James Massam, Will and ProbateAbstracts of Porter County Wills and Probates . . . .

James Massam, [X] his mark
Will Book A, Pages 146-148
James Massam
Dated: September 28, 1856
Richard Massam (probably his son)
Mariann Massam (probably his wife or daughter)
Wife: Nancy Winslow
Witnesses: Edward Evans; Timothy Weed
Probate: October 4, 1856 in Porter County, State of Indiana
October 3, 1856, Probate in LaPorte County

James Massam was of LaPorte County, State of Indiana, and of Porter County, Essex Township

Originally abstracted by Pearl Stoner Johnston, 1961
Prepared for web by Steven R. Shook, November 2008


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