A. B. Price, Will and ProbateAbstracts of Porter County Wills and Probates . . . .

A. B. Price
Will Book B, Pages 150-152
A. B. Price
January 28, 1876
Wife: Louisa Price
Daughter: Augusta W. Price (child of second marriage, Louisa Price is the mother). There are children of two wives, Louisa is the second. None of the children of the first wife are named. Following heirs are named, but relationship is not designated.
Heirs: John G. Price of Little Rock, Arkansas; G. E. Price of Guthrie County, Iowa; Nathaniel Price of same county and state; Mary Hannah Merriman of Porter County, Indiana; Abbie Case of Porter County, Indiana; Electa H. Price of Porter County, Indiana; Miles H. Price of Porter County, Indiana; Charles C. Price of Porter County, Indiana. "My first wife's children -- nothing to grandchildren, only to my own living."
Executor: Rezin Bell
January 8, 1879

Originally abstracted by Pearl Stoner Johnston, 1961
Prepared for web by Steven R. Shook, November 2008


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