The Vidette-Messenger Centennial EditionThe 1936 special edition celebrating Porter County's centennial year . . . .

The following article has been transcribed from the August 18, 1936, issue of The Vidette-Messenger, published in Valparaiso, Indiana. This particular special edition focuses on Porter County's centennial celebration and contains a 94-page compendium of Porter County history up to that time.

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Source: The Vidette-Messenger, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; August 18, 1936; Volume 10, Section 2, Page 13.



On May 3, 1910 a number of Masons got together in Valparaiso and took the preliminary steps for the organization of a council of Royal and Select Masons. A dispensation, dated May 14, 1910, was secured from the grand council, and on October 19, 1910, the organization received a charter as Valparaiso Council, No. 86.

The charter members were William H. Williams, Sylvanus J. Summer, Joseph C. Carson, Hobart b. Hayden, Daniel Johnston, Mark L. Dickover, Robley D. Blount, Charles S. Arnold, E. G. Osborne, Herman A. Boehlke, John H. Ross, Robert J. Patrick, Fred M. Lindner, Henry B. Kinney, James D. Hollett, Charles D. Jones and John E. Groth.

From a few members when the charter was granted Valparaiso Council now has reached a membership of 208.

The late William H. Williams was the first Illustrious Master.

Like the Chapter, the Council is a continuation of the "York Rite" Masonry, being the eighth and ninth degrees, with a symbolical color of purple.

While comparatively young, the leaders of this council have always been outstanding men in this community, ever active and alert for the betterment of mankind.

This council has the distinction of having one of its members, Rev. Chester W. Wharton, as grand chaplain of the Grand Council of Indiana, serving for the year, 1936, with Dr. Allen O. Dobbins as Master of the local council.

Article transcribed by Steven R. Shook


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