John H. Force, Catholic Priest, Will and ProbateAbstracts of Porter County Wills and Probates . . . .

John H. Force
Will Book A, Pages 172-177
John H. Force, of Valparaiso, Porter County, State of Indiana
March 27, 1859
Wife: no wife, Catholic Priest
Brother: John Forrest Force
Sister: Ellen Green
Brother-in-law: Francis Green
Witnesses: Thomas Hame; A. Lytle Jones

Dated: April 20, 1859
Godchild: John Force McLaughlin
Nurse: Bridget A. Libay
Brother: Reverend B. J. Force
Executor: Francis Green (to Will)
Witnesses: Thomas Hame to Codicil
Probate: April 15, 1859

To be buried in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

Originally abstracted by Pearl Stoner Johnston, 1961
Prepared for web by Steven R. Shook, December 2008


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