Porter County Resident Credit Ratings, 1916Credit ratings of Porter County (and adjacent county) residents . . . .

Surnames Beginning with H

In 1916, P. M. Tuttle published a book titled Merchants Rating and Credit Association Local Credit Reports. This book provided the credit ratings of thousands of individuals residing in Porter County and Lake County. The book also published the credit ratings of some residents of adjacent counties conducting business in these two counties. No national credit rating service bureaus existed as this time, so area merchants would often form associations to inform one another of their patrons' credit worthiness. In a few instances, the merchants would publish credit reports to be used exclusively by association members. This book was published by the members of the Merchant Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Corrections and comments related to these credit ratings should be directed to the Porter County GenWeb Coordinator.

                Key to Credit Ratings
                Good (Prompt Pay)   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    G
                Fair (Honest But Slow)    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    F
                Speculative (Pays if Pressed)    .    .    .    .    .    S
                Poor Risk (Has Nothing)  .    .    .    .    .    .    .    P
                No Credit (Irresponsible)     .    .    .    .    .    .    N

Here are two examples of the use of the rating system: An individual with a credit rating of 3-G received "Good" ratings from three member merchants of the Credit Association. An individual with a credit rating of F.N. received ratings of "Fair" and "No Credit" from two member merchants of the Credit Association.

Surname Given Name Residence Credit Rating Source Page
Haage Mrs. W. Crown Point G.G. 105
Haase Fred Schneider G. 105
Haase John Lowell S. 105
Haberkorn Wm. Valparaiso G.F. 105
Haberman L. H. East Gary F. 105
Haberzeth Jos. Crown Point G. 105
Hack Frank Crown Point F.F.G. 105
Hack Fred Otis [LaPorte County] G. 105
Hack J. M. Crown Point 3-G. 105
Hack J. P. Crown Point S. 105
Hack Joe. Crown Point S.N.N. 105
Hack John Lowell S.N. 105
Hack Will. Lowell S.N. 105
Hackett Ross Valparaiso, 407 East Jefferson F. 105
Hackett W. C. Otis [LaPorte County] G. 105
Haddenfeldt Chas. Chesterton F. 105
Hadders August Lowell G. 105
Haehler A. R. Chesterton G. 105
Hagadorn Fred Crown Point F.3-G. 105
Hagan Herman Jr. Valparaiso F. 105
Hagan Otto Valparaiso G. 105
Hagarm E. H. Wheeler F. 105
Hagarm H. Valparaiso F. 105
Hagburg Carl Crown Point G. 105
Hagen Herman Jr. Valparaiso G. 105
Hagen O. H. Wheeler G. 105
Hagen Otto Valparaiso F. 105
Hagen Otto H. Hobart F.G.P.N. 105
Hagen W. A. Valparaiso, 255 South Washington G. 105
Hagenbucher T. A. Hobart G. 105
Hagerty Albert Valparaiso F. 105
Hagerty John Hobart G. 105
Hahn Fred Dyer N.F. 105
Hahn Wm. Crown Point G.G. 105
Haines Miss Ida Valparaiso, 253 College G. 105
Haines Mrs. E. L. Valparaiso, Lincoln Flats G. 105
Haitr M. Hobart, RFD #5 G. 105
Halberg Chas. Hebron G. 105
Halbert Chas. Hobart G. 105
Halbert Jake Hobart G. 105
Hale Orville Crown Point 3-G. 105
Haley C. O. Valparaiso, 408 East Main Street G. 105
Halfman Frank Crown Point F.3-G. 106
Halfman George Hobart, RFD G. 106
Halfman Henry Crown Point G. 106
Halfman Joe. Crown Point F.G.G. 106
Halfman John Crown Point G. 106
Halfman Wm. Crown Point F.S. 106
Halfman Wm. Hobart P.N.N.S.S. 106
Halgren Miss Alice Porter G. 106
Halgren Wm. Porter G. 106
Hall C. W. Valparaiso, Northern RR Company N.F. 106
Hall Chas. W. Valparaiso, 803 Lafayette 4-G. 106
Hall Ed. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 106
Hall Ella Shelby G. 106
Hall Geo. Crown Point F.G. 106
Hall George Valparaiso, 609 Napoleon G. 106
Hall George Valparaiso, Franklin Street G. 106
Hall John Crown Point 7-N. 106
Hall John R. Valparaiso, 401 Elm Street G.F.S. 106
Hall Millard Shelby G. 106
Hall Mrs. John Valparaiso, 610 Valparaiso G. 106
Hall Rhoda Valparaiso, 813 East Union G. 106
Hall Robert Valparaiso G. 106
Hall Thos. Crown Point 4-G. 106
Hall W. A. Crown Point F.G.S. 106
Hallberg Amanda Porter G. 106
Hallberg Chas. Hebron, RFD #3 G.G. 106
Hallberg Mrs. Wm. Porter G.F. 106
Hallberg Peter Valparaiso, RFD #7 G. 106
Hallberg R. Valparaiso F. 106
Haller Jake Hobart G.F. 106
Hallet E. Valparaiso G. 106
Hallingsworth Glenn Hebron G. 106
Hallingsworth Mark Hebron S. 106
Hallman Henry Crown Point, RR #1 G. 106
Halstead Gumm Hobart G. 106
Halstead Hozard Hobart G. 106
Halstead Wm. Hobart G. 106
Halsted Ross. Hobart G.G. 107
Hamacher Charles Valparaiso G. 107
Hamacher Mrs. Ada Valparaiso G. 107
Hamann Ben Valparaiso F. 107
Hamann Chas. Valparaiso F.G. 107
Hamann Fred Hobart 3-G.F. 107
Hamann Henry Valparaiso F. 107
Hamann John Kouts F. 107
Hamann John Valparaiso, RR #7 G. 107
Hamann Wm. Valparaiso, RR #4 F.G.G. 107
Hamar Chas. Valparaiso G. 107
Hamar Henry Valparaiso G. 107
Hamar Wm. Wheeler G. 107
Hamell D. Valparaiso N. 107
Hamell Miss N. Valparaiso, 260 Pearl Street G. 107
Hamilton James Chesterton G.G. 107
Hamilton Mrs. Lorena Valparaiso, 706 Indiana Avenue G. 107
Hamilton R. M. Valparaiso, 304 Greenwich G. 107
Hammersley Mrs. W. Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 107
Hammill Miss Narcissa Valparaiso, 260 Pearl Street S.F. 107
Hammill Mrs. Dallas Valparaiso N. 107
Hammond Frank East Gary P. 107
Hamon A. H. Miller F. 107
Hamstrom Chas. Chesterton G.F.F. 107
Hamstrom Chas. Hobart F. 107
Hancock Herman LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-F. 107
Hancock John Hobart G.G. 107
Handley Geo. Crown Point S.N.P.F. 107
Handley J. W. Kouts N.G. 107
Handley Wm. L. Crown Point 3-G. 107
Hanes F. B. Chesterton, RFD F. 107
Hankins Mrs. Al. Crown Point G.G. 107
Hanley O. O. Valparaiso, 705 Franklin 4-G. 107
Hannabohn Sam Crown Point F. 107
Hannah Thomas Jr. Hobart G.G.F.F. 107
Hannah Thomas Sr. Hobart G.F.F. 107
Hanneman Mrs. Emil Chesterton G. 107
Hanner L. Valparaiso N. 107
Hanniflin Chas. Hobart F. 107
Hannon James Kouts S. 108
Hannon James Valparaiso, RFD #1 F. 108
Hannon John Kouts S. 107
Hannon Lew Lowell G. 108
Hannon Miss Fannie Kouts F. 108
Hannon Richard Lowell F. 108
Hannon Thos. Kouts G. 108
Hannon Wm. Wilders [LaPorte County] G. 108
Hannopple Geo. Gibson G. 108
Hanrahan Arthur Valparaiso G. 108
Hansard C. J. Miller G. 108
Hansel Mr. P. Porter F. 108
Hansford Clarence Valparaiso G. 108
Hansman Ed. Goshen N. 108
Hanson A. Crown Point P.G.G. 108
Hanson Claus Grant Park, Illinois N. 108
Hanson Henry Crown Point 5-G. 108
Hanson Henry Grant Park, Illinois N. 108
Hanson Mrs. H. Miller N.G. 108
Hanson Mrs. Josephine Valparaiso, 353 South Morgan G. 108
Hanson O. S. Miller F. 108
Harbeck John H. Valparaiso G.G. 108
Harbeck John Jr. Valparaiso P.P.F.G.G. 108
Harbeck Mrs. Wm. Valparaiso G. 108
Harbeck Otto Valparaiso G. 108
Harbrecht John Chesterton G.G. 108
Harder Fred Hobart G. 108
Hardesty A. R. Valparaiso, 351 Locust G.G. 108
Hardesty Glenn J. Valparaiso, Valparaiso Street G. 108
Hardesty Harmon Deepriver S. 108
Hardesty Harmon Hobart G.F.F. 108
Hardesty J. G. Valparaiso G. 108
Hardesty John Deepriver S. 108
Hardesty John Sedley F. 108
Hardesty John Wheeler G. 109
Hardesty John H. Hobart P.P. 108
Hardesty S. Deepriver F. 109
Hardesty S. C. Hobart G. 108
Hardesty Sidney Valparaiso, 303 Monroe G. 108
Hardesty Wayne Valparaiso, RFD G. 108
Hardesty Wm. Deepriver N. 109
Hardesty Wm. Hobart P.N. 108
Harding Emil Lowell G.G. 109
Harding Geo. H. Kouts G. 109
Hardistry Scheyler Hobart G. 109
Hardon Edgar LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 108
Hardon Ezekiel LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 108
Hardon Henry LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 108
Harkema John Lansing [Illinois?] F. 109
Harkema Wm. Highland G. 109
Harmon A. L. Lowell G. 109
Harmon F. J. Wheeler G. 109
Harms Charles Hobart, 553 Factory Street N.F. 109
Harms Henry Hobart G. 109
Harms Henry Jr. Ainsworth G.F. 109
Harms Henry Sr. Ainsworth F. 109
Harms Herman Hobart F. 109
Harms John Ainsworth F.G. 109
Harms John Hobart G. 109
Harms John Valparaiso G. 109
Harms Miss Alma Valparaiso G. 109
Harnard Joseph Hobart F. 109
Harnes Chas. Valparaiso N. 109
Harnes J. Hobart F. 109
Harnes John Valparaiso, 544 South Campbell G. 109
Harness Charles Valparaiso P. 109
Harney Fred Hobart G. 109
Harper Charles LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-G. 109
Harper Robert Ainsworth G. 109
Harper Robert B. Crown Point G. 109
Harrigan Mrs. Mary Chesterton G. 109
Harriman C. E. Boone Grove G. 109
Harrington Archie Chesterton G. 109
Harrington Fred Valparaiso, Pioneer Flats G.G. 109
Harrington J. G. Porter G.G. 109
Harrington James Hobart G.G. 109
Harrington Mike Lowell P.N.N. 109
Harrington Mrs. Geo. Valparaiso, 708 Short Street S.P.N. 109
Harris E. L. Valparaiso, 202 Morgan Street G. 109
Harris Ed. Hobart F. 109
Harris J. G. Miller F. 110
Harris James Lowell F.G. 110
Harris Josephine Valparaiso G. 109
Harris Milton Lowell S.P. 110
Harris Mrs. Maude Valparaiso G. 109
Harris W. E. Valparaiso, 803 East Lincoln G.G. 109
Harrison Bob. Valparaiso G. 110
Harrison Jim. Valparaiso G. 110
Harrold Harry Valparaiso G. 110
Harrold Walter Valparaiso G.G. 110
Hart Delbert Hebron F. 110
Hart Geo. Crown Point G. 110
Hart M. E. Crown Point F.F.G. 110
Hart Melvin Hebron G. 110
Hartigan Wayne Schneider F.F.G. 110
Hartine Jno. Hobart G. 110
Hartine Miss Rose Valparaiso F. 110
Hartine Phil. Hobart G. 110
Hartlerode Mrs. L. W. Hobart S. 110
Hartly G. W. Chesterton P. 110
Hartman Frank Valparaiso G. 110
Hartman Frank Wheeler G. 110
Hartman Louis Dyer G.G. 110
Hartnup John Hobart F. 110
Hartoe Mrs. Highland G. 110
Harvey Clarence Schneider G. 110
Harvey J. E. Schneider P. 110
Harvile C. H. Chesterton, 303 Greenwich G. 110
Harwood Mrs. Jane Valparaiso G. 110
Hase C. B. Miller F. 110
Haseman Herman Beecher, Illinois S. 110
Haskell Ed. Lowell G. 110
Haskell Emory Lowell S. 110
Haskell Frank Shelby, R #1 G.G. 110
Haskell Perry Shelby G.G. 110
Haslett Chas. L. Chesterton G.G. 110
Hass Fred Valparaiso S. 110
Hass Wm. Porter G. 110
Hasse Emil Hobart S. 110
Hasson Charles LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.F.S. 110
Haste Geo. S. Valparaiso S.F.F.3-G. 110
Hathaway Frank Palmer G. 111
Hathaway Harry Lowell G.G. 110
Hathaway Harvey Leroy S.F.G.G. 111
Hathaway Henry Lowell 6-G. 110
Hathaway Malon Lowell G.G. 111
Hathaway Paul Lowell G. 110
Hathaway Rhoda Valparaiso S. 111
Hatsshacky K. Hobart F. 111
Hatten Geo. Wheeler G.G. 111
Hatton Merritt Lowell G. 111
Hauff Mrs. J. A. Valparaiso F.G. 111
Hauraham Art. Valparaiso G. 111
Hauraham Roy Valparaiso G. 111
Hausen Hans P. Miller G. 111
Hausen Roy Miller N. 111
Havens Mrs. Bert Valparaiso, East Erie Street G.G. 111
Havens Mrs. Laura Valparaiso, 507 Elm Street G. 111
Havens O. E. Valparaiso F. 111
Havis Bud. Munster, RFD G. 111
Hawbrook Liland Hebron G.G. 111
Hawbrook Maggie Hebron G. 111
Hawell James LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 111
Hawkinson Alfred Chesterton G. 111
Hawkinson Harry Cedar Lake F. 111
Hawkinson Peter Cedar Lake G.G. 111
Hawthorne Mrs. Sadie Valparaiso S. 111
Haxton Dan Hobart G. 111
Haxton George Hoabrt 3-G. 111
Haxton George Wheeler G.G. 111
Haxton M. Wheeler 3-G. 111
Haxton Marcene Hobart G. 111
Hayden Amezzo Lowell 3-G. 111
Hayden Arthur Lowell 3-G. 111
Hayden B. C. Lowell G.3-F. 112
Hayden B. D. Lowell F.G.G. 111
Hayden C. E. Crown Point 6-G. 112
Hayden Delbert Lowell F.P. 112
Hayden Earl Lowell 2.3-F. 112
Hayden Ervie Lowell, RFD F.P. 112
Hayden Frank Lowell N. 112
Hayden Fred Lowell F.4-G. 111
Hayden Geo. Crown Point F.S. 112
Hayden Grant Lowell G.F. 112
Hayden Harry Lowell F. 111
Hayden Hermie Lowell F.F.N.F. 112
Hayden Jesse Lowell 3-G. 112
Hayden Jodie Lowell G. 112
Hayden John Lowell F. 112
Hayden Le Roy Lowell F.4-G. 112
Hayden Lee Lowell F. 111
Hayden Merrit Lowell G.G. 111
Hayden Milton Lowell F. 111
Hayden Murry Lowell G.G. 111
Hayden Nelson Lowell N.3-P. 111
Hayden Orville Lowell G. 111
Hayden Sidney Crown Point, RR G.G. 112
Hayden Thomas Lowell F.G.G. 111
Hayden Thuel Lowell G.F. 111
Hayden Vern Lowell F. 111
Hayes Bert. Miller G. 112
Hayes G. Kouts G. 112
Hayes Harry Valparaiso G. 112
Hayes Lester Kouts F. 112
Hayes O. G. Kouts G. 112
Hayhurst Eldin Lowell G.G. 112
Hayhurst J. H. Lowell G. 112
Hayhurst Kitchell Lowell F. 112
Hayhurst Norman Kouts G.G. 112
Haymacher Geo. Dyer G. 112
Hayman Ben F. Crown Point 6-G. 112
Hayman Ben. Valparaiso G. 112
Hayman Chas. Valparaiso G. 112
Hayman Fred Wilders [LaPorte County] G. 112
Hayman Harry Wheeler F. 112
Hayman Henry Valparaiso G. 112
Hayman John Valparaiso G. 112
Hayman Wm. Wilders [LaPorte County] F. 112
Hayworth Miss Valparaiso F. 112
Hayworth Mrs. W. R. Valparaiso F. 112
Hayworth Raymond Valparaiso G.F. 112
Hazelgreen A. F. Hobart F. 112
Hazelgreen A. M. East Gary F. 112
Headley B. F. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 112
Headley Frank LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 112
Headstrom Chas. Miller G. 112
Heaney John Lowell G. 112
Heansey Ray Lowell G. 113
Heard Miss T. H. Valparaiso, 408 Michigan Street N. 113
Heck Chas. Crown Point 3-G. 113
Heck Chris. Hobart P.G.G. 113
Hecker Earl Schneider F.F. 113
Hecker Ed. Miller P. 113
Hedgett Andrew Porter G. 113
Hedstrom Chas. Chesterton, RFD #1 G. 113
Heffner Ehua LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 113
Heich Henry Crown Point, RFD #6 F. 113
Heich Jacob Crown Point F. 113
Heich Lena Crown Point G. 113
Heich Peter Crown Point F. 113
Heich Wm. Crown Point G. 113
Heick Miss Lena Crown Point F.G. 113
Heick Philip Crown Point, R #4 G. 113
Heick Wm. Crown Point F.G. 113
Heide Aug. F. Crown Point G.G. 113
Heide Fred Crown Point 4-G. 113
Heide Herman Crown Point S.4-G. 113
Heide W. F. Crown Point 4-G. 113
Heiden Chas. Westville [LaPorte County] N. 113
Heiden Lou. Chesterton P. 113
Heighwas Robt. Chesterton S. 113
Heighway Frank F. Crown Point 3-G. 113
Heilig Geo. Lowell G. 113
Heilman John Hobart S. 113
Heilman John. New Chicago G. 113
Heilsteadt E. H. Gary N. 113
Heim Clem Valparaiso, 254 West Indiana G. 113
Heimberg A. G. Kouts F. 113
Heimberg A. G. Wilders [LaPorte County] G.G. 113
Heimberg Albert Wilders [LaPorte County] G.G. 113
Heimberg F. and Son Wilders [LaPorte County] G. 113
Heimberg Fred Wilders [LaPorte County] G.G. 113
Heimberg H. F. Wilders [LaPorte County] G. 113
Heimberg Herman F. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] S. 113
Heimes E. H. Hobart N. 113
Heimsteadt Harry Crown Point N. 113
Hein Anton Cook [Cedar Lake?] G. 114
Hein F. Merrillville F. 114
Hein Jas. Crown Point F.P. 113
Hein John Crown Point S.N.P.3-F. 113
Hein Peter Crown Point F. 114
Hein Peter Hobart F. 114
Hein Sisters   Crown Point G. 114
Heinegar Andrew Kouts G.G. 114
Heineman A. F. Valparaiso 5-G. 114
Heineman E. T. Valparaiso 3-G. 114
Heineman Miss Emma Valparaiso, 501 Erie Street G. 114
Heineman and Sivers   Valparaiso G. 114
Heinke Minnie Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 114
Heinke Otto Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 114
Heinke Wm. Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 114
Heinmiller M. R. Valparaiso G.G. 114
Heinold Joe. Kouts G. 114
Heinrich Jas. Crown Point G. 114
Heinrichs Jas. Crown Point 6-G. 114
Heinstead O. H. Crown Point G. 114
Heintz Martin J. Crown Point F. 114
Heintz Pontius Gary S. 114
Heintz Wm. Crown Point 3-G. 114
Heintzelman Fred Dyer G. 114
Heiser Geo. Crown Point G.G.F.F.S. 114
Heiser Geo. Hammond G.G. 114
Heiser Mrs. Margaret Crown Point G. 114
Heisterly Fred Crown Point G.3-F. 114
Heisterly Henry Crown Point S.P.F.3-G. 114
Heitsman Asa Valparaiso S. 114
Heitsman D. Eldson, Illinois, 757 Axe Avenue F. 114
Heitsman Geo. Valparaiso, 558 Factory G. 114
Heitsman Roll. Valparaiso, 506 Oak Street S. 114
Hekner Wm. Ainsworth F. 114
Held Anton Dyer G. 114
Held Anton Lowell G. 114
Held Jacob Dyer G. 114
Helfen Mr. John Griffith G. 114
Helgren Wm. Porter F. 114
Hell C. E. Valparaiso F. 114
Helman M. Chesterton F. 114
Helmeca Geo. Boone Grove N. 115
Helmeca MRs. Harriet Valparaiso, Main Street G. 115
Helmeca   Valparaiso G.G. 115
Helmer D. Ainsworth G. 114
Helmer Wm. Dyer G. 115
Hembroff Mrs. F. M. C. Valparaiso, 704 Chicago G. 115
Hemmel Lewis Gibson P.N. 115
Hemstock Mrs. Mary Valparaiso, College Avenue G. 115
Henderling Art. Crown Point G.F. 115
Henderling Clement Valparaiso, 203 Weston 3-S. 115
Henderling Co. Crown Point G.G. 115
Henderling Frank Crown Point G.G. 115
Henderling Fred Schererville F.S.3-N. 115
Henderling Geo. Crown Point G.G. 115
Henderling Geo. Valparaiso, RR #4 G. 115
Henderling John Valparaiso, RR #5 G. 115
Henderling Louis C. Valparaiso, 203 Weston N. 115
Henderling Mike Crown Point F.4-G. 115
Henderson Bill LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 115
Henderson Cecil Hebron G. 115
Henderson Clarence Hebron G. 115
Henderson Jos. Hebron G. 115
Henderson Mose Hebron G. 115
Henderson Mrs. Chas. Hebron G.F. 115
Henderson Robert A. Hebron S. 115
Henderson S. H. Hobart G.G. 115
Henderson Thos. Hebron G.F. 115
Henderson Wm. Hobart F. 115
Henderson Wm. Kouts G. 115
Hendrickson S. Kouts F. 115
Hendrix Frank Lowell F. 115
Henion E. H. Boone Grove G. 115
Henndricks Chas. Crown Point F. 115
Henndricks F. M. Schneider P.P.S. 115
Hennel Mrs. Paul Valparaiso G. 115
Henning Albert Crown Point F.F.5-G. 115
Henning Albert Hobart G. 115
Henning Frank Wheeler G. 115
Henning Fred Wheeler G.G. 116
Henning Herman Chicago, Illinois G. 115
Henning Paul Crown Point F.G.G. 115
Henning Theo. Crown Point 3-G. 115
Henning Wm. Crown Point 5-G. 116
Henrichs Chas. Crown Point, RFD F. 116
Henry E. Otis [LaPorte County] G. 116
Henry E. H. Hobart F. 116
Henry James R. Valparaiso, Indiana Avenue G. 116
Henry W. J. Valparaiso 3-G. 116
Henry Wm. Valparaiso, RR #4 G. 116
Henry Brothers   LaPorte G. 116
Henson Clayton Lowell G. 116
Hensy J. W. Valparaiso G. 116
Hensy Wm. Valparaiso G. 116
Heorst Frank Wheeler F. 116
Heprion Mike Miller G. 116
Herlitz J. W. Crown Point 4-G. 116
Herlitz Louis Armour [Indiana?] 3-G. 116
Hermance Abe Valparaiso, RR 2 S.S.G. 116
Hermance Cronelius Valparaiso, RR 1 F. 116
Hermance Marvin Valparaiso, RR 2 G.G. 116
Herren Chas. Valparaiso S. 116
Herren Jake Valparaiso F.S. 116
Herrick C. M. Valparaiso S.3-F. 116
Herrick Dwight Waterlick, Michigan G. 116
Herrick Harry Valparaiso, 205 Jefferson 3-G. 116
Herrick Miss Mabel Valparaiso, 705 Washington Street G. 116
Herrick O. W. Valparaiso, Monroe Street G. 116
Herring Abe Kouts P.N. 116
Herring Clifford Valparaiso F. 117
Herring E. Boone Grove F. 117
Herring E. Chesterton G. 117
Herring Guy Kouts S.3-N. 116
Herring Hank Kouts F. 116
Herring Henry Kouts G. 116
Herring J. Valparaiso, RR #7 F. 117
Herring John Kouts F.F.G. 116
Herring Sandy Kouts G. 116
Herring Wm. Boone Grove F. 117
Herrington Denius Chesterton N. 117
Herrmann Albert Jr. Dyer N.G. 116
Herrmann Aloys Dyer N.N. 116
Herrmann Ben Dyer N.F. 116
Herrmann Bernard Dyer N. 116
Herrmann Fred Dyer S.N.F. 116
Herrmann Jacob Lowell F.G. 116
Herrmann Jos. Dyer G. 116
Herrmann Peter Dyer G. 116
Herron Chas. Valparaiso P.G. 117
Herron Emmett Valparaiso P.P.N.G. 117
Herron Fred Valparaiso P.N. 117
Herron Jacob Valparaiso, RFD #7 F.N. 117
Herron Ralph Valparaiso, R 7 F.P. 117
Herron Willard Valparaiso G.N.S. 117
Herron William Valparaiso, RFD #7 F.N. 117
Hershman Geo. Crown Point 3-G. 117
Hershman Jas. R. Kouts G. 117
Hershman Mrs. C. L. Valparaiso F.F.S. 117
Hertog Mrs. Kate Griffith, RFD G. 117
Hertz Wm. Kouts N. 117
Hertzel John Crown Point G.G. 117
Hess C. R. Valparaiso, 31 Lembke Hall G. 117
Hess Fred Valparaiso F.G. 117
Hess John Lowell G. 117
Hess Mr. Crown Point G. 117
Hesser John Valparaiso G. 117
Hessling Herman Shelby P. 117
Hessling Joe. Shelby P. 117
Hesterman Miss Chesterton G. 117
Hetzler Geo. Crown Point, RFD F. 117
Hetzler Mrs. Adam Cedar Lake G.G. 117
Heuches Clem. Crown Point G. 117
Heunicks Chas. Crown Point F. 117
Heweldt Fred Crown Point G.G. 117
Hiatt Albert Hebron S. 117
Hiatt Earl Hebron S. 117
Hiatt Geo. Hebron S. 117
Hiatt Sherman Hebron G. 117
Hibbs Mary Otis [LaPorte County] G. 117
Hickey Thomas Hobart G.F. 118
Hickner F. P. Valparaiso, 704 Lincoln G.G. 117
Hicks Chas. S. Valparaiso, 456 Chicago Street G.G. 117
Hicks Wm. Valparaiso P. 117
Hicks Wm. A. Valparaiso N. 117
Hidenburg R. Valparaiso F. 119
Hien Joe. Crown Point G. 114
Higey R. C. Valparaiso S. 118
Highland Walter Valparaiso N. 118
Highwood Nils Chesterton G. 118
Highwood Robert A. Chesterton G. 118
Higley L. S. Valparaiso G.S.S. 118
Hilbrich Ben Schererville G. 118
Hilbrich Frank Dyer G.G. 118
Hilbrich Mat. Dyer G. 118
Hilbrich Wm. Schererville F. 118
Hildebrandt Aug. Crown Point G.G. 118
Hildebrandt Harvey Lowell G. 118
Hildebrandt Otto Crown Point G. 118
Hildebrandt Wm. Crown Point G. 118
Hildebrandt Sisters   Crown Point G. 118
Hildreth Chas. Crown Point G. 118
Hildreth James Crown Point P. 118
Hildreth L. T. Boone Grove G. 118
Hildreth Wm. G. Valparaiso G.G. 118
Hilkert I. Otis [LaPorte County] G. 118
Hill A. A. Valparaiso G. 118
Hill Chas. Hobart N. 118
Hill Clint Crown Point G.G. 118
Hill E. Hobart G. 118
Hill E. C. Valparaiso G.S. 118
Hill F. B. Valparaiso, RR #3 S.F.N. 118
Hill James Crown Point, R #5 G. 118
Hill James Hobart G. 118
Hill James Hobart F.4-G. 118
Hill Luther Crown Point P.P.3-S. 118
Hill R. L. Crown Point P.S. 118
Hill Rev. C. E. Valparaiso, Franklin Street S.S.G.F.F. 118
Hill Wm. Crown Point G. 118
Hill Wm. Crown Point F.4-G. 118
Hill Wm. Crown Point, R #4 G. 118
Hillabold M. and Sons Kouts G. 118
Hillan P. Miller N.S. 118