Porter County Resident Credit Ratings, 1916Credit ratings of Porter County (and adjacent county) residents . . . .

Surnames Beginning with F

In 1916, P. M. Tuttle published a book titled Merchants Rating and Credit Association Local Credit Reports. This book provided the credit ratings of thousands of individuals residing in Porter County and Lake County. The book also published the credit ratings of some residents of adjacent counties conducting business in these two counties. No national credit rating service bureaus existed as this time, so area merchants would often form associations to inform one another of their patrons' credit worthiness. In a few instances, the merchants would publish credit reports to be used exclusively by association members. This book was published by the members of the Merchant Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Corrections and comments related to these credit ratings should be directed to the Porter County GenWeb Coordinator.

                Key to Credit Ratings
                Good (Prompt Pay)   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    G
                Fair (Honest But Slow)    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    F
                Speculative (Pays if Pressed)    .    .    .    .    .    S
                Poor Risk (Has Nothing)  .    .    .    .    .    .    .    P
                No Credit (Irresponsible)     .    .    .    .    .    .    N

Here are two examples of the use of the rating system: An individual with a credit rating of 3-G received "Good" ratings from three member merchants of the Credit Association. An individual with a credit rating of F.N. received ratings of "Fair" and "No Credit" from two member merchants of the Credit Association.

Surname Given Name Residence Credit Rating Source Page
Fabian Alfred Hobart F. 81
Fabian Alfred C. Hobart F. 81
Fabian Conrad Hobart F. 81
Fabing Gertrude Chicago, Illinois, 857 East 64th Place G. 81
Fabing J. M. Valparaiso, South Washington Street F.S. 81
Fabing Walter Chicago, Illinois, 857 East 64th Place P.N.S. 81
Fagen Anton Dyer G. 81
Fagen Mike Dyer G.G. 81
Fagen Nick Crown Point S.S.N.N.F.F.G.G. 81
Fagen Peter Crown Point 4-G. 81
Fahler Newman Miller P. 81
Faley Frank Valparaiso, 602 Jefferson G.G.F.F. 81
Faley J. B. Valparaiso, RFD #1 G. 81
Falk Louis Lowell F. 81
Fall G. G. Kouts G.P. 81
Fancher Thad. Crown Point 3-G. 81
Farber Fred Chesterton F.S. 81
Fargo Mrs. James Valparaiso, Washington Street G. 81
Farley Dr. A. H. Crown Point G.G. 81
Farley F. E. Crown Point 5-G. 81
Farley Lola Crown Point G. 81
Farman Fred Chicago, Illinois N. 81
Farmer H. B. Valparaiso, RFD #8 G.G. 81
Farrel E. C. Valparaiso P.G. 81
Farringer F. F. Hobart N. 81
Farwell D. W. Valparaiso, 403 Morgan Street G. 81
Fasel Chas. Ainsworth, RFD #2 F. 81
Fasel Chas. Crown Point, RR P.F. 81
Fasel Ed. Hobart F.N. 81
Fasel Frank Hobart G. 81
Fasel Henry Jr. Hobart G.F.S. 81
Fatch Geo. Crown Point F.G.G.S.S. 81
Fatch John Crown Point G.G. 81
Fatch Julia Crown Point S. 81
Fatch Leonard Crown Point S.P.F.F. 81
Fatch Mike Cedar Lake S. 81
Fatch Val. Crown Point G.P.5-F. 81
Fathke John Crown Point G.G. 81
Faucher Ande. Lowell S.P. 81
Faucher Miss Emma Valparaiso S. 81
Faulk Lewis Lowell S. 82
Faulkner Chas. Crown Point F.G. 82
Faulkner Dr. Hobart G.G. 82
Faulkner Geo. Crown Point G. 82
Faulkner Mrs. Crown Point G. 82
Fausch Aug. Otis [LaPorte County] G. 82
Fauser Earl Crown Point N.N.F. 82
Fauser Edw. Crown Point S.P.G.4-F. 82
Fauser James Crown Point F.P. 82
Fauser Jim. Crown Point N. 82
Fazel Charley Crown Point S.G. 82
Fazel Morten Crown Point F.P. 82
Feaser Jerry Crown Point P. 82
Feaser John Jr. Crown Point G. 82
Feaser Mose Crown Point N.N.G. 82
Feckel Dave Hebron F. 82
Feeley Thomas Lowell G. 82
Feeney J. J. Valparaiso, 905 Washington F. 82
Feeney W. P. Valparaiso, Pioneer Flats S. 82
Feenstra A. E. Griffith F. 82
Feeser Jerry Crown Point G.F.F.S. 82
Feeser Mose Crown Point N.P.P. 82
Feeser Walter Hobart F. 82
Fehlhaurer Carl Hobart S. 82
Fehrman A. J. Valparaiso F.S.G. 82
Fehrman A. W. Valparaiso, East Jefferson G.G. 82
Fehrman Helen Valparaiso, 306 Napoleon G. 82
Feighner Forest Gary N. 82
Feighner Geo. Gary G.F. 82
Feiler Christ. Crown Point G.G. 82
Feitag Theo. Valparaiso N. 82
Felton Chas. Crown Point S.3-G.4-F. 82
Felton Harry Crown Point G. 82
Felton Reginald Valparaiso N. 82
Felton Robert Valparaiso, 303 Michigan G.N.P.P. 82
Felty Mr. Griffith G. 82
Fennema Peter Griffith, RFD G. 82
Fenton Mrs. Mary Valparaiso G.G. 83
Fergle Aug. Crown Point G.F. 82
Fergle Edw. Crown Point F.S.S. 82
Fergle Frank Crown Point G. 82
Fergle Frank Crown Point F.G. 82
Fergle Milton Crown Point F.G.G. 82
Ferguson Chas. Valparaiso F. 83
Ferguson E. R. Valparaiso, 705 East Erie 3-S. 83
Ferguson Miss Gae Crown Point G.G. 83
Ferguson Ray Valparaiso N. 83
Ferguson V. R. Dyer F. 83
Ferman A. F. Hobart G. 83
Ferneke Geo. Valparaiso G. 83
Ferrel O. C. Valparaiso, 307 Union Street G. 83
Ferren F. R. Hobart P. 83
Ferrington F. Crown Point F. 83
Fesler Wm. Valparaiso S.S. 83
Fesler Wm. G. Valparaiso S. 83
Fessenden Fred Crown Point 3-G. 83
Fetterer Frank Hobart F.N. 83
Feuerstein Mrs. O. G. Valparaiso G. 83
Fickle Chas. Hebron G. 83
Fickle John Hebron G. 83
Fidler   Valparaiso G. 83
Field Clarence Valparaiso F. 83
Field Harvey Valparaiso G. 83
Field Nelson Valparaiso G. 83
Field Walter Valparaiso, 805 Oak Street G.G. 83
Field and Shearer   Wheeler G. 83
Fields C. Valparaiso, 405 Beach G. 83
Fields Robt. Wheeler 3-G. 83
Fieler Christ. Crown Point S. 83
Fieshman Andrew Valparaiso S.N. 83
Fieshman Mr. G. Valparaiso G. 83
Fiester Ed. Hobart 3-G. 83
Fiester Jake Hobart 3-G. 83
Fiester John Hobart 3-G. 83
Fiester Walter Hobart G.P. 83
Fiester and Flech   Hobart G. 83
Fifield A. L. Valparaiso N. 83
Fifield Arthur Crisman F.F. 83
Fifield Arthur Hobart G.F. 83
Fifield C. E. Chesterton G. 83
Fifield Earl Valparaiso G. 83
Fifield Frank Chesterton, RFD #1 G.G.P. 83
Fifield Frank Hobart F. 83
Fifield Glen Valparaiso G. 84
Fifield Leo Hobart N.P. 84
Fifield Mrs. Art. Crisman G. 83
Fifield Otto Crown Point S. 84
Fifield Otto Hebron, RR G.G. 84
Fifield Y. H. Hobart F.G. 84
Figle Jas. Crown Point G. 83
Filer Rev. C. M. Hebron G. 84
Fillwock   Valparaiso G. 84
Findling Henry Valparaiso, 402 East Main S.S. 84
Fink John J. Crown Point G.G.F.F. 84
Finke Chas. Kouts N. 84
Finke E. T. Valparaiso (Farm) G. 84
Finnegan D. J. Valparaiso F.F.P. 84
Finnell T. C. Valparaiso, Pioneer Flats G. 84
Finney A. A. Chicago, Illinois G. 84
Finney E. K. Valparaiso F.G. 84
Finney Earl T. Galesburg, Illinois G. 84
Finney Geo. Valparaiso G. 84
Finney J. N. Valparaiso, East Jefferson G. 84
Finney Miss Sarah Valparaiso, East Jefferson G. 84
Finney R. L. Valparaiso, 156 Erie Street F.N. 84
Finney S. L. Valparaiso G. 84
Finney S. L. Valparaiso G. 84
Finney W. B. Canton, Mississippi G. 84
Finney W. P. Valparaiso, Pioneer Flats F. 84
Finney Wm. Kouts G. 84
Firebaugh Abbe Kouts G. 84
Firebaugh C. E. Kouts G. 84
Firebaugh E. C. Kouts G.G. 84
Firebaugh G. E. Boone Grove G.F. 84
Firebaugh M. Otis [LaPorte County] F. 84
Firebaugh Mrs. Elbe Kouts G. 84
Firebaugh St. Otis [LaPorte County] F. 84
Fischer Ed. Crown Point G. 84
Fischer Geo. Crown Point G.G. 84
Fischer John Crown Point G.G. 84
Fish Ella Valparaiso, Chicago Street G. 84
Fish Herbert Valparaiso, Jefferson Street S. 84
Fishburn Berlyn Gary S. 84
Fishburn Chas. Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 84
Fishburn Howard Valparaiso F.3-G. 84
Fishburn Miss Sabria Valparaiso G. 84
Fisher A. L. Valparaiso S.S.F. 85
Fisher Albert Lowell P. 85
Fisher Albert Schneider F. 85
Fisher Aug. Hebron G. 85
Fisher Cass Schneider F. 85
Fisher Chas. Lowell F.F. 85
Fisher Clarence Schneider G.G. 85
Fisher Clarence Valparaiso G. 85
Fisher D. H. Ainsworth F. 85
Fisher Delman Hebron F.3-G. 85
Fisher Dr. W. H. Wanatah [LaPorte County] G.F. 85
Fisher Earl Valparaiso, RR #1 F. 85
Fisher F. H. Wanatah [LaPorte County] G.G. 85
Fisher Floren Valparaiso, RFD #1 G. 85
Fisher Foster Crown Point G. 85
Fisher Frank Crown Point 3-G. 85
Fisher Fred Lowell G. 85
Fisher Geo. Crown Point G. 85
Fisher Geo. Hebron G. 85
Fisher Henneth Hebron G. 85
Fisher Herman Valparaiso, Garfield Avenue G.G. 85
Fisher Hubert Valparaiso G. 85
Fisher Hugh Valparaiso, Wayne Street N.G.F. 85
Fisher John Crown Point F.G. 85
Fisher Niles Valparaiso, 604 Franklin S.3-G. 85
Fisher Thomas Hebron, RFD #1 G. 85
Fisher Thos. Crown Point G.G. 85
Fisher Walter Crown Point F. 85
Fisher Walter Hebron, R #4 G.G. 85
Fisher Winnifred Hebron, R #4 G. 85
Fisher Wm. Crown Point F. 85
Fisher Wm. Sr. Hebron F.G. 85
Fisk Frank Crown Point G. 85
Fisk Mrs. Myrtle Chesterton, RFD F. 85
Fitch Chas. Shelby N. 85
Fitch Brothers   Dyer G. 85
Fitzgerald John Valparaiso F. 85
Fitzwilliams Frank Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 85
Fitzwilliams Lida Valparaiso, 204 Monroe Street G. 85
Flach Elmer Crown Point G.G. 85
Flaherty Mrs. L. Valparaiso G. 86
Flaherty Mrs. L. Valparaiso, 202 Elm Street G. 85
Flaherty Steve Hobart S. 86
Flanagen Walter Crown Point, RFD #4 S. 86
Flander Nels. Chesterton, RFD #3 F. 86
Flander Saml. Chesterton F. 86
Flanney John Chesterton G. 86
Flanney Tom. Chesterton S. 86
Flanney Wm. Chesterton F. 86
Fleck C. B. Hobart G. 86
Fleck Eddie Hobart F. 86
Fleck Geo. Hobart G. 86
Fleck John Hobart F. 86
Fleck Mike Hobart G. 86
Fleck Nick Jr. Crown Point F.F.S. 86
Fleck Nick Sr. Crown Point G.F.F. 86
Fleck Will. Hobart F. 86
Fleming Art. Valparaiso, 606 Jefferson F.N. 86
Fleming Ben Valparaiso N.N. 86
Fleming Calvin Hobart F.F.G.G. 86
Fleming Elyah Valparaiso, RFD F.F.G.S. 86
Fleming Fred Hobart F. 86
Fleming Mel. Hobart G. 86
Fleming Mrs. Ed. Valparaiso N. 86
Fleuer Will. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N. 86
Flewelling Clyde Lowell N. 86
Flewelling John Shelby P. 86
Flinellen Isaac Kouts P. 86
Flinkinger Neck. Griffith G. 86
Flinn Halley Chesterton G. 86
Flint Mrs. A. V. Valparaiso, 357 College Avenue G. 86
Flitter Frank Wanatah [LaPorte County] G.G. 86
Flitter Mrs. C. Valparaiso F. 86
Floney John Chesterton N. 86
Floney Mrs. J. Chesterton F. 86
Floodquist Oscar Hobart F. 86
Florens John LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N.F.F. 86
Florers Clarence LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F.F. 86
Florers Henry LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.F. 86
Florers Wm. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] P.N. 86
Floyd Miss Rose Valparaiso G. 86
Fluchinger Nick Griffith, RFD G. 86
Flyn H. A. Chesterton G.G. 87
Flynn Jake Hobart G.G. 86
Fogartz Mike Chesterton P. 87
Fogg S. L. Valparaiso F. 87
Fogoli Ben. Shelby N. 87
Foland M. Geo. Crown Point G. 87
Foley Frank Lowell S. 87
Foley Geo. Valparaiso G. 87
Foley Marvin Valparaiso S. 87
Foley O. C. Valparaiso F.P.N. 87
Folley Frank Hebron, R #3 F. 87
Folsom H. Jr. Kouts F.G. 87
Folsom Henry Sr. Kouts G. 87
Folsom Samuel Hebron G. 87
Foltz Frank Boone Grove F.F. 87
Foltz Geo. Valparaiso G. 87
Forbes A. J. Valparaiso G. 87
Forbes Thaddews Valparaiso G.G. 87
Ford Robert Valparaiso G.G. 87
Foreman Art. Valparaiso F.G. 87
Foreman H. Ainsworth G. 87
Foreman M. Hobart 3-G. 87
Foreman Michael Crown Point G. 87
Foreman Mike Wheeler 3-G. 87
Foreman Mrs. M. Hobart, RFD G.G. 87
Foreman Wm. Ainsworth G. 87
Foreman Wm. Crown Point G. 87
Foreman Wm. Hobart 3-G. 87
Foreman Wm. F. Hobart G. 87
Foreman Wm. J. Hobart G. 87
Forester Herman Hobart G. 87
Forman Art. Deep River, 456 Locust F.F. 87
Forman Elwood Lowell N.N. 87
Forman Fred Valparaiso G. 87
Forman Joe. Ainsworth F. 87
Forman John Deep River, 826 Lincoln G.G. 87
Forman Mich. Wheeler F. 87
Forman Mrs. Edna Deep River G.G. 87
Forman Otto Valparaiso G. 87
Forman Wm. McCool, 605 Greenwich F. 87
Forman Wm. Valparaiso G. 87
Forman Y. L. Valparaiso, 605 Freemont G. 87
Formean Nicke Ainsworth F. 87
Forrand Porter Valparaiso F.G.G. 81
Forringer Wm. Hobart G. 88
Forsburg A. L. Chesterton R #1 G. 88
Forsythe James Griffith, RR P. 88
Fortschneider Geo. Hobart G. 88
Foss Fred Hebron S.N.F.F. 88
Foss Paul Porter N. 88
Foster Albert Lowell G. 88
Foster Chas. Valparaiso 3-G. 88
Foster D. W. Lowell, 558 Chicago G.G. 88
Foster Earnest Valparaiso, R. F. D. #7 F. 88
Foster Eason Lowell P. 88
Foster Floyd Valparaiso G.G. 88
Foster G. E. Valparaiso, Washington Street G. 88
Foster Geo. Lowell G. 88
Foster H. A. Valparaiso S. 88
Foster Harvey Lowell, RFD G.S. 88
Foster Henry Hobart F. 88
Foster John Crown Point N.F.F.3-G. 88
Foster John L. Valparaiso F.S.S. 88
Foster Lewis Valparaiso, 610 Union Street P.G. 88
Foster Mrs. Chas. Valparaiso G. 88
Foster Mrs. Mary Crown Point S. 88
Foster Ora Valparaiso S. 88
Foster Peter Valparaiso G.S. 88
Foster R. F. Valparaiso S.G. 88
Foster Wilford Valparaiso G. 88
Foster Brothers   Hobart S.F. 88
Foster Lumber and Coal Company   Valparaiso, Calumet and Morgan 3-G. 88
Foust Jesse E. Valparaiso P.P.N. 88
Fowler Frank Crown Point N. 88
Fowler L. A. Crown Point F.G. 88
Fox Atty. Hobart G. 88
Fox C. I. Valparaiso, 609 Elm Street G. 88
Fox Fred Palmer S. 88
Fox Geo. Valparaiso F.N. 88
Fox H. J. Valparaiso, 407 College G. 88
Fox Herman Crown Point G.G.3-F. 88
Fox John Hobart G.G.F.F. 88
Fox Wm. Hobart G. 88
Fox Wm. A. Valparaiso, 704 Lytle F.4-G. 88
Fraas J. E. Crown Point 3-G. 88
Fraas John Jr. Crown Point G. 88
Fraas Otto Crown Point 4-G. 88
Fraaty Bruce Valparaiso F. 91
Fracken John Hebron G.P.F. 89
Frahn Herman Lowell G. 89
Frailey Chas. Hobart N. 89
Frailey Clarence Hobart G.G. 89
Frakes Jerome Valparaiso, 156 Park Avenue S.G.G. 89
Frakes Leander Valparaiso 3-G. 89
Frakes Paul Valparaiso, Box 33 F.N.G.S. 89
Frakes Rose Valparaiso G. 89
Fraley C. H. Boone Grove G.G. 89
Fraley Geo. Valparaiso, 706 Indiana Avenue G. 89
Frame Amos Valparaiso, RR #6 G.F. 89
Frame Burton Valparaiso, RR #5 S.P.F.F.G.G. 89
Frame C. Valparaiso, 905 LaFayette G. 89
Frame Chas. Chesterton G.G.F.S. 89
Frame Ervin Valparaiso, 905 LaFayette G.G. 89
Frame H. Hebron G. 89
Frame Harley Crown Point S.P.F.S.N. 89
Frame J. B. Valparaiso F. 89
Frame J. H. Valparaiso, RR #6 N. 89
Frame James Crown Point G. 89
Frame John Hobart N.P. 89
Frame Mrs. Addie Valparaiso, 905 LaFayette S. 89
Frame Presley Crown Point F.G.G. 89
Frame W. A. Valparaiso, RR #6 G. 89
Frame Wm. Hebron, RR F.S. 89
Frams Burt Deep River G. 89
Frams C. Michigan City, RFD [LaPorte County] G. 89
Frams Geo. Michigan City [LaPorte County] G. 89
Frams James Deep River F. 89
Frams James Michigan City [LaPorte County] G. 89
Frams Jno. Deep River F. 89
France Ed. Crown Point F.G. 89
France F. F. Hobart G. 89
France Jos. C. Crown Point F.G. 89
Francen Adam Hobart G.G. 89
Francen Fred Hobart G.G. 89
Franchie E. K. Highland P.S.F. 89
Franco Lulu Valparaiso, 452 1/2 Locust F.F. 89
Franco Mrs. A. Valparaiso F. 89
Frank David Hobart N. 89
Frank Fred Dyer G. 89
Frank Mr. Frank Chicago, Illinois G. 90
Franklin Mrs. S. Valparaiso F. 90
Franklin W. E. Valparaiso, Chestnut Place G.G. 90
Frans Joe. Crown Point S. 90
Franson E. Miller F.P.G. 90
Franson O. Miller F.G. 90
Franz A. Crown Point, RFD #3 F. 90
Franz Ed. Crown Point, RR S. 90
Franz Frank Crown Point, RFD #3 F. 90
Franz Geo. Crown Point F. 90
Franz Joe. Crown Point, RFD #6 F. 90
Franzie Frk. Merrillville F.G. 90
Franzie Geo. Crown Point, RFD G. 90
Franzie Henry Crown Point, RFD #3 G. 90
Franzie J. B. Crown Point F.S. 90
Frazier J. A. Valparaiso, 509 Union Street G. 90
Frazier Mrs. Crown Point G. 90
Frazier Mrs. Valparaiso G. 90
Frazier Wm. Crown Point, RFD #3 F. 90
Frecke Adolph Boone Grove P.F.F. 90
Frederick Chas. Hammond G. 90
Frederick Chas. Lowell, RFD G. 90
Frederick Geo. Crown Point 3-G. 90
Frederick Grant Crown Point G. 90
Frederick John Miller F.G. 90
Frederick Paul Ainsworth F. 90
Frederick T. D. Crown Point G. 90
Frederick W. W. Hobart F.G. 90
Frederick Wm. Dyer G. 90
Frederick and Miller   Crown Point G. 90
Fredericks Cli. Valparaiso, 400 Indiana G. 90
Fredericks E. Valparaiso F.F. 90
Fredericks J. R. Valparaiso, 603 Valparaiso 4-G. 90
Fredericks M. E. Michigan City, 707 1/2 Calumet [LaPorte County] G.G. 90
Fredericks Willard Valparaiso G. 90
Frederickson   Miller G. 90
Freeburg Gust. Hobart N.S. 90
Freel Chas. Hobart P. 90
Freeland B. F. Chesterton S. 90
Freeland Joe. Chesterton G. 90
Freeland Mrs. John Chesterton G. 90
Freeman C. C. Merrillville N.N. 91
Freeman F. C. Crown Point F. 91
Freeman F. C. Merrillville, RFD #6 N. 91
Freeman J. C. Merrillville N. 91
Freeman Oliver Hobart, RFD F. 91
Freeman Oliver Valparaiso S.F.S.P.P. 90
Freeman Wm. Crown Point G. 91
Freeman Wm. Valparaiso P. 91
Freese Arthur LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 91
Freese Joe. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 91
Freevault Mr. South Chicago, Illinois P. 91
Freier Frank Valparaiso, RR #6 F. 91
Freier John W. LaPorte G. 91
French Burton Crown Point G. 91
Freohom Raymond Lowell S. 91
Frew Mrs. Valparaiso F. 91
Frey Alois Crown Point G.G. 91
Frey Miss Alta Crown Point G. 91
Frey Miss Lou. Crown Point G. 91
Frey Sisters   Crown Point G. 91
Fricke Miss Lena Hammond N. 91
Fricke Wm. Crown Point, RR #4 F.G.G. 91
Friday Wm. Chesterton G. 91
Friecke Henry Crown Point F.N.N. 91
Friedly Fred Crown Point G. 91
Friedman Dave Hammond N. 91
Friedrich L. M. Hobart F.G. 91
Frier Wm. Valparaiso, RFD G. 91
Fritz Chas. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N.G.F. 91
Fritz Otto Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 91
Froberg Henry New Buffalo P. 91
Frohn Chas. Lowell F. 91
Fronik Chas. Crown Point G. 91
Fronik Frank Crown Point G. 91
Fry Albert Hebron F.N. 91
Fry Clifford LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N. 91
Fry Ernie Hebron, RR #2 G. 92
Fry Harold Hebron, RR #2 P. 92
Fry Henry Crown Point G.G. 91
Fry Henry Crown Point S. 92
Fry John Crown Point 4-G. 91
Fry John Hebron G. 91
Fry Miron Hebron F. 92
Fry Mrs. Mary Crown Point G. 91
Fry Nathan Hebron G. 92
Fry Neil Hebron G. 92
Fry Orville Hebron N. 91
Fry Raymond Hebron G. 92
Fry Wm. Kouts G. 91
Fryar C. E. Wanatah [LaPorte County] N. 92
Fryar J. A. Valparaiso G. 92
Fryhover   Fort Wayne S. 92
Fuller Chas. Chesterton S.G. 92
Fuller Clarence Lowell G.S. 92
Fuller Dug. Creston F.3-G. 92
Fuller Elmer Schneider G.S. 92
Fuller Fred Rose Lawn P. 92
Fuller Geo. Michigan City [LaPorte County] P. 92
Fuller H. D. Crown Point N.G. 92
Fuller Harry Schneider P. 92
Fuller Henry Chesterton S.F. 92
Fuller L. M. Crown Point F. 92
Fuller Mrs. A. J. Shelby S. 92
Fuller Mrs. Emma Hobart G. 92
Fuller Mrs. Frank Thayer [Newton County] G. 92
Fuller Shelby Gary S.N. 92
Fuller Walter Shelby G. 92
Fulton John Valparaiso S. 92
Funk E. F. Valparaiso G. 92
Furgeson Chas. Valparaiso F. 92
Furgeson E. R. Wheeler N. 92
Furgeson Roy Valparaiso N. 92
Furnace L. E. Michigan City [LaPorte County] G. 92
Furnakee Pete Valparaiso F. 92
Fusenger H. F. Miller G. 92

Source Citation:
Tuttle, P.M. 1916. Merchants Rating and Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Publication location unknown. 296 p.

Credit data transcribed and prepared by Steven R. Shook


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