Porter County Resident Credit Ratings, 1916Credit ratings of Porter County (and adjacent county) residents . . . .

Surnames Beginning with M

In 1916, P. M. Tuttle published a book titled Merchants Rating and Credit Association Local Credit Reports. This book provided the credit ratings of thousands of individuals residing in Porter County and Lake County. The book also published the credit ratings of some residents of adjacent counties conducting business in these two counties. No national credit rating service bureaus existed as this time, so area merchants would often form associations to inform one another of their patrons' credit worthiness. In a few instances, the merchants would publish credit reports to be used exclusively by association members. This book was published by the members of the Merchant Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Corrections and comments related to these credit ratings should be directed to the Porter County GenWeb Coordinator.

                Key to Credit Ratings
                Good (Prompt Pay)   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    G
                Fair (Honest But Slow)    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    F
                Speculative (Pays if Pressed)    .    .    .    .    .    S
                Poor Risk (Has Nothing)  .    .    .    .    .    .    .    P
                No Credit (Irresponsible)     .    .    .    .    .    .    N

Here are two examples of the use of the rating system: An individual with a credit rating of 3-G received "Good" ratings from three member merchants of the Credit Association. An individual with a credit rating of F.N. received ratings of "Fair" and "No Credit" from two member merchants of the Credit Association.

Surname Given Name Residence Credit Rating Source Page
Maas John Jr. Schererville G. 169
Maas John Sr. Schererville G. 169
Maas Peter Schererville S. 169
Mabin Wm. Chesterton G. 169
Mace L. Valparaiso, 104 Elm Street G. 169
Mace Mrs. A. L. Valparaiso, 108 Elm Street G. 169
Machacek Chas. Crown Point N. 169
Machacek Geo. Crown Point G. 169
Machacek Mrs. Crown Point G. 169
Machacek Mrs. Crown Point G. 169
Mack Albert Crown Point 3-G. 169
Mack Jerry Hobart S. 169
Mack W. J. Valparaiso F. 169
Mackey Dr. R. C. Hobart F.S.G. 169
Mackey Dwight Hobart F.S.G. 169
Mackinnon Mrs. D. E. Valparaiso, Jefferson Street 2-P. 169
Mackwell Joe Schneider N. 169
MacPherson W. F. Hobart F. 169
Madas John Palmer 2-G. 169
Maddux Dr. R. C. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 169
Magcrawisz Emil Hobart F. 169
Magee J. V. Aetna G. 169
Mager John A. Schererville G. 169
Magher Miss Margaret Valparaiso, 458 West Jefferson G. 178
Magher Mrs. Nellie Valparaiso, 156 Walnut Street G. 178
Magie Joe Boone Grove S. 169
MaGill Ellis Libertyview N. 169
Maginot Geo. St. John G. 169
Maginot John St. John G. 169
Magunson Chas. Valparaiso F.P. 169
Mahler Carl Lowell H.F. 169
Mahler Edna Schneider P. 169
Mahler Paul W. Lowell N.P. 169
Mahns F. M. C. Crisman S. 169
Mahon Chas. Valparaiso, 255 Chicago Street 2-G. 169
Mains Curtis Valparaiso, 404 Indiana Avenue G. 169
Mains E. O. Valparaiso F.N. 169
Mains Miss Vira Valparaiso N. 169
Mains Thomas Valparaiso S. 169
Makus Miss Hulda Crisman, 54 Lafayette G. 169
Malch Paul Crown Point, RR G. 169
Mallard Andy Gary P. 169
Malloy Frank Lowell S. 170
Mally Emil Hobart, RFD S. 169
Malo T. J. Unknown P. 169
Malone J. R. Valparaiso, 603 North Franklin 2-G. 170
Malone James Hobart G. 170
Malone Leon Valparaiso, RR3 G. 170
Malone Pat Miller F. 170
Malone Wm. Valparaiso N. 170
Maloney Pat Ainsworth G. 170
Malsch Fred Crown Point G. 170
Man Christ Christ Hobart G. 170
Manders Warren Schererville G. 170
Mandlin Budd Valparaiso G. 170
Mandlin R. A. Valparaiso, Calumet Avenue 2-G. 170
Mandlin Roy Valparaiso S.F. 170
Maney David Crown Point G. 170
Manheim Frk Crown Point, 554 Main Street S. 170
Mankey Alfred Hobart F. 170
Mankey Ed. Hobart F. 170
Mankey Wm. Crown Point, RFD 6-F. 170
Mann Elmo Crown Point 2-G.F. 170
Mann Frank Valparaiso, Elm Street G. 170
Mann H. Valparaiso, Elm Street F. 170
Mann W. G. Valparaiso, 353 Garfield G. 170
Mannering Cash Chesterton G. 170
Mannering Mrs. C. C. Chesterton G. 170
Mantenffel Mrs. Hobart G. 170
Maquire Lydia Valparaiso G. 171
Marble Mrs. H. Crown Point G. 170
Marcrab John Dyer G. 170
Mardsen Frank Hebron G. 170
Mares Anton Crown Point G. 170
Margison Fred Hebron N. 170
Margison Geo. Hebron F. 170
Margras John Dyer G. 170
Margras L. Dyer G. 170
Marh Ed. Highland F. 170
Marine C. H. Valparaiso, 406 Morgan Street 3-G. 170
Marine F. R. Valparaiso, 60 West Jefferson G. 170
Marine J. W. Valparaiso G. 170
Marine John Valparaiso, 505 Calumet Avenue G. 170
Marine Lewis B. Valparaiso, RR 3-G. 170
Marine Miss Alma Valparaiso, Morgan Street G. 170
Marine Mrs. R. Valparaiso, Jefferson Street G. 170
Marks Chas. B. Wanatah [LaPorte County] P. 171
Marks Emily LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 171
Marks Herman Gary 3-N.G. 171
Marks Jake Valparaiso 2-N.P. 171
Marks John Valparaiso, 506 East Erie Street N.P. 171
Marks M. W. Crown Point S.P. 171
Marks Mrs. Arthur Valparaiso, 253 Chicago Street S. 170
Marks Mrs. Harry Valparaiso N. 171
Marks Mrs. Paul Wanatah [LaPorte County] S. 171
Marks Mrs. Wm. M. Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 171
Marks Paul Valparaiso G. 171
Marks Will Wanatah [LaPorte County] S. 171
Marony Margaret Chesterton G. 171
Marony Mrs. Anna Valparaiso, 103 Napoleon Street G. 171
Marorich Geo. Highland G. 171
Marquart C. H. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 171
Marquart Chas. Wheeler 4-G. 171
Marquart E. W. Valparaiso, 55 Indiana Avenue G. 171
Marquart Fred Valparaiso, Indiana Avenue G. 171
Marquart Frk Valparaiso, RFD 2-G.F. 171
Marquart Geo. Wheeler P.G. 171
Marquart Henry Wheeler 3-G.F. 171
Marquart Jerry Chesterton 2-G. 171
Marquart Miss Edna Valparaiso F. 171
Marquart Miss Martha Wheeler G. 171
Marquart MRs. Josie Wheeler G. 171
Marquart Mrs. P. A. Valparaiso, 209 Indiana Avenue 2-G. 171
Marquart Mrs. Peter Valparaiso, 208 Indiana Avenue G. 171
Marquart Ross Wheeler G. 171
Marquart Royce Valparaiso, RR4 3-G. 171
Marquart Theo. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 171
Marquart W. T. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 171
Marquart Wm. Valparaiso, 401 East Monroe 2-G. 171
Marquart Wm. J. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] S.G.F. 171
Marquart Wm. Sr. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 171
Marrimon Frank Valparaiso, 701 Campbell F. 171
Marsey Griff Kouts G. 171
Marsh A. W. LaCrosse, RFD [LaPorte County] 2-G. 171
Marsh Asa LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 171
Marsh Ed. Highland F.G. 171
Marsh Geo. LaCrosse, RFD [LaPorte County] 3-G. 171
Marsh Wm. A. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 171
Marshall Arthur Schneider G. 172
Marshall Chas. S. Valparaiso, Chicago Street G. 172
Marshall F. Ross Valparaiso, RR2 2-F. 172
Marshall Frank Valparaiso, RR6 3-G. 172
Marshall Heley Valparaiso F. 172
Marshall J. H. Valparaiso, RR1 G.F. 172
Marshall O. B. Valparaiso 2-F.S.P. 172
Marshall T. R. Valparaiso, Lincoln Avenue N. 172
Martenson M. W. Porter G. 172
Martin Almo Schneider 2-G. 172
Martin Asa Valparaiso, RR G. 172
Martin Bill Valparaiso G. 172
Martin C. E. Westville [LaPorte County] G. 172
Martin Furman Crown Point G. 172
Martin Joe Lowell G. 172
Martin John Valparaiso G. 172
Martin Miss Louise Valparaiso, Franklin Avenue 2-G. 172
Martin Miss MArtha Valparaiso N. 172
Martin Mrs. Chas. E. Valparaiso, 12 Indiana Avenue 2-G. 172
Martin Mrs. Geo. Valparaiso, RR2 G. 172
Martin Mrs. M. M. Westville [LaPorte County] G. 172
Martin Mrs. Wm. Crown Point G. 172
Martin Otto Schneider F.G.P. 172
Martin Robert Lowell P. 172
Martin T. B. Wilders [LaPorte County] N. 172
Martin Wm. Hebron 3-G. 172
Mason Art. Dyer G. 172
Mason C. F. Valparaiso, 253 Valparaiso Street G. 172
Mason Dwight Kouts 2-G. 172
Mason Miss N. Crown Point, RR G. 172
Mason Mrs. Chas. E. Lowell F. 172
Mason Thos. Kouts G. 172
Massell Geo. Valparaiso, RFD G. 172
Massell Jas. Valparaiso, RFD G. 172
Massell & Lortge   Valparaiso G. 172
Massey J. T. Valparaiso, 306 Indiana Avenue G. 172
Massey Jermone Hebron 3-G. 172
Massey John Valparaiso, 304 North Michigan Avenue G. 172
Massey LaFayette Valparaiso 2-G. 172
Massoth Adam Lowell, RFD F. 172
Massoth Mrs. Mary Crown Point F.G. 172
Maston Loren B. Pierceton [Kosciusko County] F. 172
Mathais Christ Crown Point 2-G. 173
Mathais Wm. Crown Point 3-G. 173
Mathews D. L. Valparaiso, 818 LaPorte 2-G.F.S. 173
Mathews J. G. Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 173
Mathews John Hobart G. 173
Mathias A. Valparaiso, 209 Wayne Street G. 173
Matson Eric Miller N. 173
Matson L. P. Chesterton G. 173
Matthews Emil LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 173
Matthews Fred LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 173
Matthews Wm. Hobart G. 173
Mau Christ Crown Point 3-G. 173
Mau Frances Crown Point G. 173
Mau Fred Crown Point G. 173
Mauge Wm. Crown Point G.F. 173
Mauger A. Crown Point G.F. 173
Mauger John Crown Point G. 173
Maulsby Harry Gary G. 173
Mavity J. M. Valparaiso, Lafayette Street 4-G. 173
Maxon Andrew Unknown N. 173
Maxwekke James Hobart F. 173
Maxwell Burney Kouts S.P. 173
Maxwell Douglas Valparaiso G. 173
Maxwell E. P. Valparaiso, RFD1 G. 173
Maxwell Edith Crown Point G. 173
Maxwell Edward Crown Point G. 173
Maxwell G. Leonard Valparaiso, 503 Institute 3-G. 173
Maxwell Harry Kouts, RFD F. 173
Maxwell John Jr. Valparaiso G. 173
Maxwell L. E. Hobart N. 173
Maxwell Lewis E. Hobart, RFD 2-G. 173
Maxwell Mrs. Ed. Valparaiso, RR1 G. 173
Maxwell Oscar Kouts 2-G. 173
Maxwell Zeb Kouts 4-G.F. 173
May E. O. Valparaiso, 254 College Avenue G. 173
May Mr. Charlie Griffith G. 173
Maybaum Aug. Crown Point G.F. 173
Maybaum Chas. Crown Point, RFD G. 173
Maybaum Dan Ainsworth, RFD S.N. 173
Maybaum Edward Crown Point 2-G.3-F. 173
Maybaum Fred Hobart F.S.G. 173
Maybaum Geo. Crown Point N. 173
Mayhack A. Miller S. 174
Mayhack Fred Miller G. 174
Mayhack U. F. Miller G. 174
Mazurkiesviscz Bert Otis [LaPorte County] F. 174
McAffe Wm. Hobart 2-G.F. 174
McAllilly Miss Lizzie Valparaiso, 151 Garfield F.G. 174
McAllister Frank Valparaiso, 15 North Washington 2-G. 174
McAllister Thomas Hobart S. 174
McAllister Thos. Valparaiso, RFD G. 174
McAlpin Clayton Hebron G. 174
McAlpin Lynn Hebron S. 174
McAlpin Miss Ruth Crown Point, RR S. 174
McAlpin Royce Hebron G. 174
McAtee Edward Lowell G. 174
McAuliffe Dennie Wheeler 2-F.G. 174
McAuliffe F. F. Valparaiso, RR5 G. 174
McAuliffe Florence Valparaiso, RFD G. 174
McAuliffe Jerry Hobart G. 174
McAuliffe Lizzie Valparaiso, 458 West Jefferson G. 174
McAuliffe Louis Wheeler F. 174
McAuliffe Mary Hobart G. 174
McAuliffe Miss MAry Valparaiso, 552 West Jefferson F. 174
McAuliffe Paul Valparaiso 3-G. 174
McAuliffe T. C. Valparaiso, RR3 N. 174
McBride W. D. Valparaiso, 603 Institute G. 174
McCabe Mrs. Mary Valparaiso N. 174
McCallister Thomas Hobart F. 174
McCallum W. B. Valparaiso G. 174
McCann G. F. Kensington, Illinois N. 174
McCann Jaye Hebron G. 174
McCarland Alex Porter G. 174
McCarthey Frk. St. Louis, Missouri N. 174
McCarthey Mrs. N. Kouts G. 174
McCarty Mrs. Henry Crown Point S.F.G. 174
McClaran Wm. Hobart S.F. 174
McClatcher   Chesterton G. 174
McClaughery A. Crown Point F. 174
McClone Mrs. E. Chestertpn F. 174
McCollt Art Crown Point 3-F.2-S.2-G. 174
McCollt Jerry Crown Point 3-F.2-N.P.S. 174
McCollt Louis LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F. 174
McCollt R. M. Crown Point S. 174
McColly Joe Crown Point G. 175
McColly Katie Crown Point S. 175
McColly Lloyd Lowell G. 175
McColly Mrs. A. W. Crown Point G. 175
McColly Walter Crown Point 3-G. 175
McConkey Glen Boone Grove 2-G.S.F. 175
McConkey Herbert Boone Grove, R7 3-G.F. 175
McConkey John Valparaiso 3-G. 175
McConnel Jhn Lowell G. 175
McCool Wm. Valparaiso N. 175
McCord U. B. Valparaiso, 201 Hickory 2-G. 175
McCorkle Alex Porter F. 175
McCorkle Dave Chesterton G. 175
McCorkle Wm. McCool P. 175
McCormick John Valparaiso, 18 Washington Street G. 175
McCormick   Gary F. 175
McCox A. H. Lowell G. 175
McCoy Wm. Crown Point, RR4 2-F. 175
McCracken Stella Valparaiso, 253 Locust Street F. 175
McCullough Morris Kouts 2-G. 175
McCuskey Lewis Lowell F.S.P. 175
McDaniels A. W. Valparaiso, 255 West Main Street G. 175
McDaniels Bert Hebron F. 175
McDaniels C. Hobart N. 175
McDaniels John A. Hobart N.S.F. 175
McDonald Angus Stillwell [LaPorte County] N. 175
McDonald Chas. Valparaiso, 812 Academy G. 175
McDonald Frank Hobart F. 175
McDonald Martin Hebron G. 175
McDonald May LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F.G. 175
McDonald Mrs. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 175
McDonald Mrs. Katherine Valparaiso G. 175
McDonald T. B. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 175
McDonald Tom LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 175
McDugal Barney English Lake [Starke County] G. 175
McFadyn D. W. Valparaiso G. 175
McFarland W. J. Valparaiso F. 175
McFetrich Lumber & Coal Company   Valparaiso 3-G. 175
McGee Clarence Valparaiso, Elm Street G. 175
McGee Clate Valparaiso, Elm Street S. 175
McGee Mrs. Anna Valparaiso, 704 Franklin G. 175
McGee Mrs. Wm. Valparaiso G. 175
McGill Mrs. J. H. Valparaiso, 411 Washington Street 3-G.S.F. 176
McGill Metal Company   Valparaiso G. 176
McGillicuddy Gerald Valparaiso S. 176
McGillicuddy John Valparaiso, 204 North College Avenue 5-G. 176
McGillicuddy Ralph Valparaiso G. 176
McGinley Simon Valparaiso, RR G. 176
McGinley W. C. Valparaiso, RR5 4-G. 176
McGorer   Valparaiso N. 176
McGraw Charles Crown Point 3-N. 176
McGraw Everett Crown Point N.G. 176
McGraw Jeff Ainsworth F. 176
McGraw Mrs. Crown Point G. 176
McGrohaman Miss Valparaiso, 204 Michigan N. 176
McGuire Roy Hobart F. 176
McGuiston W. D. Valparaiso, RFD S. 176
McIntosh Chas. Porter N. 176
McIntosh Joseph Hobart F. 176
McIntosh Mr. Porter G. 176
McIntyre Bert Hobart 2-F. 176
McIntyre Chas. Porter 2-F. 176
McIntyre Fannie Valparaiso, LaPorte Avenue G. 176
McIntyre Joe Hobart G. 176
McKee Bert Munster G. 176
McKenzie Maurice Crown Point G. 176
McKinnis Miss Mae Valparaiso G. 176
McKnight James Leroy 2-G. 176
McLain Anna Chesterton S. 176
McLatcher Mike Chesterton F. 176
McLaughlin Art J. Cedar Lake 2-G. 176
McLaughlin Arthur Lowell S. 176
McLaughlin Miss Leonora Culver [Marshall County] G. 176
McLean Mr. Hobart N. 176
McLendon Grove Kouts S.F. 176
McLendon H. D. Valparaiso, Bogarte Bookstore G. 176
McLillian Mrs. J. W. Valparaiso, Pioneer Flats G. 176
McLinn B. K. Hobart G. 176
McMahan H. W. Valparaiso, RR N. 177
McMahan John Lowell N. 177
McMahan Mathias Chesterton F. 177
McMahan W. C. Crown Point 6-G. 177
McMahn J. J. Valparaiso, 404 Beach Street G. 177
McMahn Brothers   Valparaiso G. 177
McMann John Lowell F. 176
McMayon John Lowell N. 176
McMichael James Crown Point, RR 3-G. 176
McMichael James Crown Point, RR 3-G. 177
McMillan Joseph Hebron 4-G. 177
McMillan Mrs. S. Valparaiso, 501 East Jefferson Street G. 177
McMillan Robert Hebron 4-G. 177
McMillian Joseph Hebron G. 177
McMillian Mrs. S. Valparaiso G. 176
McMillian Robt. Hebron G. 177
McMoon John Lowell N. 176
McMullen Archie Crown Point G. 177
McMullen Niel Valparaiso S. 177
McMullen   Crown Point N. 177
McNannys Mrs. John Griffith P. 177
McNay Edward Crown Point 2-N.F.P.S. 177
McNay James Valparaiso F.G. 177
McNay John W. Valparaiso, 502 East Jefferson Street G.F. 177
McNay Miss Hazel Valparaiso, 108 Monroe Street G. 177
McNay P. M. Lowell 2-G. 177
McNeas M. A. Valparaiso, RFD G. 177
McNeff Wm. Kouts, RFD G. 177
McNeil Alva LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 177
McNew F. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N. 177
McNiece Floyd Valparaiso, 706 East Chicago G. 177
McNiece M. A. Valparaiso, Inst. South Lafayette 2-G. 177
McNiece N. R. Valparaiso, 706 East Chicago 3-G. 177
McNiece Ora Valparaiso, 706 East Chicago G. 177
McNutt G. L. Valparaiso, 803 Linwood P.N. 177
McPherson Harley Chesterton F. 177
McPherson Walter Hobart G. 177
McQuinney W. W. Valparaiso, 501 Napoleon G. 177
McQuiston W. D. Valparaiso, RR6 G. 177
McRoberts John Hobart G. 177
McRuliffe Mary Valparaiso, 522 Jefferson G. 177
McSweeney B. K. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 177
McSweeney Hugh LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 177
McVey J. N. Lowell G. 177
McWaltz Mr. Lowell F. 177
McWayne Chas. Crown Point 4-G. 177
McWayne Clarence Crown Point 2-G. 178
McWinney W. W. Valparaiso G. 178
Mead A. Valparaiso G. 178
Mead E. H. Valparaiso G. 178
Mead Frank Valparaiso F-G. 178
Mead Harvey Valparaiso, 15 Morgan Street F.G. 178
Meadows Check Kouts G. 178
Meadows Wm. Kouts N.G. 178
Meeker Bruce Crown Point 2-S.3-F. 178
Meeker Chas. H. Crown Point 3-G. 178
Meeker H. H. Crown Point S.F. 178
Meeker Mrs. J. Frank Crown Point 2-G. 178
Meeker Mrs. Wm. Crown Point 3-G. 178
Meeker Thomas Crown Point 4-F.G. 178
Meeker & Claussen   Crown Point 2-G. 178
Meeks Harry Valparaiso N.G. 178
Meester Martin Hobart S. 178
Meeter Herman Hammond G. 178
Meeter Herman Highland 3-G. 178
Megg Miss Minnie Valparaiso G. 178
Megg Mrs. Gus. Valparaiso G. 178
Mehrling Geo. W. Palmer 3-G. 178
Meikie M. Crown Point 6-G. 178
Meiss H. E. LaCrosse, RFD [LaPorte County] 2-G. 178
Meister Julius Wheeler G. 178
Meister Martin Hobart 2-N.F.P.S. 178
Melcher Albert Highland 5-N.2-P. 178
Melcher Geo. W. Crown Point G. 178
Melcher John Griffith F.G. 178
Melcher Melvin Highland 5-N.2-P. 178
Melcher Mr. Nelson Highland P. 178
Melcher Mr. Noddy Highland P. 178
Melcher Vhodard [?] Hammond P. 178
Melcher Woodard Highland 7-G. 178
Melin Andrew Hobart 4-G. 178
Melin Arthur Hobart G. 178
Melin Deering Hobart 3-G. 178
Mellon Joe E. Hobart 4-G. 178
Mellon Mrs. John Hobart 2-F. 178
Mellon Mrs. Margaret Hobart F. 179
Menne Jno. Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 179
Mensching Henry Crown Point 2-G.F. 179
Mensching Mrs. Wm. Crown Point G. 179
Menthey Miss Ida Valparaiso, 605 North Washington G. 179
Meredith Mrs. Hobart G. 179
Meridith A. L. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 179
Merland Harrie Valparaiso, RFD G. 179
Merltz Fred Porter N.F. 179
Merrifield E. S. Colorado P.N. 179
Merrifield R. C. Colorado P.N. 179
Merrill Chas. Hobart N. 179
Merrill G. W. Valparaiso, RR3 G. 179
Merrill Harry Valparaiso, 403 Chicago Street G. 179
Merrill Walter Crown Point 3-G. 179
Merrinan A. F. Boone Grove G. 179
Merrinan Elias Valparaiso, Indiana Avenue 2-G. 179
Merrinan Hale Boone Grove 2-F.3-G. 179
Merritt Wm. J. Crown Point G. 179
Merritt Wm. J. Crown Point G. 179
Merton Mrs. L. M. Valparaiso, 405 Chicago Street G. 179
Mesher Chas. Hobart, RFD P. 179
Messenger S. A. Hessville G. 179
Messer Chas. Chesterton, RFD F. 179
Messick C. H. Hobart F. 179
Messick H. S. Hobart F. 179
Metcalf Edgar Lowell P. 179
Metcalfe Frank Jr. Momence, Illinois F. 179
Metherd Fred Kouts G. 179
Metherd John Kouts G. 179
Metherd Nelson Kouts G. 179
Metzler Frk. Crown Point 4-G. 179
Meyers A, J, Crown Point 2-G. 180
Meyers Bertya Crete, Illinois S. 180
Meyers Chas. Lowell G. 180
Meyers Edward Lowell S. 180
Meyers F. F. Dyer S. 180
Meyers Geo. Gary 2-N 180
Meyers Geo. Hebron G. 179
Meyers H. W. Dyer, RR 2-F.G. 180
Meyers Harry Crown Point 5-G. 180
Meyers Harry Wheeler G. 179
Meyers Henry F. Crown Point 4-G. 180
Meyers Henry J. Crown Point 4-G. 180
Meyers Howard Crown Point 2-G. 180
Meyers J. B. Crown Point 3-G. 180
Meyers Louis Highland G. 180
Meyers Louis E. Valparaiso, 403 Michigan Avenue G. 179
Meyers Margaret Crown Point G. 180
Meyers Mary Crown Point G. 180
Meyers Miss Anna Valparaiso, 503 Institute N. 179
Meyers Miss Bessie Valparaiso, 255 Morgan Street F. 179
Meyers Miss H. M. Valparaiso, 358 College Avenue N. 179
Meyers Mrs. Fred Valparaiso, 852 Cyrus Street N. 179
Meyers Mrs. J. C. Crown Point G. 180
Meyers Mrs. Stephen Crown Point G. 180
Meyers Nick Otis [LaPorte County] F. 179
Meyers Otto Hobart G. 180
Meyers Otto New Chicago G. 180
Meyers R. L. Miller G. 180
Meyers W. M. Valparaiso, 255 Morgan Street F. 179
Meyers Warren Crown Point 4-G. 180
Meyers Wm. Crown Point G. 180
Meyers Wm. Tefft [Jasper County] S. 179
Michaels Chas. Chesterton F. 180
Michaels Fred Chesterton F.G. 180
Michaels Herman Jr. Chesterton 2-F. 180
Michaels Herman Sr. Chesterton G.F. 180
Michaels Joe Chesterton F. 180
Michaels W. Porter 2-G.F. 180
Middaugh Bert Chesterton F. 180
Miklik Ignatz Dyer G. 180
Mikuta Ed. Crown Point G. 180
Mikuta Frank Crown Point, RR 5-G. 180
Mikuta John Crown Point G. 180
Milbranth Gust Wanatah [LaPorte County] 2-G. 180
Millard Wm. Valparaiso, 251 Garfield G. 180
Miller A. J. Valparaiso G. 181
Miller Albert Lowell 2-G. 181
Miller Art Crisman G. 182
Miller Arthur Chesterton, RFD #3 N. 182
Miller Aug. Dyer G. 181
Miller Aug. Schererville G. 181
Miller Aug. Valparaiso, Franklin Street P.N. 181
Miller Carl Gary G.N. 181
Miller Carpenter Crown Point F. 182
Miller Chas. Crown Point 2-G. 182
Miller Chas. Crown Point 2-G. 182
Miller Chas. Valparaiso P. 180
Miller Christ Chesterton, RFD 1 F.G. 182
Miller Clara Valparaiso, Michigan Avenue G. 181
Miller E. S. Valparaiso G. 181
Miller Earl Lowell 2-S. 180
Miller Ed. Valparaiso, 555 Greenwich 2-G. 181
Miller Fred C. Tefft [Jasper County] 2-F.G. 181
Miller Freda Valparaiso G.S. 181
Miller G. T. Valparaiso, Jefferson Street F. 181
Miller G. W. Valparaiso, 405 Lafayette S. 181
Miller Geo. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-G. 180
Miller Geo. Lowell 2-G. 182
Miller Geo. Valparaiso, 405 North Lafayette 2-G.S. 181
Miller H. B. Valparaiso, 508 Jefferson F.G. 181
Miller H. H. Valparaiso, 552 Greenwich 2-F.S. 181
Miller H. W. Valparaiso S. 181
Miller Harmon Schneider G. 182
Miller I. Hebron G. 181
Miller Jake Kouts F. 182
Miller Jerry W. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F.P.G. 180
Miller Joe Lowell F.P. 182
Miller John Ainsworth F.G. 181
Miller John Griffith G. 182
Miller John Hobart, RFD F.G. 182
Miller John Lowell 2-G. 180
Miller John Miller G. 181
Miller John Valparaiso, 506 Lafayette 2-N. 181
Miller John Jr. St. Johns 2-G. 182
Miller John P. Crown Point 4-G. 182
Miller L. W. Sedley 3-G. 181
Miller Louis Kouts G. 182
Miller Mat Crown Point 2-G. 182
Miller Miss Elsie Valparaiso, 410 Franklin F. 181
Miller Miss Margaret Valparaiso F. 181
Miller Miss Matha Valparaiso G. 181
Miller Miss Melnotte Valparaiso N. 181
Miller Miss Pearl Valparaiso, 407 East Erie Street G. 181
Miller Miss Rose LaPorte [LaPorte County] G. 181
Miller Morris Crown Point 2-G. 182
Miller Mrs. Aug. Valparaiso S. 181
Miller Mrs. Deeta Hobart F. 182
Miller Mrs. Ira Valparaiso, 218 East Main G. 181
Miller Mrs. Phoebe Valparaiso G. 181
Miller Nels Chesterton, RFD 3-G.F. 181
Miller P. C. Valparaiso, RFD G. 181
Miller Paul North Dakota N. 181
Miller Peter Lowell S.G. 180
Miller Peter J. Crown Point 2-G.F.S.N. 182
Miller Raleigh Gary 2-S. 181
Miller Ralph Valparaiso, 18 Franklin Street F.S. 181
Miller Sam LaCrosse [LaPorte County] S.F.G. 180
Miller Spencer Hobart N. 181
Miller Sr. Crown Point 3-G. 182
Miller Thos. J. Valparaiso S. 181
Miller V. J. Valparaiso, 608 Jefferson G. 181
Miller W. A. Gary F. 181
Miller W. E. Unknown G. 182
Miller W. L. LaPorte [LaPorte County] G. 181
Miller Wm. H. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-S. 181
Miller Wm. Jr. Griffith 2-G. 182