Joseph W. Blachley, Will and ProbateAbstracts of Porter County Wills and Probates . . . .

Joseph W. Blachley
Will Book B, Pages 15-21
Joseph W. Blachley, of Morristown, New Jersey
6th day of July, 1868
Wife: Mary Blachley
Son: name not given, but his widow inherits
Daughter-in-law: Jane T. Blachley, widow of deceased son
Brother: Bayard P. Blachley - gives $5,000 for a public library in Morristown, New Jersey. "I have a rare and valuable collection of books, published in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, most of which are in Cincinnati, Ohio." Most of his property is in Ohio and elsewhere, a lot near the Garden of Eden, a park in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Heirs: niece, Elizabeth A. Beach; niece, Mary Jane Collis; granddaughter, Mary L. Blachley
Executors: William C. Bocker; Alfred Wells, of Morristown, New Jersey
Witnesses: J. W. Madmore; David W. Ross; William L. King
Probate: September 9, 1868, in New Jersey

Originally abstracted by Pearl Stoner Johnston, 1961
Prepared for web by Steven R. Shook, November 2008


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