Porter County Resident Credit Ratings, 1916Credit ratings of Porter County (and adjacent county) residents . . . .

Surnames Beginning with K

In 1916, P. M. Tuttle published a book titled Merchants Rating and Credit Association Local Credit Reports. This book provided the credit ratings of thousands of individuals residing in Porter County and Lake County. The book also published the credit ratings of some residents of adjacent counties conducting business in these two counties. No national credit rating service bureaus existed as this time, so area merchants would often form associations to inform one another of their patrons' credit worthiness. In a few instances, the merchants would publish credit reports to be used exclusively by association members. This book was published by the members of the Merchant Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Corrections and comments related to these credit ratings should be directed to the Porter County GenWeb Coordinator.

                Key to Credit Ratings
                Good (Prompt Pay)   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    G
                Fair (Honest But Slow)    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    F
                Speculative (Pays if Pressed)    .    .    .    .    .    S
                Poor Risk (Has Nothing)  .    .    .    .    .    .    .    P
                No Credit (Irresponsible)     .    .    .    .    .    .    N

Here are two examples of the use of the rating system: An individual with a credit rating of 3-G received "Good" ratings from three member merchants of the Credit Association. An individual with a credit rating of F.N. received ratings of "Fair" and "No Credit" from two member merchants of the Credit Association.

Surname Given Name Residence Credit Rating Source Page
Kabela Ben Crown Point 2-G.F. 139
Kaciazck And. Hobart S. 139
Kackle Henry Kouts, RFD G. 139
Kackle Will Kouts G. 139
Kaehny Karl A. Michigan City [LaPorte County] N. 139
Kaehny Mrs. M. Valparaiso, 711 Napoleon 2-S.F. 139
Kahler Joseph Dyer G. 139
Kain Clarence Crown Point 2-G.N. 139
Kain Fred Valparaiso G. 139
Kaina Andrew Hobart, RFD2 S. 139
Kaiser Anton Dyer 2-G. 139
Kaiser Aug. Crown Point, RR F. 139
Kaiser Chas. Crown Point 7-G.F. 139
Kaiser Fred Crown Point G. 139
Kaiser Fred Crown Point 2-G. 139
Kaiser Geo. Crown Point 2-G. 139
Kaiser Gust Hobart 2-G.2-F. 139
Kaiser Henry Dyer 2-F.G. 139
Kaiser John Crown Point, RR 3-F.4-G.N.F. 139
Kaiser Joseph Dyer G. 139
Kaiser Nick Crown Point 2-F.2-N.G. 139
Kaiser Peter Crown Point, RR 4-F.2-S. 139
Kalambi Joe Lowell G. 139
Kalma John Highland 2-P. 139
Kaluf Paul Griffith G. 139
Kalvelage Otto Dyer 2-G. 139
Kanouse A. Valparaiso S.N. 139
Kansfield Wm. Hessville G. 139
Kanure Geo. Crown Point N. 139
Karsten Charlie Hessville G. 139
KAske Fred Hammond F. 139
Kaske H. J. Hammond G. 139
Kastle Herry Crown Point N. 139
Kath Chas. Valparaiso N. 139
Kath Mrs. Chas. Valparaiso, 601 Chicago Street 2-N. 139
Katowsky Albert Chesterton F. 139
Kats L. Highland 2-F.P.G. 139
Katz Geo. Hammond, RFD G.F. 139
Katzbach J. P. Highland G. 139
Katzbach Jno Griffith G. 139
Katzbach Wm. Highland G. 139
Kay Thomas Jr. Porter, Michigan P. 139
Kayler Mr. Chesterton G. 140
Keck Fred Griffith 2-F. 140
Keehn B. L. Valparaiso, RR8 2-S.F. 140
Keehn Carroll Valparaiso, RR8 G. 140
Keehn Dr. J. D. Valparaiso, Chicago Street 2-S. 140
Keehn E. M. Valparaiso, 351 Chicago Street G. 140
Keehn Ed. S. Valparaiso, RR8 G.S. 140
Keehn Elmer Valparaiso F. 140
Keehn Harry Valparaiso, RFD G.S.F. 140
Keehn Miss Martha Valparaiso, RR8 2-S. 140
Keehn Miss Mary Valparaiso, RR8 2-S. 140
Keehn Tom Deep River S. 140
Keehn Tom Wheeler F. 140
Keel Thos. Westville [LaPorte County] G. 140
Keeler Geo. L. Valparaiso, Campbell 2-G. 140
Keeler Hazel Valparaiso, 6 Wayne Street G. 140
Keeler Lewis Griffith, RFD3 G. 140
Keeler Mrs. Wm. Crown Point F. 140
Keeler S. C. Valparaiso G. 140
Keeler W. Crown Point G. 140
Keene Braton Valparaiso S.F. 140
Keene T. R. Hobart, RFD 3-F. 140
Kegebein H. J. Hobart G. 140
Kegebin Chas. Hobart G. 140
Kegebin John Ainsworth G. 140
Kehilerl James Valparaiso, 5 Main Street G.N.F. 140
Kehilerl Miss Dora Valparaiso, RR G. 140
Kehilerl Miss Mary Valparaiso, Napoleon Street G. 140
Kehler Al. Chesterton F. 140
Kehler Leona Valparaiso G. 140
Keilman Chas. Dyer 2-F.4-G. 141
Keilman Ed. Hobart G. 140
Keilman F. L. Dyer G. 140
Keilman Geo. Dyer F. 140
Keilman H. L. Dyer G. 141
Keilman Herbert J. Dyer G. 140
Keilman Joe Dyer 2-G. 141
Keilman John Jr. Dyer F. 140
Keilman John P. Crown Point F. 141
Keilman John Sr. Dyer G. 140
Keilman L. Dyer G. 141
Keilman Mikel Dyer, RFD1 G. 141
Keilman Mrs. Anton Dyer F. 140
Keilman Mrs. Mary Crown Point 2-G. 141
Keilman Mrs. Mary Dyer G. 141
Keilman Mrs. Philip Dyer G. 140
Keiser Anton Crown Point, RR F.G. 141
Keiser Harvey Crown Point P. 141
Keiser John Hammond N. 141
Keitzman Chas. Hobart G. 141
Kellar C. W. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-G. 140
Kellar Lewis Hebron G. 140
Kellar Mrs. Emma LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 140
Kellar R. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 4-G. 140
Kelley D. E. Valparaiso, 354 Haas Street G.S.F. 141
Kelley Don Schneider G. 141
Kelley John Boone Grove 2-G. 141
Kelley Mikel Valparaiso N. 141
Kelley Mrs. Miller F. 141
Kelley P. J. Hobart G. 141
Kelley P. J. Hobart F. 141
Kelley W. T. Valparaiso F. 141
Kellog J. K. City N. 141
Kellogg Annadell Valparaiso, Garfield Avenue F. 141
Kellogg Carl Valparaiso, Garfield Avenue P. 141
Kellogg Ruth Valparaiso, Garfield Avenue G. 141
Kelly J. J. Crown Point 2-G.F. 141
Kelsey Guy Crown Point 2-S.3-P. 141
Kelsey Jim Lowell G. 141
Kemerly A. G. Hobart F.G. 141
Kemerly L. Hobart 2-G. 141
Kemp Chas. Porter G. 141
Kemp Henry Porter F. 141
Kemp Wm. Porter G. 141
Kemper Alfred Michigan City [LaPorte County] G. 141
Kenan J. G. Valparaiso G. 141
Kendell Robert Dyer F. 141
Kendrie F. E. Valparaiso G. 141
Kenefir M. Unknown N. 141
Kennedy Henry Crown Point G. 141
Kennedy John Crown Point, RR1 S. 141
Kenney Arthur Crown Point 2-G.N. 142
Kenninger H. Crown Point 3-N.S. 141
Kenninger Herman Crown Point N. 142
Kenny Bros.   Lowell G. 142
Kennyon C. E. Valparaiso P. 142
Kens H. Aetna G. 142
Kent Geo. Valparaiso G. 142
Kenward Dr. C. F. Hobart 2-G. 141
Kenward Dr. C. F. Hobart F. 142
Kenworthy Wm. Crown Point, RR G. 142
Kepkey Arnold Hebron, R3 4-G. 142
Kepkey Richard Hebron, R3 2-G.F. 142
Kerchenstein Darrll Lowell, RFD F.P. 142
Kern C. J. Valparaiso G. 142
Kern Mrs. C. J. Valparaiso, Lafayette Street F.G. 142
Kerns Ernest Lowell 2-S. 142
Kershofski Frank Hebron G. 142
Kesela Frank Hobart G. 142
Ketchell Mrs. Crown Point F. 142
Ketchmark Geo. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-G. 142
Ketner Arthur L. Hobart G. 142
Ketner Walter Hobart G. 142
Kettering Cy. Crown Point 2-G. 142
Keunech Henry Crown Point 3-G. 142
Keyes G. Valparaiso, 903 Locust F.G. 142
Kibbler John Hobart G. 142
Kidd Fred Gary N. 142
Kietzman Charles Hobart F. 142
Kietzman Walter Hobart F. 142
Kietzman Wm. Miffler [?] G. 142
Kight J. R. Thayer [Newton County] F. 142
Kikker Jake Highland G. 142
Kikkert Albert Lansing, Illinois G. 142
Kikkert Jacob Highland 3-G. 142
Kikkert Klaas Hammond G. 142
Kikkert Minnie Highland 2-F. 142
Kikkert N. J. J. Highland F. 142
Kikkert Nick Hammond F.G. 142
Kikkert Nick Jr. Griffith F.P. 142
Kikkert Nick Sr. Highland G. 142
Kikkert Peter Hammond G. 142
Kilborn Howard Crown Point S.F. 143
Kilborn Mrs. A. Crown Point 3-G. 142
Kilborn R. H. Crown Point 2-F.2-S.G. 142
Kilburn Verdie Valparaiso, 307 Michigan Avenue G. 143
Kilday Jas. Kouts 2-G. 143
Killigrew John Hobart G. 143
Killigrew Mrs. L. Hobart 2-G. 143
Killigrew Wm. Hobart 2-F.G. 143
Killigrew Bros. Co.   Hobart F. 143
Kiltzman Ben Hobart F. 142
Kimerer Joseph Paris, Texas S. 143
Kimerer Miss Mae Valparaiso F. 143
Kimmerly L. Hobart F. 143
Kimmet Charles Shelby G. 143
Kimmet Chas. Lowell G. 143
Kimmet John Lowell G. 143
Kindberg Frank Crown Point 5-G. 143
Kindberg Wm. Crown Point 4-G. 143
Kinder G. M. Valparaiso, 760 Main Street 2-G. 143
King Alice Valparaiso, 303 Lafayette S. 143
King C. G. Wanatah [LaPorte County] P. 143
King Clyde Lowell F. 143
King Earl Wanatah [LaPorte County] 2-N.F. 143
King Elizabeth Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 143
King Emma Lowell F. 143
King Geo. Crown Point 3-P.F. 143
King Hardy Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 143
King Ira Wanatah, Lincoln Street [LaPorte County] G. 143
King John Wanatah, RR1 [LaPorte County] G. 143
King Lena Valparaiso, 303 Lafayette S. 143
King Leslie Lowell F.P. 143
King Mrs. E. C. Valparaiso, 303 Lafayette P.S. 143
King Mrs. Wm. Valparaiso, 155 Lincoln Street G. 143
King Orsen Crown Point 3-N. 143
King Orsen Lowell N. 143
King Richard Hobart F. 143
King Schulyer Porter 2-F.G. 143
Kingsburg E. L. Valparaiso F.G. 143
Kinnel Chas. McCool F. 143
Kinnel Chris Crisman G. 143
Kinnel T. C. Crisman G. 143
Kinney Byron Valparaiso 3-G. 143
Kinqie John Hebron, RR F.S. 144
Kinsely Herman Beecher, Illinois F. 146
Kinsey O. P. Valparaiso 2-G. 143
Kintz   Porter G. 143
Kinwother Mrs. Ada Hobart G. 144
Kinzia John Hebron G. 143
Kirby Henry Lowell, RFD F. 144
Kirchensten Geo. Lowell G. 144
Kirchman Chas. H. Crown Point 4-G.F.S. 144
Kirkpatrick Chas. Valparaiso, Jefferson Street G. 144
Kish Frank Griffith G. 144
Kitchen A. M. Valparaiso 2-F. 144
Kitchen Frank Valparaiso P. 144
Kitchen Miss Laura Valparaiso, Union Street G. 144
Kitchen Roy Valparaiso F. 144
Kittering Geo. Hebron, RFD2 G. 144
Kitzman Chas. Hobart G. 144
Kitzman W. Miller G. 144
Kjellman Carl Miller P.N. 144
Kjnowski Thos. Otis [LaPorte County] F. 144
Klabbisk Joe Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 144
Klahm John Crown Point, RFD3 F. 144
Klahn Fred Crown Point F. 144
Klassen Eve Crown Point, RFD G. 144
Klassen Joseph Schererville G. 144
Klausen Chas. Hobart 2-G. 144
Klausen Henry Hobart G. 144
Kleiman John Jr. Griffith G. 144
Kleimas Mrs. L. Griffith P. 144
Klein Albert Dyer G. 145
Klein Bernard Griffith F. 144
Klein C. F. Valparaiso, 817 Main Street G. 145
Klein Frank Valparaiso N. 144
Klein Grace Valparaiso, 1008 Linwood S. 144
Klein John Merrillville F.G. 145
Klein Peter Dyer 3-F. 145
Kleine Chas. Otis [LaPorte County] F. 145
Kleine Chas. Unknown N. 145
Kleine Frank Burnswick [?] G. 145
Kleinfelder Stub. Crown Point G. 145
Kleinman John Sr. Griffith F. 145
Klemm A. Crown Point 2-G. 144
Klemm G. A. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 144
Klemm K. C. Crown Point G. 144
Klemm Leo Crown Point F. 145
Klemm Louis Crown Point 3-G. 144
Klemmie Fred Crete, Illinois, RFD1 S. 145
Klennin Emil Crown Point, RR 3-G. 144
Klennin Gust LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 144
Klennin T. W. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-G. 144
Klennin Wm. Kouts G. 144
Klenz Carl Kouts G. 144
Klenz Fred Jr. Kouts 2-G. 144
Klenz Fred Sr. Kouts 2-G.F. 144
Klenz Henry Kouts 2-G. 144
Klenz Herman Kouts 2-G. 144
Klenz Wm. Kouts 2-G. 144
Klewetter Adolph LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 145
Klewetter Joe LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F.G. 145
Klewetter Jue LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 4-G. 145
Klewetter Robt. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 145
Klewetter Rudolph LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F.G. 145
Klinkman Wm. Chesterton 3-G. 145
Klist Ed. Valparaiso 2-G. 145
Klist Edward H. Valparaiso F.G. 145
Klist Ewald Valparaiso 2-G. 145
Klist Geo. Valparaiso, RFD6 G. 145
Klist John Jr. Valparaiso G. 145
Klist Wm. Valparaiso P. 145
Klooster Fred Hammond, RFD 3-G. 145
Klose Ben Kouts G. 145
Klose Chas. Kouts G. 145
Klose Dave Kouts G. 145
Klugg Will Lowell G. 145
Knack Fred Otis [LaPorte County] G. 145
Knack John Otis [LaPorte County] G. 145
Knapp A. J. East Gary S. 145
Knapp A. J. Miller 2-S. 145
Knapp Elmer LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 145
Knapp Floyd LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-F. 145
Knapp L. M. Valparaiso, RR8 2-F.G. 145
Knapp Myrton Valparaiso G. 145
Knapp   Hessville F. 145
Kneifel Wm. Kouts 3-G. 146
Knesek Ed. Crown Point 3-G. 146
Knickerbocker Rex Lowell S. 145
Kniff Chas. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 146
Knight A. C. Hobart G. 145
Knight A. S. Hobart 2-G. 145
Knight Ed. Crown Point F.3-G. 145
Knight Frank Crown Point 2-S.G.F. 146
Knight Miss Kate Crown Point G. 145
Kniper Anna Hammond N. 146
Kniper H. Highland G. 146
Knipers E. Hammond 2-P. 146
Knoblock Albert Valparaiso G. 146
Knoblock Aug. Valparaiso G. 146
Knoblock Emel Hobart G. 146
Knoblock Emil Deep River S. 146
Knoblock Richard Valparaiso G. 146
Knoll Adolph Kouts G. 146
Knoll G. G. Kouts 2-G.S. 146
Knoll W. L. Kouts G. 146
Knooll E. J. Kouts G. 146
Knope G. H. Crown Point F. 146
Knope John LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 146
Knoph Ed. Crown Point G. 146
Knoph Otto Lowell G. 146
Knopinski Stanes Kouts 2-G. 146
Knopp Anton Crown Point 2-G.F. 146
Knopp Geo. Jr. Crown Point G. 146
Knopp Geo. Sr. Crown Point 6-G. 146
Knopp John Crown Point 2-G. 146
Knopp Otto Crown Point 2-G.F. 146
Knopp Wm. Crown Point, RR 3-G.F. 146
Knoth A. T. Gary N. 146
Knoth Dr. Harry Plymouth G. 146
Knoth Miss Marie Valparaiso G. 146
Knowles Chas. Crown Point S.F. 146
Knowlton Loyd Indianapolis N. 146
Knox J. Hobart G. 146
Kobelin F. Crown Point 4-G. 146
Kock Ed. Crown Point, RFD3 F. 146
Kock Edward Crown Point 2-G. 146
Kock Fred Hobart F. 146
Kock Wm. Crown Point, RFD3 F. 146
Kock   Hobart P. 146
Koedyker Cornelius Griffith 2-G. 146
Koedyker F. Griffith 2-G. 147
Koedyker John Griffith 2-G. 146
Koedyker Mrs. G. Griffith G. 147
Koedyker N. G. Griffith 2-G. 147
Koedyker N. S. Griffith 2-F. 147
Koedyker Sam. Griffith G. 147
Koedyker Simon Griffith G. 147
Koehle Wm. St. John G. 147
Koehler Ed. Hebron 2-S.2-N. 147
Koehler Kathay Kouts G. 147
Koehler Mrs. Hobart S. 147
Koehler Mrs. Kouts F. 147
Koeing Rev. Crown Point, RFD3 G. 147
Koekler Wm. Hobart F. 147
Koerner Geo. Valparaiso P. 147
Kohler A. M. Hobart, RFD1 F. 147
Kohorskie St. Otis [LaPorte County] G. 147
Kolazak Joe Hobart, RFD2 S. 147
Kolazak John Hobart, RFD2 S. 147
Koles Chas. F. Crown Point G. 147
Kolling Adam Crown Point G. 147
Kolliny Peter Crown Point 2-G. 147
Kolliny Peter Jr. Crown Point 2-G. 147
Kolosinskie John Otis [LaPorte County] 2-F. 147
Komarowski David Hobart, RFD2 S. 147
Koncki John Chesterton G. 147
Konrenty John Hobart G. 147
Koog Jake Hammond F. 147
Koog Nick Hammond F. 147
Koog P. B. Hammond F. 147
Koog P. J. Highland 2-S. 147
Koontz Frank Lowell N. 147
Koontz Geo. Kouts G. 147
Koontz Mrs. Geo. Kouts G.F. 147
Kopec Stanley Hobart S. 147
Kopelke Johnanes Crown Point G. 147
Kopelke Miss Crown Point G. 147
Koplin Geo. Lowell G. 147
Koppen A. W. Valparaiso G. 147
Koppen Chris Wheeler F. 147
Korba Otto Hobart F. 147
Kordick W. Dyer F.G. 147
Koreshoerer Bros.   Hammond G. 148
Kornelius John Hobart G. 147
Kors A. Crown Point 2-G.F. 148
Kors Henry Crown Point N. 148
Kors Mrs. J. Crown Point F. 148
Kortonhoener C. P. Hammond, RFD1 G. 148
Kortonhoener John Highland 4-G. 148
Kortonhoener Nick Hammond, RFD1 2-G. 148
Kortonhoener Peter Hammond, RFD1 G. 148
Kortowskie A. Chesterton G. 148
Kortowskie Frank Jr. Porter 2-N. 148
Kortowskie Frank Sr. Chesterton F.N. 148
Kortowskie Wm. Sr. Chesterton, RFD1 2-G.N. 148
Kosanke E. R. Kouts G. 148
Kosanke Gust Kouts 3-G. 148
Kosanke H. A. Kouts 2-G.F. 148
Kosanke H. T. Kouts G.S. 148
Kosanke Herman Kouts 2-G. 148
Kosanke Wm. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 148
Koschnick Aug. Crown Point F. 148
Koschnick Ernest Crown Point F.G. 148
Koschnick Mrs. Crown Point 3-G. 148
Koselke Aug. Valparaiso G. 148
Koselke Mike Valparaiso, RR6 G. 148
Koselke Miss Elsie Valparaiso, 53 Bush Street G. 148
Kosenke Mrs. Henry Kouts G. 148
Kosk Frank Hobart G. 148
Kossow Herman Hobart F. 148
Kostbade Eddie Hobart P. 148
Kostbade Louis Hobart, RFD 2-G. 148
Kostbade Wm. Hobart 2-G.P. 148
Koster L. Valparaiso, 706 Lytle Street G. 148
Kouns Mrs. Laura Valparaiso, 3 Jefferson Street G.S. 148
Koupal Jacob Crown Point G. 148
Kouts H. J. Kouts F. 148
Kraay John Munster 3-G. 148
Kraay John J. Hammond G. 148
Kraay Oliver Hammond G. 148
Kraay Oliver Munster 2.G. 148
Kraay Richard Griffith 3-G. 148
Kraay Wm. Hammond G. 148
Kraay Wm. Munster 3-G. 148
Kraft Dan Hobart 4-G.S. 149
Kraft Fred Hobart 2-G. 149
Kraft Lawrence Valparaiso 2-G. 149
Kraft Theo. Chesterton G. 148
Kramer A. Miller G. 149
Kramer Bertha Crown Point G. 149
Kramer C. J. Crown Point 2-G. 149
Kramer Christ Hobart G.F. 149
Kramer Conrad Hobart G. 149
Kramer Geo. Crown Point G.F. 149
Kramer Geo. Hobart G. 149
Kramer Jake Hobart 2-G. 149
Kramer Jake Hobart 2-G. 149
Kramer John P. Crown Point 2-G. 149
Kramer Joseph Valparaiso G. 149
Kramer Julia Crown Point G. 149
Kramer Mrs. J. M. Crown Point 2-G. 149
Kramer Otto Miller G. 149
Kramer Ralph Crown Point G. 149
Kraus Albert Hobart F. 149
Kraus Ernest Crown Point G. 149
Kraus Joe Munster F.G.P. 149
Kraus L. H. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 149
Kraus Louis LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 149
Kraus Otto LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 149
Kraus Otto Lowell, RR G. 149
Kraus Will LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 149
Kraus Wm. Toledo, Ohio 2-G. 149
Krautwald C. Crown Point, RR G. 149
Krautwald E. R. Crown Point, RR G. 149
Krauz Albert Hobart F. 149
Kreaton Frank Crown Point G. 150
Krebbs Michael East Gary G. 149
Krebs Anothy Hobart F. 149
Krechoch Steve Chesterton G. 149
Kreft A. F. Hobart, RFD2 S. 149
Kreft Geo. Hobart, RFD2 S. 149
Krege Frank LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 149
Krege John Kouts N.S. 149
Krege John Jr. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-G.F. 149
Kreguland Martin Lowell G. 149
Kreiger Albert LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 150
Kreiger Art. Chesterton P.G. 150
Kreiger Chas. F. Valparaiso 2-G.N. 150
Kreiger Clarence Valparaiso, 803 Napoleon Street F.S. 149
Kreiger Esther Valparaiso P.N. 150
Kreiger Fred Chesterton G. 150
Kreiger Herman Valparaiso, Washington Street 2-G. 150
Kreiger John Hobart G. 150
Kreiss Miss Lucelle Valparaiso G. 150
Kreiter Andrew Highland 2-G. 150
Kreiter Frank Crown Point, RR 2-G. 150
Kreiter Frank Highland G. 150
Kreiter Fred Crown Point F. 150
Kreiter Fred Highland, RFD3 2-G. 150
Kreiter Joe Crown Point S. 150
Krell John Crown Point F. 150
Krell Mathew Crown Point G. 150
Kresel H. A. Valparaiso G. 150
Kretchman Mr. Crown Point G. 149
Kretchmar Bros.   Crown Point G. 150
Kretz John Crown Point F. 150
Kretz Val Hanover Center 2-S. 150
Kreunop Wm. Crown Point G. 150
Krieg John Kouts N.S. 149
Krier Nick Wilder, RR P. 150
Kriesel Wm. Otis [LaPorte County] G. 150
Krieter Andrew Crown Point 2-F. 150
Krieter Fred Crown Point, RR 4-G. 150
Krieter Joseph Crown Point 2-F. 150
Krieter William Crown Point, RR 2-G.F. 150
Krinbell Mrs. Frank Crown Point 2-F.G. 150
Krinbell Wm. Crown Point 2-G. 150
Kring John Kouts G. 150
Kring Miss LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 150
Kring Murry Kouts G. 150
Krister Andrew Crown Point, RFD3 G. 150
Kristerna Fred C. Crown Point, RFD3 G. 150
Kristidck Stanley Hobart, RFD #2 S. 150
Kroetz Frank Valparaiso, 407 East Jefferson Street G. 150
Krohn Chas. Crown Point G. 150
Krohn Geo. Crown Point F. 150
Kroledge Emma Hobart, RFD N.F. 150
Krooswyk Andrew Hammond G. 151
Krooswyk Andrew Munster G. 151
Krooswyk Ed. Highland 2-G. 151
Krooswyk Ganot Highland G. 151
Krooswyk Garret Highland F. 151
Krooswyk Gerrit Griffith, RFD G. 150
Krooswyk Jacob Highland 2-G. 150
Krooswyk Walter Griffith G. 151
Krooswyk Walter Hammond G. 151
Krooswyk Wm. Griffith G. 151
Krooswyk Wm. Hammond G. 151
Krost Dr. Edward Crown Point 3-G.F. 151
Krost Mrs. Mary Crown Point 2-G. 151
Krotiewn Mike Miller N. 151
Krueger Julius Crown Point 2-G. 151
Krugel Joe Griffith G. 151
Kruger A. J. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 151
Kruger C. T. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 151
Kruger Edward Otis [LaPorte County] G. 151
Kruger Emil LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 2-G. 151
Kruger Fred Crown Point G. 151
Kruger G. A. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 4-G. 151
Krull August Valparaiso G. 151
Krull Eli J. Kouts 2-G. 151
Krull Herman Crown Point 2-F.G. 151
Krull Herman Leroy 2-F. 151
Krull Lewie Valparaiso G. 151
Krull Mrs. M. L. Wheeler F. 151
Krull Otto Crown Point 4-G.2-F. 151
Krull Otto Palmer G. 151
Krump Mrs. John Crown Point F. 151
Krung Richard Griffith, RFD G. 151
Kruse H. C. Porter G.F. 151
Kruse Mrs. Peter Valparaiso, Lafayette Street G. 151
Kruse Peter Valparaiso, Lafayette Street 2-G. 151
Kruse Wm. Hobart G. 151
Kubal Ben Crown Point 3-G. 151
Kubal J. V. Crown Point G. 151
Kubel James Crown Point 2-G.S. 151
Kubicka James Schererville G. 151
Kubish Jos. Crown Point, RR F. 151
Kucaba Fred Hobart F.G. 151
Kucaba Mrs. Mary Hobart G. 151
Kucaba Vrt. Hobart F. 151
Kuehl Adolph. Crown Point 2-G. 152
Kuehl Antone Valparaiso G. 152
Kuehl Aug. Valparaiso G. 152
Kuehl Ben F. Valparaiso, RR3 Box 93 3-F. 152
Kuehl Ben H. Valparaiso, RFD G.F. 152
Kuehl Emil H. Valparaiso, RR1 F. 152
Kuehl Ernest Crown Point 2-G. 152
Kuehl Henry Crown Point G. 152
Kuehl Henry Crown Point, RFD6 2-G.F. 151
Kuehl Henry Hobart G. 152
Kuehl Miss Ida Valparaiso, 353 South Franklin G. 152
Kuehl Miss Margaret Valparaiso, 603 Academy G. 152
Kuehl Mrs. John Valparaiso, RR3 G. 152
Kuehl Mrs. Lena Valparaiso, RFD G. 152
Kuehl W. J. Valparaiso, 502 Garfield 2-G. 152
Kuhl Ernest Crown Point, RFD3 F. 152
Kuhlman Joe Hammond G. 152
Kuhrts Homas Chesterton 2-P. 152
Kuhull Fred Miller G. 152
Kulaga Hubert Hobart P.G. 152
Kulaga Joe Hobart F. 152