peirce Rebecca Valparaiso, 503 North LaFayette G. 202
Peirce Virginia Valparaiso, 603 North Lafayette G. 202
Peirce Winfield Kouts G. 202
Peletskie Steve Chesterton N. 202
Pellegrine Chas. Valparaiso G. 202
Pelton Hiram Crown Point 2-G. 202
Pence Arthur Valparaiso, 306 Washington G. 202
Pennington Geo. Crown Point F. 202
Pennington Mr. C. Griffith G. 202
Pennington Wm. Valparaiso 2-G. 202
Pennly Money Valparaiso, 209 Weston Avenue S. 202
Penter Henry Valparaiso N. 202
Peoples Clark Valparaiso G. 202
Peoples Mrs. J. Valparaiso, 306 North Locust G. 202
Percy Chas. Lowell 2-P.G.F. 202
Perdew M. Unknown G. 202
Perdew Wm. Wheeler F.G. 202
Peregrine Frank Valparaiso, RFD 2-G. 202
Pernit Frank Wheeler G. 202
Perrinne B. F. Wheeler N.F. 202
Perrinne F. Wheeler 2-F.S. 202
Perry F. L. Kouts G. 203
Perry Leonard S. Valparaiso N. 202
Perry Nelson Valparaiso, 53 South Street N. 202
Perry Nelson Valparaiso, 53 South Street N. 203
Perwitz Chas. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N. 203
Peter Rev. F. Crown Point 2-G. 203
Peters Chris Valparaiso, College Avenue 2-G. 203
Peters Earl Valparaiso, 403 Elm Street G.N. 203
Peters Earl Valparaiso, 406 Elm Street S. 203
Peters Geo. Valparaiso 2-F. 203
Peters Gust Hanna [LaPorte County] F. 203
Peters H. C. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F.G.N. 203
Peters H. C. Miller G. 203
Peters J. H. Valparaiso, East Franklin 2-G. 203
Peters John Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 203
Peters John F. Valparaiso, 158 Jefferson 2-N.P. 203
Peters John H. Valparaiso, 1002 North Franklin 2-G. 203
Peters Lester LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F. 203
Peters Mrs. Wm. Dyer G. 203
Peters N. C. Crown Point 8-G. 203
Peters Otto LaCrosse [LaPorte County] S.N. 203
Peters P. Valparaiso, Wood Street G. 203
Peters P. H. Valparaiso, 605 North Morgan G. 203
Peters W. Valparaiso, 6 Park Street G. 203
Peters Will Kouts 3-G. 203
Peters Wm. Valparaiso, Grand Truck RR Company G.F. 203
Peterson A. W. Hobart G. 203
Peterson Albert Chesterton G. 204
Peterson Algert Miller N. 203
Peterson Amos Lowell G. 203
Peterson Arthur Chesterton S.G. 203
Peterson August Valparaiso G. 203
Peterson Axel Chesterton 2-G. 203
Peterson C. A. Hobart F. 203
Peterson C. C. LaPorte [LaPorte County] N. 203
Peterson Carl Schneider N. 204
Peterson Chas. Chesterton 2-G. 204
Peterson Chris Lowell 3-G. 203
Peterson E. Merrillville F. 203
Peterson Edna Crown Point F.G. 204
Peterson Enoch Crown Point G. 204
Peterson Fabian Chesterton F.S. 204
Peterson Frank Chesterton, RFD G. 204
Peterson Frank Crown Point, RFD 3-G. 204
Peterson Frank Porter S. 203
Peterson Fred Chesterton, RFD 1 G. 204
Peterson Geo. Miller 2-G. 204
Peterson Harry Schneider N. 204
Peterson Harry Shelby P. 203
Peterson Harry Thayer [Newton County] G. 203
Peterson Henry Lowell P. 203
Peterson Jesse Crown Point F. 203
Peterson Jno. Crown Point, RFD 6-G. 204
Peterson N. T. Chesterton, RFD 1 P. 204
Peterson Nels A. Chesterton G. 204
Peterson O. W. Chesterton, RFD 1 G. 203
Peterson Otto Chesterton, RFD #3 G. 203
Peterson P. A. Chesterton G. 204
Peterson Will Lowell 2-P. 203
Peterson William Crown Point N. 204
Petry Franklin Lowell S. 204
Pettebace Wm. Crown Point G. 204
Pettibrue Harry Crown Point 2-G. 204
Pettit Mrs. Grant Valparaiso G.N. 204
Petusons Dr. A. H. Lowell G. 202
Peuce J. M. Lowell G. 201
Pfaff Mary Griffith, RR S. 204
Pfeiffer Geo. Hebron, RR3 S. 204
Pfeiffer John St. John G. 204
Pfeiffer Will Hebron, RR3 S. 204
Pfeil Chas. Crown Point 3-G. 204
Pfeir Dr. Mathew Schererville 3-G. 204
Pfeir Geo. Schererville 2-G. 204
Pfenghoeft Herman Hobart G. 204
Pfieffer Wm. Boone Grove S. 204
Pginky James Crown Point, R4 G. 204
Phares C. W. Valparaiso F. 204
Phares Dallas Valparaiso, R4 G. 204
Phares J. C. Valparaiso F. 204
Phares S. M. Valparaiso S. 204
Pharis A. F. Valparaiso, RR F. 204
Pharos Chas. Valparaiso S. 204
Pharos Chas. Valparaiso S. 204
Phegley J. F. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 204
Phesenton Joe Valparaiso F. 204
Phightner Geo. Hebron, RR3 G. 205
Philaphy Wilbur Schneider G. 205
Philley B. Valparaiso, 914 Franklin G. 205
Philley David Valparaiso G. 205
Philley F. Valparaiso, 914 Franklin G. 205
Philley Haas Valparaiso, 303 East Monroe F.P.N. 205
Philley Jessie Valparaiso, o14 North Franklin F. 205
Philley Miss Esther Valparaiso G. 205
Philley Miss Flora Valparaiso, o14 North Franklin F. 205
Philley Vernon L. Valparaiso 2-G. 205
Philley W. H. Valparaiso, 914 Franklin F. 205
Phillips Albert Hobart 3-G. 205
Phillips Alfred Crown Point 5-G. 205
Phillips Alvah M. Hobart S. 205
Phillips Chas. Hebron N. 205
Phillips Clayton Boone Grove 2-F.G. 205
Phillips E. F. Hebron, RFD S. 205
Phillips Earl Leroy G. 205
Phillips Frank Boone Grove 2-G.F. 205
Phillips Geo. Boone Grove 2-G. 205
Phillips Geo. Valparaiso G. 205
Phillips Henry Crown Point 3-G. 205
Phillips J. M. Hebron S. 205
Phillips James H. Hobart 3-G.S. 205
Phillips Levi Leroy G. 205
Phillips Levi Palmer G. 205
Phillips M. Boone Grove G. 205
Phillips Mrs. Peter Boone Grove G. 205
Phillips R. M. Boone Grove 5-G. 205
Phillips Walter Merrillville F. 205
Phillips Walter Valparaiso, RR3 G. 205
Phillips Wilds Boone Grove G. 205
Phillips Wm. Boone Grove 2-G.F. 205
Phipps Fred LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 205
Phlgren Harry Griffith F.G. 205
Phores Chas. W. Hebron S. 205
Phores S. M. Hebron G. 205
Picord Thomas Valparaiso, 408 Academy G. 205
Picord Wm. Valparaiso F. 205
Pieece Murry Lowell G. 205
Piel August Lowell S. 205
Piepho Henry Blue Island, Illinois G. 206
Piepho John Hebron G. 206
Pierce Art. Valparaiso G. 206
Pierce B. O. East Gary N. 206
Pierce Bill Valparaiso F. 206
Pierce D. B. Boone Grove 2-G. 206
Pierce Earl Kouts 2-G. 206
Pierce Floyd Merrillville G. 206
Pierce Geo. Shelby S. 206
Pierce Harry Valparaiso G. 206
Pierce John Hobart F. 206
Pierce John Valparaiso G. 206
Pierce L. M. Valparaiso, East Main Street 3-G. 206
Pierce M. H. Crown Point 2-F.G. 206
Pierce Myle Merrillville 3-G.F. 206
Pierce Rebecca Valparaiso 2-G. 206
Pierce Roy L. Valparaiso 2-N. 206
Pierce W. B. Lowell G. 206
Pierce W. S. Kouts G. 206
Pierson E. E. Hobart F. 206
Pietsch Henry Wanatah [LaPorte County] P. 206
Pillgrim Mr. Hammond N. 206
Pillman Art. Porter F.G. 206
Pillman Chas. Chesterton, RR1 P.F.G. 206
Pillman F. Valparaiso N. 206
Pillman Frank Valparaiso, 658 South Franklin G. 206
Pillman John Porter 2-G. 206
Pinkerton C. D. Lowell 2-G. 206
Pinkerton Demoin Lowell F.P.N. 206
Pinkerton Dewey Lowell F. 206
Pinkerton Earl Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 206
Pinkerton J. F. Valparaiso, RR1 G. 206
Pinney Ethel LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 206
Pinney W. E. Valparaiso, 504 Lafayette G. 206
Pinter Clarence Valparaiso S. 206
Pinter Frank Crown Point 2-G. 206
Pinter Henry Valparaiso, 56 South Street F.P.N. 206
Pinter Jack Crown Point 3-G. 206
Pinter Miss Clara Crown Point 2-G. 206
Pinter Miss Myrtle Valparaiso, Campbell Street 2-G. 206
Pinter Mrs. Anna Crown Point F.G. 206
Pinter Mrs. Henry Valparaiso G. 206
Pio Mrs. Ada Hobart G. 206
Pio Mrs. F. Hobart G. 207
Piper Maurice LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N. 207
Piper Nora LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F. 207
Piper Wm. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F. 207
Pische Ernest Crown Point 2-G.S.F. 207
Pische John Crown Point G. 207
Pische Mrs. Hannah Crown Point G. 207
Pische Otto Crown Point G. 207
Pische Otto Crown Point F.G. 207
Pitkins and Brooks   Valparaiso G. 207
Pitter Otto Lowell G. 207
Pixley Chester Lowell F. 207
Pjott Wm. Hobart G. 207
Plahn Detlef Valparaiso, Indiana Avenue G. 207
Platt Thomas Crown Point 3-G.F. 207
Platz Clyde LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-G. 207
Pletcher Samuel C. Lowell 3-G. 207
Pletke Andrew Highland G. 207
Plotz Mrs. W. Crown Point S. 207
Pluister C. Hammond G. 207
Plumer Wm. Valparaiso, RR1 G. 207
Plummer Frank Lowell G. 207
Plummer Perry Hebron S. 207
Pneski Peter Crown Point S.G. 207
Pockman Ben Hobart 2-F. 199
Pockman John Hobart G. 199
Pockmire Alice Miller P. 207
Podies Wm. Crown Point, RR G.F. 207
Podinskie Joe Chesterton N. 207
Pohlplatz J. F. Bass Lake [Starke County] 3-N.P. 207
Pohlplatz John F. Crown Point N. 207
Polarek Geo. Valparaiso, RFD S. 207
Polaskie Emil Kouts G. 207
Polk C. C. Valparaiso, 101 Washington G. 207
Polk C. C. Valparaiso, North Jefferson Street S. 207
Polk Miss Gertrude Valparaiso, Washington G. 207
Polk Mrs. C. C. Valparaiso, Washington G. 207
Polk Thomas Valparaiso, 103 Washington G. 207
Polmski Walter Chesterton G. 207
Pomeroy McDowell Valparaiso, Haas E. Camp. 3-G.F. 207
Pomeroy Mrs. Rose Valparaiso, 804 North Campbell G. 207
Pomeroy Mrs. S. B. Valparaiso, Haas E. Camp. G. 207
Poncher Ed. Chicago, Illinois G. 207
Poncher Maurice Valparaiso G.N. 207
Poneis O. H. Valparaiso, 411 Elmhurst Avenue G. 208
Pontow E. H. Kouts G. 208
Pool Mrs. Mary Valparaiso, Oak Street N. 208
Pooley and Son   Valparaiso F. 208
Pope Henry Wheeler G. 208
Pope Herman Valparaiso, RFD4 G. 208
Pope Herman Wheeler F.G. 208
Pope John Wheeler 2-G.F. 208
Pope Miss Alvina Valparaiso, 652 Chicago Street G. 208
Popp Andrew Crown Point, RR 2-F.G. 208
Popp Andrew Merrillville S-N.G. 208
Popp Chas. Merrillville G. 208
Popp Edward Merrillville N.P. 208
Popp Frank Hobart S. 208
Popp John Crown Point, RR 2-F.3-G. 208
Popp Miss Lucy Crown Point 2-G. 208
Popp Mrs. Kate Crown Point G. 208
Poppa Mr. Griffith N. 208
Poppa Nick Goodrum N. 208
Poppenhagen John Wheeler 2-F.S. 208
Poppy Henry Lowell F. 208
Porch Frank Valparaiso, 303 Union Street G. 208
Porch Morgan Valparaiso, RR6 G. 208
Porter F. Hammond F. 208
Porter Frank Sr. Highland S.G. 208
Porter Geo. Griffith S. 208
Porter Gerbrand Griffith, RFD P. 208
Porter H. W. Kouts G. 208
Porter Jacob Hammond S. 208
Porter Joe Hammond S. 208
Porter Miss Ella Valparaiso, 153 Garfield Avenue 2-G. 208
Porter Miss Luella Valparaiso, 153 Garfield Avenue 2-G. 208
Porter Nick Hammond G. 208
Porter Wm. Valparaiso P. 208
Porter Roofing Company   Highland S. 208
Portinga Mr. Griffith G. 208
Portz Joseph St. John G. 208
Portz Peter St. John G. 208
Posa Alexander Crown Point G. 208
Posa Isaacson Crown Point 2-G. 208
Poss Alexander Griffith 2-G. 208
Post Geo. Crown Point N.P. 208
Post Harrison Crown Point N.P. 209
Post James Leroy N. 209
Postamns   Highland G. 209
Posthunes Jelle Hammond G. 209
Potter Mr. Bert Madison, Ohio S. 209
Povolock Mike Chesterton G. 209
Powell Miss Charlotte Valparaiso S. 209
Powell Mrs. E. H. Valparaiso, 414 North Washington 2-G. 209
Powell Raymond Lowell N.G. 209
Powell Thos. Lowell 2-F.N. 209
Powell Walter A. Hobart 2-G.S. 209
Powell Wm. Westville [LaPorte County] G. 209
Powers A. N. Crown Point 2-G.F. 209
Powers D. Valparaiso N. 209
Powers Mr. G. Crown Point G. 209
Powers O. St. Valparaiso, 409 Elmhurst S. 209
Pozar I. Crown Point G.F. 209
Prahl Chas. Valparaiso, East Main Street N. 209
Prahla Frank Valparaiso, RFD1 G. 209
Prahla Tony Valparaiso, RFD1 G. 209
Pratt Bert Chesterton G.N. 209
Pratt C. E. Hobart G. 209
Pratt Carter Chesterton P. 209
Pratt Chas. A. Valparaiso, 308 Morgan 3-N.G. 209
Pratt Earl Valparaiso, 308 Morgan S. 209
Pratt Jesse Valparaiso, 308 Morgan S. 209
Pratt Meno Chesterton N. 209
Pratt Miss R. M. Valparaiso, 203 Hickory Street G. 209
Pratt Mrs. A. Crown Point G. 209
Pratt Roy R. Valparaiso, 308 Morgan 2-N. 209
Pratt Virg Chesterton N. 209
Pratt Wm. Griffith P. 209
Prentiss Henry Valparaiso 3-S.N. 209
Prentiss Henry Valparaiso, RR7 G. 209
Prentiss J. Q. Valparaiso, 356 Main Street 2-G. 209
Prentiss James Valparaiso, RR4 F.P.N. 209
Prentiss John A. Valparaiso, RR4 3-G. 209
Prentiss Myron A. Valparaiso, RR1 2-G.F. 209
Prentiss Wm. Valparaiso N.F. 209
Press Frank Schneider P. 210
Press Harry Schneider 2-P.F. 209
Press James Schneider P. 209
Press Richard Schneider F. 209
Pressel Frank Valparaiso, RFD1 G. 210
Preston Wm. Boone Grove 2-N.P. 210
Price B. C. Crown Point 2-F.N. 210
Price B. C. Crown Point 2-F.N. 210
Price B. F. Crown Point F. 210
Price C. C. Hebron N. 210
Price Chas. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 210
Price Earl Valparaiso, East Erie Street G. 210
Price F. B. Crown Point, RFD 3-G.2-F. 210
Price Henry Valparaiso, RR1 F. 210
Price Herman Valparaiso, RR3 S. 210
Price J. D. Valparaiso, Hillcrest Long Lake N. 210
Price J. M. Wilders [LaPorte County] S. 210
Price M. Valparaiso, RFD #7 S. 210
Priest Miss Iva Valparaiso, 105 East Monroe G. 210
Priest Mrs. Emma Valparaiso, 105 East Monroe 2-G. 210
Prindville Michael Valparaiso, RR G. 210
Printes Henry Valparaiso F. 210
Priski Walter Chesterton P. 210
Prochno Fred Crown Point, RR 2-F.3-G. 210
Prochno Fredinand Crown Point F.S. 210
Prochno John Crown Point F.G. 210
Prochno Rinehart Crown Point F. 210
Prochno Wm. Crown Point G. 210
Procnow Wm. Crown Point G. 210
Proffett John Valparaiso, RR8 G. 210
Prohl Wm. Hammond F. 210
Prothro R. Crown Point F. 210
Proute W. C. Miller G. 210
Proutre John Crown Point 6-G. 210
Proutre W. C. Crown Point, RR 2-G. 210
Pryborskie Miss Julia Valparaiso, 351 Greenwich G. 210
Public School Board   Highland F. 210
Puetjer Aug. Hobart S. 211
Puetjer Gust Hobart F.G. 210
Pulaski H. Kouts S. 210
Pullins C. W. Kouts 2-F.G.P. 210
Pullins Frank Valparaiso, RFD 2-S.F. 210
Pulver E. C. Lowell 3-G. 210
Pumrog Aron Kouts 2-F.G. 210
Pumrog Ed. Kouts G. 210
Pumrog G. L. Kouts G. 210
Purdy Gordon Valparaiso, Erie Street N.G. 211
Purdy S. D. Valparaiso G. 211
Purdy Sam Valparaiso F.S. 211
Purdy Theo. Valparaiso 2-F. 211
Purington Mrs. Miller F. 211
Putnam A. R. Valparaiso, East Main Street S.G.P. 211
Puttiger August Hobart G. 211
Pyatt Lafayette Hobart S. 211
Pyatt Wm. Hobart N.S. 211

Source Citation:
Tuttle, P.M. 1916. Merchants Rating and Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Publication location unknown. 296 p.

Credit data transcribed and prepared by Steven R. Shook


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