The Vidette-Messenger Centennial EditionThe 1936 special edition celebrating Porter County's centennial year . . . .

The following article has been transcribed from the August 18, 1936, issue of The Vidette-Messenger, published in Valparaiso, Indiana. This particular special edition focuses on Porter County's centennial celebration and contains a 94-page compendium of Porter County history up to that time.

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Source: The Vidette-Messenger, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; August 18, 1936; Volume 10, Section 2, Page 20.


Over 200 Men and Women Are Required To Staff the Schools of City and County

Two hundred and thirty-three men and women, including the fifteen members of the board of education, direct the destinies of the Valparaiso and Porter county system. In addition to the school board, the staff includes the department of administration, department of supervision, department of instruction, and plant maintenance department.

Porter County Principal's Association -- Floyd O. Glass, Morgan school, president; G. Warren Phillips, Hebron; Homer M. Jessee, Valparaiso city schools; Mrs. Hazel Bockelmann, Liberty Center school; Charles C. McMurtry, Kouts; Leroy C. Hoff, A. F. Leroy, Boone Grove; A. Price Noe, Wheeler; Miss Dorothy DeWitt, Washington township; F. M. Goldsborough, Chesterton.

Porter County Teachers' Club (organized 1932) -- George Lowry, Chesterton, president; Gail Stimson Dye, vice-president; John Baker, Hebron, secretary; Wallace Aylesworth, Boone Grove, treasurer; Dorothy DeWitt, Washington township, representative of principals; Harry E. Knarr, Hebron; Gayle Copim, Flint Lake; Hugh Fickle, Jackson township; Garth Cobbum, Liberty township; Minor Baker, Pine township; William Eader, Kouts; Earl Wirth, Portage township; Mrs. Pauline Johnson, Porter township; Bernard Rose, Wheeler; Mary Price, Washington township, and George Lowry, Chesterton, executive committee.

Valparaiso city school board of education -- Ira C. Tilton, president, Rev. C. W. Wharton, secretary; James B. McKay, treasurer; Roy D. Julian, superintendent; Grace Helmer, clerk.

Valparaiso high school faculty -- H. M. Jessee, principal; C. O. Pauley, Science; Vera L. Sieb, English; Clare McGillicuddy, Mathematics; R. E. Schenck, History and Commerce; Dessa Hudson, Commerce; Olie Welty, Latin; J. B. Brown, Industrial Arts; Burton Conkling, English; Emma R. Poor, English; Ruth Andres, English; Hazel Butler, mathematics; William Kendall, science and history; Frank G. Reid, history; Ralph Powell, history and physical education; John M. Koch, German; Irene McCoy, English.

Central school -- R. H. White, principal and science; Maggie Rex, English; Sada Simms, history; Hazel Sowers, history; Kate Billings, geography and spelling; Iona Ahrens, science; C. L. Bigelow, industrial arts; Dorothy Bartholomew, mathematics; Ethel Zinn, sixth grade; Dora Faith, fifth grade; Ruth Wend, fourth grade; Bertha Sweet, third grade; Adaline Sievers, second grade; Mary Stoner, first grade.

Banta school -- Geneva Dye, principal and sixth grade; Geneva Schneider, fifth grade; Gertrude Jessee, third and fourth grades; Nora Darnall, second and third grades; Ida Jones, first grade.

Gardner school -- Mary Deegan, principal; Ella Vincent, sixth grade; Catharine Blaney, fifth grade; Clara Crosby, fourth grade; Margaret Ewing, third grade; Autumn Bartholomew, second grade; Nellie White, first grade.

Columbia School -- Mabel Herrick, principal and sixth grade; Naomi Turner, fifth grade; Mabel Jessee, fourth grade; Marjorie Cole, third grade; Mary Armfield, second grade; Maude Thomas, first grade.

Special teachers -- Mary Myers, music; Leathe Ponder, Art; Edith Weems, sewing; Margaret Bartholomew, cooking; Dorothy V. Smith, school nurse; Clara Benham, kindergarten; Mary Hollars, physical education.

Porter County Schools and Teachers -- Music Supervisors: L. Rush Hughes, Hebron; Miss Louise Schueffner, Center township, Jackson and Kouts; Miss Irena Stephens, Liberty Center; Mrs. Ralph Eades, Morgan township; George Myers, Portage, Union Center and Wheeler; Harold Rogers, Boone Grove, Washington and Jackson; Ben Johnson, Chesterton and Porter.

Boone township. Hebron -- Harry O. Williams, trustee; G. Warren Phillips, principal, social science and health; Harry E. Knarr, Latin and mathematics; John E. Baker, English and Civics; Lewis Henry, commerce and physical education; Helen Dittmars, Home Economics, physical education and biology; Thomas G. Scott, grades 7-8; Bernice Bagley, grades 5-6; Grace Ling, grade 2; Ester Wahl, grade 1.

Center township. Cook's Corners -- Vernon L. Beach, trustee; Mary Trudelle, grades 5-6; Glen Kinne, grades 7-8; Mrs. Mary Alice Osborn, grades 3-4; Mrs. Mary Chamberlain, grades 1-2; Flint Lake -- Gayle Coplin, grades 5-8; Mrs. Mildred Keene, grades 1-4; Hayes Leonard -- Mrs. Evelyn Wood, grade 5-7; Elizabeth Keene, grades 1-4.

Jackson township. Jackson Center -- Joseph Peterman, trustee; Clarence C. Olinger, principal, mathematics and science; Hugh Fickle, English and social science; Berniece Noble, grades 5-6; Mrs. Edna Barlay, grade 3-4; Theresa Johnson, grades 1-2.

Liberty township. Liberty Center -- Fred Hockelberg, trustee; Mrs. Hazel Bockelmann, English and geography; Gail Stimson Dye, social science and English; Garth D. Cobbum, commerce and shop; Dorothy Bowman, home economics, physical education and science; Edgar C. Ulrick, mathematics and physical education; Mrs. Ella Sayers, mathematics, English, Latin and reading; Mrs. Ruth Firebaugh, grades 5-6; Gertrude Hockelberg, grade 4; Edith Johnson, grades 2-3; Mrs. Leona Uphans, grade 1.

Morgan township -- John F. Hannon, trustee; Floyd O. Glass, principal, English and social science; William Ely, biology, general science and vocational agriculture; Mrs. Gretchen Randle, home economics, social science and physical education; John E. Wiggins, commerce and physical education; Velma Cook, Latin and English; Wayne Lee, mathematics, physiology and geography; Mrs. Pauline Bol, grade 5; Mrs. Florence Johnson, grades 3-4; Olivia Werner, grades 1-2.

Pine township -- Peter Pliske, trustee; Bayles school, Neva Johnson, grades 1-4; Brick school, Lucille Wheeler, grades 1-4; Carver school, Mrs. Lucille Lutz, grades 5-8; Beverly school, Minor Baker, grades 5-8; Mrs. Thelma Richmond, grades 1-4.

Pleasant township -- Gust Lippert, trustee; Charles C. McMurtry, Mathematics, English; Jane Dittmer, English, social science; Vera Kruell, biology, home economics; Carl Harrell, commerce, Latin, health; Thomas Eader, grade 8; Loretta Lauer, grade 7; Dellora Nuss, grades 5-6; Anita Rosenbaum, grades 3-4; Frederica Witham, grades 1-2; Mrs. Madalyn Eader, part time teachers grades 2-4; Cook school, Helen Rolle, grades 1-6; Lauer school, Bertha Drazer, grades 1-6; Morrison school, William Eader, grades 1-6.

Portage township -- Carl Hamstrom, trustee; Leroy C. Huff, Mathematics, physics; Vernon Charlson, history, English, health, physical education; Mrs. Ethel Jones, English, Latin; Robert Scofield, Woodshop, science; Cleo Ulrey, history, art, home economics; Esther Winter, English, health, physical education; Earl Wirth, commerce; Reuben Stwalley, grades 5-6; Mrs. Ora Jannasch, grades 3-4; Mrs. Florence Jannasch, grades 1-2; Garyton school, Vina Pearson, grades 5-6; Mildred Wolf, grades 3-4; Luella Thompson, grades 1-2; McCool school, Helen Skinkle, grades 1-8.

Porter township. Boone Grove -- Lewis W. Stevens, trustee; A. F. LeRoy, principal, science; Roger Stewart, Latin, mathematics; Mrs. Pauline Johnson, English, home economics, physical education, coach; Wallace Aylesworth, commerce, English, history; Ray Allshouse, social science, industrial arts, physical education; Louise Cobb, grades 7-8; Audrey Quinn, grades 5-6; Mary Steinhilber, grades 3-4; Mrs. Auretta Aylesworth, grades 1-2.

Union township. Wheeler -- Thomas R. Keene, trustee; A. Pryce Noe, mathematics, social science; Mrs. Marjorie Keene, home economics, social science; Bernard Rose, English, physical education, coach, industrial arts, junior business; Dorothy Eaton, biology, physical education, coach, English; Alice Studebaker, Latin, commerce, English; Vera Bradley, grades 7-8; Mrs. Esther Bordeau, grades 5-6; Charlotte Wilson, grades 3-4; Ethel Roth, grades 1-2; Union center school, Glen Collins, grades 5-8; Mrs. Leola Foster, grades 1-4.

Washington township -- Martin W. Cain, trustee; Dorothy DeWitt, principal, Latin, English; Fred Landis, social science, biology, health, physical education; J. Carter Eavey, mathematics, physics, general science; Florence Steuerwald, English, home economics, physical education; Paul Randle, grades 7-8; Mary Price, grades 5-6; Sadie J. Miller, grades 3-4; Betty Lawrence, grades 1-2.

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Article transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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