Porter County Resident Credit Ratings, 1916Credit ratings of Porter County (and adjacent county) residents . . . .

Surnames Beginning with A

In 1916, P. M. Tuttle published a book titled Merchants Rating and Credit Association Local Credit Reports. This book provided the credit ratings of thousands of individuals residing in Porter County and Lake County. The book also published the credit ratings of some residents of adjacent counties conducting business in these two counties. No national credit rating service bureaus existed as this time, so area merchants would often form associations to inform one another of their patrons' credit worthiness. In a few instances, the merchants would publish credit reports to be used exclusively by association members. This book was published by the members of the Merchant Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Corrections and comments related to these credit ratings should be directed to the Porter County GenWeb Coordinator.

                Key to Credit Ratings
                Good (Prompt Pay)   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    G
                Fair (Honest But Slow)    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    F
                Speculative (Pays if Pressed)    .    .    .    .    .    S
                Poor Risk (Has Nothing)  .    .    .    .    .    .    .    P
                No Credit (Irresponsible)     .    .    .    .    .    .    N

Here are two examples of the use of the rating system: An individual with a credit rating of 3-G received "Good" ratings from three member merchants of the Credit Association. An individual with a credit rating of F.N. received ratings of "Fair" and "No Credit" from two member merchants of the Credit Association.

Surname Given Name Residence Credit Rating Source Page
Abbott Chas. E. Crown Point 5-G. 1
Abbott H. A. Wheeler S. 1
Abbott H. W. Wheeler 3-S.G.G.F.F.P. 1
Abbott H. W. Wheeler G. 1
Abbott Miss Selith Wheeler S. 1
Abel Dan Hobart G.F. 1
Abel Edward Hobart F. 1
Aberly Lou. Valparaiso N. 1
Ablett Mrs. Wm. Valparaiso G.G. 1
Ablgvim Frank Schneider G. 1
Ablie Mrs. Jim Valparaiso F. 3
Ablonczy Joe Valparaiso F. 1
Abraham A. F. Crown Point F. 1
Abraham Miss Anna Valparaiso, 55 West Jefferson G. 1
Abramson Arthur Hebron G.G. 1
Abramson Frank Hebron, R #2 3-G. 1
Abramson Harry Hebron, RR 3-G. 1
Abramson Otto Hebron, R #2 G.P. 1
Ackerman Leonard Porter F.F. 1
Adams Burt Valparaiso G. 1
Adams Chas. E. Valparaiso, RR #7 F.N.S.F.G. 1
Adams Dick Hessville G. 1
Adams Earl Valparaiso G. 1
Adams F. A. Valparaiso, 953 West Street F. 1
Adams Harvey Kouts G.G. 1
Adams Joe. Valparaiso S. 1
Adams John Jr. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 1
Adams John Sr. LaCrosse, RFD #1 [LaPorte County] 3-G. 1
Adams Lloyd Valparaiso G. 1
Adams Mrs. David Valparaiso, East Main Street G. 1
Adams Mrs. Geo. W. Valparaiso, RR #1 F. 1
Adams Mrs. Ray Valparaiso G.F. 1
Adams Peter Valparaiso P. 1
Adams Robert G. Valparaiso G. 1
Adams Roy Kouts P. 1
Adams S. H. Hurlburt G.G. 1
Adams Susan Kouts F. 1
Adams Will Lowell S. 1
Adanis Peter Valparaiso S. 1
Adank Arthur Crown Point 5-G. 1
Adank Christ. Crown Point 7-G. 1
Adank Emil Crown Point G. 2
Adank Frank Crown Point 7-G. 2
Adank Fred Crown Point F.4-G. 1
Adank Geo. Crown Point P.P.F.F.S. 2
Adank Herbert Crown Point G. 2
Adank J. W. Crown Point G. 2
Adank John Crown Point 4-G. 2
Adank Walter Crown Point G.G. 1
Adank Wm. Crown Point, RFD S.S.F.4-G. 2
Adelspenger Bert. Hessville G. 2
Adelspenger Dick Hessville G. 2
Adelspenger Tom. Hessville G. 2
Aderna Jack Griffith, RR #1 G.G. 2
Aderna Tom. Griffith G.G. 2
Adler Adam St. John G. 2
Adler Matt Crown Point G. 2
Adrian Mrs. Emma Chesterton G. 2
Adsit Wm. Valparaiso, RFD G. 2
Adsit Wm. Westville, RR #6 [LaPorte County] G.G. 2
Adus Isreal Chesterton S. 2
Aergin Arthur Kouts G. 2
Aergin August Kouts G. 2
Aergin Harry Kouts G. 2
Aergin Richard Kouts G. 2
Affeld Amel Valparaiso P. 2
Affeld Mrs. Ernest Valparaiso P.N.G. 2
Affeld   Valparaiso P. 2
Afligate T. L. Valparaiso, 210 Lincoln G. 2
Agar E. W. Valparaiso 3-G. 2
Agar Prof. Valparaiso G. 2
Aggers Geo. Hobart F. 2
Ahlborn Co. Wm. Hammond G. 2
Ahlgrim Chas. Miller G. 2
Ahlgrim Chas. Valparaiso G. 2
Ahlgrim F. W. Gary, 603 East Institute G. 2
Ahlgrim H. Haskels G. 2
Ahlgrim M. J. Lowell G. 2
Ahlgrim Robert Lowell G. 2
Ahlgrim Wm. Valparaiso, RR G.G. 2
Ahrendt Fred Chesterton, RFD #1 N.F.G. 2
Ahrendt John Hobart G. 2
Ahrens Ernest Hobart F. 3
Ahrens Fred Hobart F.F.G. 2
Ahrens John Hobart G.G. 2
Ahrens Phil. Hobart 3-F. 2
Aigner Henery LaCrosse [LaPorte County] N. 3
Aigner Mike Wanatah [LaPorte County] G. 3
Aigner Wm. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 3
Ailes George Kouts G.G. 3
Ailes Walter Valparaiso G. 3
Ainsworth Miss Kate Crown Point, Joliet Street F. 3
Ainsworth Mrs. Catherine Crown Point G. 3
Ainsworth Mrs. Ira Gary N. 3
Ainsworth Sid. Crown Point 4-G. 3
Akers James Hobart, R #1 G. 3
Albe James Valparaiso, 6 Monroe Street P.4-G. 3
Albe Julius Valparaiso N. 3
Albe Mamie Valparaiso, 59 West Main 4-G. 3
Alber Lydia Valparaiso G. 3
Alberry H. B. Valparaiso, 407 East Institute G.F.S. 3
Albertson Guy Hebron G. 3
Albett Bill Valparaiso F. 3
Albie Mrs. M. Valparaiso G. 3
Albrecht Henry Crown Point P.F. 3
Albright H. B. Valparaiso, 251 Greenwich Street F. 3
Alcorn Chas. Miller G. 3
Aldrich O. R. Gary, 707 Freeman Street G. 3
Aleplen Chas. Miller G. 4
Alexander Clyde Kouts G. 3
Alexander Ernest Hammond N. 3
Alexander J. C. Wheeler 3-G. 3
Alexander J. M. Kouts G. 3
Alexander John Valparaiso G. 3
Alexander W. C. Wheeler, 158 South Washington F.F. 3
Alexander Will. Hobart, RFD G. 3
Alexander Wm. Valparaiso, 704 Napoleon F.G.P.P.S. 3
Algea D. R. Valparaiso N. 3
Algers Billie Lowell, RFD F. 3
Algers Chas. Hammond F.P. 3
Algers Wm. Lowell, RFD S.F.F. 3
Alkens J. T. Crown Point G. 3
Alkire Claire LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 3
Alkire R. C. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 3
Allen Axel Miller G.G. 4
Allen Mrs. Emma Valparaiso G.G. 3
Allen Roy LaCrosse [LaPorte County] S.P. 3
Allen William English Lake F.F. 3
Allenbrand Bert. Miller G. 4
Allison J. H. Westville [LaPorte County] G. 4
Allison John Schneider G. 4
Allman C. W. Crown Point 6-G. 4
Allman W. L. Crown Point 4-G. 4
Alms J. O. Valparaiso, 258 Chestnut Street S.G. 4
Alpen Mrs. Hans Valparaiso, RR #8 G.G. 4
Alpen Wm. Valparaiso 3-G. 4
Alred Mrs. J. Crown Point N. 4
Alsworth Giles Valparaiso F. 4
Alt Mrs. Lulu Valparaiso F. 4
Altmiller Margaret Valparaiso, 205 Lincoln Avenue G. 4
Alyea C. Valparaiso, 558 Chicago Street G.F. 4
Alyea Earl Hebron F.G. 4
Alyea Edward Hebron G. 4
Alyea Elias Hebron, RFD #3 G. 4
Alyea Frank Valparaiso, 56 Chicago Street P. 4
Alyea Gideon Hebron F. 4
Alyea H. D. Lowell S.F. 4
Alyea Harrison Lowell F. 4
Alyea Harry Lowell G.G.F. 4
Alyea Mrs. Mary Hebron, RFD #3 G.G.F. 4
Alyea Mrs. O. D. Valparaiso S. 4
Alyea Ralph Hebron F. 4
Alyea Sam Hebron, RFD #3 G.G. 4
Alyea Sherman Hebron G. 4
Alyea Washington Valparaiso F.P. 4
Alyea Wm. Hebron G. 4
Alying Rev. Hobart G. 4
Ambroski Joseph Otis G. 4
Ameling Henry Chesterton G.F. 4
Ameling Joe. Chesterton 4-G. 4
Ameling John Chesterton G.F. 4
Amerda H. Highland G.G. 4
Ames Ed. Crown Point F.G. 4
Ames Fred LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 4
Ames Rolando LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F.G. 4
Amos George Lowell P. 4
Amstutz N. L. Valparaiso F. 4
Amstutz   Canda F. 4
Anderman Geo. Crown Point G.G. 5
Anders Chas. Kouts G. 5
Anders R. Wheeler 4-F. 5
Anders W. D. Chesterton N. 5
Anders Wm. Kouts G. 5
Anderson A. L. Hobart N.N. 6
Anderson A. T. Valparaiso, R #4 N. 6
Anderson Albert Lowell G.G. 5
Anderson Albert Valparaiso, RFD F.G. 6
Anderson Alfred Porter P.P.F.F.G. 5
Anderson Alice Kouts G. 6
Anderson Andrew Chesterton, R #1 S. 5
Anderson Andrew Porter P. 5
Anderson Art. Miller G.G. 6
Anderson Arthur Gary G. 6
Anderson Arthur Valparaiso, 402 Chicago Street G. 5
Anderson Ben Merrillville G. 6
Anderson Ben. Crown Point, RFD G. 5
Anderson C. A. Chesterton F.S.3-G. 5
Anderson Chas. Chesterton, RFD G.F. 6
Anderson Chas. Kouts, RFD #1 G.G. 6
Anderson E. A. Hobart G.G. 6
Anderson Ed. Hobart, RFD 3-G. 5
Anderson Edward Chesterton F. 5
Anderson Elias Valparaiso, RR 7 G. 5
Anderson Emil Chesterton F. 5
Anderson F. L. Valparaiso P. 5
Anderson Frank Chesterton F. 5
Anderson Frank O. Valparaiso, RR 3 G.G. 5
Anderson Fred Hobart G. 6
Anderson Fritz Miller G.G. 6
Anderson George Kouts 3-G. 6
Anderson George B. Kouts G. 6
Anderson George W. Kouts G. 6
Anderson Gust. Porter, R #2 G.F. 5
Anderson Harry Crisman G. 6
Anderson Hazel Kouts G. 6
Anderson Heber Valparaiso, RR 7 4-G. 5
Anderson Howard Hebron F. 6
Anderson J. C. Miller G.S. 6
Anderson James N. Valparaiso, RR 7 5-G. 5
Anderson James T. Wanatah, RR 1 [LaPorte County] G.F. 5
Anderson John Chesterton S. 5
Anderson John Hebron, R #2 G.G. 6
Anderson John Miller G. 6
Anderson John E. Valparaiso N. 5
Anderson John S. Valparaiso, RR #8 G. 5
Anderson Joseph Valparaiso, 607 Napoleon G.G. 5
Anderson Margaret Chesterton G. 5
Anderson Mary P. Kouts G. 6
Anderson Milford Lowell F. 6
Anderson Miss C. Valparaiso, 406 Michigan Avenue G. 5
Anderson Miss Edith Valparaiso, RR 7 G. 5
Anderson Miss Marie Westville, R #1 [LaPorte County] G. 5
Anderson Mrs. Adolph Chesterton P. 5
Anderson Mrs. Arthur Chesterton G. 6
Anderson Mrs. C. A. Valparaiso, 809 North Washington G. 5
Anderson Mrs. Carl Chesterton G. 5
Anderson Mrs. D. A. Valparaiso, RR 3 G. 5
Anderson Nelse Miller G.F. 6
Anderson Oscar Crisman G. 6
Anderson Oscar Crown Point G. 6
Anderson Oscar Leroy F. 5
Anderson Paul Schererville G. 6
Anderson Ray Crown Point 3-G. 6
Anderson Richard Chesterton F. 5
Anderson S. O. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F. 6
Anderson Sam. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 6
Anderson Sarah Chesterton G. 5
Anderson Swan Crocker, R #1 4-F. 6
Anderson Victor Chesterton, RFD G. 6
Anderson W. A. Syracuse, N. Y., 313 James Street P. 5
Anderson W. N. Kouts G.G.F.F. 5
Anderson Walter Valparaiso, RR 8 F.F.S. 5
Anderson Wm. A. Chesterton S.4-G. 5
Andrews Chas. Hobart G. 6
Andris Bert. Chesterton, R #1 F. 6
Andris John Valparaiso, R #4 F. 6
Andrisek Lawrence Otis G 6
Andros Peter Kouts P. 6
Andruos Chas. Kouts, RFD G. 8
Andruos William Kouts, RFD G. 8
Andrus Fred Chicago Heights, Ind. S. 6
Angle Miss Valparaiso G.G.S. 6
Ankerburg John Chesterton, R #3 G. 6
Annaek J. K. Miller S. 6
Annis Geo. Valparaiso, 305 North Washington G. 6
Antrude Clyde Hebron N. 7
Antrude Geo. Hebron G. 7
Antrude M. F. Hebron, #1 G. 7
Antrude Roos Hebron F. 7
Apgar Ambrose Kouts G.G. 7
Apgar Harry Kouts G.G.F. 7
Apgar John Kouts G. 7
Applegate Bryant Hebron, R #3 G. 7
Applegate Rev. Hobart G. 7
Applegate T. L. Valparaiso, 605 East Chicago G. 7
Archer Miss Mildred Valparaiso, 105 Institute G. 7
Archor H. Valparaiso, 66 Indiana Avenue G. 7
Archor S. Valparaiso, 201 Washington G. 7
Areordson Bros.   Miller G. 7
Armentrout Chas. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 7
Armentrout Earl LaCrosse [LaPorte County] P.S. 7
Armentrout James LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F.F. 7
Armentrout Jessie LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F. 7
Armentrout L. K. LaCrosse, RFD #1 [LaPorte County] F.F. 7
Armentrout Otis LaCrosse [LaPorte County] S. 7
Arms A. A. Valparaiso, 707 Calumet Avenue F. 7
Arms Mr. Valparaiso F. 7
Armstrong Mrs. Wm. Valparaiso G. 7
Arndt Edith Valparaiso, 157 West Indiana Avenue G. 7
Arndt Fred LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G.G. 7
Arndt Fred Jr. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F. 7
Arndt John Chesterton, RR #2 G.N. 7
Arndt John Hebron, RR #1 G. 7
Arndt John Hobart, RFD P.F. 7
Arndt John Valparaiso, RFD F.F.P. 7
Arndt Julius San Pierre G. 7
Arndt L. C. LaCrosse [LaPorte County] F. 7
Arndt Lewis Wilders [LaPorte County] G.F.F. 7
Arndt W. C. Chesterton, R #3 S. 7
Arndt William Chesterton, RFD N.G. 7
Arnis A. A. Valparaiso, 707 Calumet Street G. 8
Arnold A. L. Kouts G.G. 7
Arnold A. L. Kouts P. 8
Arnold Bill Kouts F. 7
Arnold C. C. Hobart F. 8
Arnold Chas. Wanatah, 306 Michigan Avenue [LaPorte County] G. 8
Arnold Eugene LaCrosse [LaPorte County] G. 8
Arnold Frank Kouts, RFD #1 G. 7
Arnold Geo. Hobart, RFD G.G. 8
Arnold Geo. Wheeler F.3-G. 8
Arnold Lena Valparaiso F. 8
Arnold Link Kouts G. 8
Arnold Lloyd Hobart P.3-N. 8
Arnold Loyd Hobart N.N. 7
Arnold Loyd Wheeler N. 8
Arnold Mrs. C. C. East Chicago, 4726 Melville Avenue G. 8
Arnold Mrs. Minnie LaPorte, 1104 Main Street N. 8
Arnold Mrs. Minnie Valparaiso G.F. 8
Arnold Mrs. Wm. LaPorte, 503 Lincoln Avenue G. 8
Arnold N. F. Kouts G.G. 7
Arnold Otto Hobart F. 7
Arnold Robert LaCrosse [LaPorte County] 3-S. 8
Arnold Wm. U. Wanatah, 503 Lincoln Avenue [LaPorte County] G.G. 8
Arnott F. Lowell S. 8
Arnott J. W. Crown Point 4-G. 8
Arnott Thos. Lowell F. 8
Arterris   Hessville G. 7
Aruth Fred Chesterton F. 8
Arvidson E. Miller G. 8
Arvidson John Miller G. 8
Arvin F. M. Valparaiso G. 8
Aschenbruner Geo. Valparaiso, 404 Napoleon Street F. 8
Ash H. J. Valparaiso, 56 Street Napoleon Street G.G.F.S. 8
Ashton Chas. Cedar Lake P.P. 8
Ashton Norman Chesterton F. 8
Ashton R. E. Chesterton F. 8
Ashton W. E. Hobart F. 8
Aspmd August Chesterton, RFD #3 G.G. 8
Aspmd Miss Edith Chesterton, R #3 G. 8
Atarkitk John Hobart F. 8
Atchison Robert Whiting S. 8
Atkins J. T. Crown Point 3-G. 8
Atwell W. T. Valparaiso, 805 Chicago G.G. 8
Atwood Clarence Lowell F.G. 8
Atwood John Lowell P.P.3-N. 8
Auble Paul Hebron G. 8
Auerbach M. F. Chicago, Illinois F.G. 9
Ault Albert Schneider G. 9
Ault Ed. Lowell F. 9
Ault Fred Lowell S.N.G.P. 9
Ault Irch Schneider F. 9
Ault Isaac Schneider P.G. 9
Ault James Shelby N.P. 9
Ault John Lowell F. 9
Ault Mrs. Lulu Valparaiso, 18 South Franklin Street N. 9
Ault W. A. Shelby P.F.N.S. 9
Aumark J. K. Miller F. 9
Austgen Chas. Crown Point G. 9
Austgen Ed. Crown Point G. 9
Austgen Ed. St. Johns G.G. 9
Austgen Frank Crown Point, RFD 3-G. 9
Austgen Frank Dyer, RFD F.G. 9
Austgen Geo. Schererville, RFD G.F. 9
Austgen John B. Schererville, RFD P. 9
Austgen Mrs. Jacob St. John G. 9
Austgen Mrs. Jacob Jr. St. John F. 9
Austgen Mrs. Theresa Schererville F. 9
Austgen Wm. Crown Point F. 9
Austgen Wm. Griffith G. 9
Austin Joe. Valparaiso P. 9
Austin Mart. Valparaiso P. 9
Austin Mart. Valparaiso, 257 Jefferson F. 9
Austin Miss Margaret Valparaiso, 258 West Jefferson N. 9
Austin R. D. Valparaiso, RR #6 P. 9
Auterman Joe. St. John F. 9
Auton Harve Hobart, RFD P.P.N. 9
Autrim Albert Hurlburt F. 9
Autrim Dan Shelby, RFD P. 9
Autrim W. F. Hurlburt G.F. 9
Auwerda Henry Highland G.G. 9
Awkerman J. C. Valparaiso, 814 Lincoln G. 9
Axe Bessie Valparaiso N. 9
Axe Dr. R. H. Chesterton 3-G. 9
Axe Miss Pearl Valparaiso, 602 Jefferson F. 9
Axe Mrs. Emanuel Valparaiso, 154 North Monroe N. 9
Aydelotte C. M. Miller G. 9
Ayers A. E. Lowell G.G. 9
Ayers Wm. H. Lowell F. 9
Aylea Chas. Valparaiso N. 10
Aylea Earl Hebron, R. #3 G. 10
Aylea Frank Valparaiso G. 10
Aylea Mrs. O. D. Valparaiso, 352 Locust Street G. 10
Aylea Rose Valparaiso G. 10
Aylea Wash. Valparaiso S. 10
Aylers Jacobs Valparaiso G. 10
Aylesworth Bert. Hebron G. 10
Aylesworth Clyde Hebron, RFD #3 3-G. 10
Aylesworth Floyd Hebron, RFD G. 10
Aylesworth Fred Valparaiso N.S. 10
Aylesworth Giles Hebron S.S.P.F. 10
Aylesworth Giles Hebron, RFD #3 S. 10
Aylesworth Glen Hebron, R #3 G.G.F. 10
Aylesworth Mrs. Grace Valparaiso F. 10
Aylesworth Porter Hebron F. 10
Aylesworth W. G. Boone Grove G.G. 10
Aylesworth W. G. Hebron G.G. 10
Ayling J. A. Hobart F.F. 10

Source Citation:
Tuttle, P.M. 1916. Merchants Rating and Credit Association of Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. Publication location unknown. 296 p.

Credit data transcribed and prepared by Steven R. Shook


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