Noah Starr, Will and ProbateAbstracts of Porter County Wills and Probates . . . .

Noah Starr
Will Book A, Pages 252-258
Noah Starr, of Town of Pavilion of Genesee County, of State of New York
Dated: 10th day of August, 1865
Wife: Mary Starr
Sons: Samuel Starr; Ruel Starr; Orson Starr; Loyal Starr; Benjamin Starr; Mansfield Starr; Charles Starr; Jasper Starr; Noah G. Starr; Alonzo Starr"
Daughters: Alfleda Kith; Julia Henry; Emeline Hatch
Grandchildren: George Kingsbury; Pleredas Doak
Executors: sons, Jasper Starr and Samuel Starr
Witnesses: C. F. Bissell, of Leroy, Genesee County, New York; J. A. Gilmore, of Pavilion, Genesee County, New York
Probate: 10th of November, 1865, Surrogate Office in the Town of Batavia, Genesee County, New York

November 21, 1865, certified copy of Will of Noah Starr was filed in the Clerk's Office of the Porter County Common Pleas Court.

Originally abstracted by Pearl Stoner Johnston, 1961
Prepared for web by Steven R. Shook, December 2008


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