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Charles Yeaudeau

Charles Yeaudeau, a Stranger, Is Found Dead on the Lake Shore Tracks.
Under Circumstances Which Point to His Murder, Presumably by Tramps.

Another mysterious death has been added to the list, which for the past ten years has been happening along that territory between Dune Park and Porter. On Sunday morning Aug. 14 the engineer of the Lake Shore freight train No. 70, going east, saw a body of a man lying squarely across the track about three-quarters of a mile west of Porter. He stopped the train before it reached the body, and with the assistance of the crew and some Chesterton boys who work at Dune Park, placed the body on the bank. The section men were notified and with Undertaker Lundberg went to the scene of the tragedy about 6 o'clock Sunday morning and brought the body to Chesterton. Coroner Ketchum held an inquest over the remains, but has not yet rendered a verdict. We understand that the coroner is inclined to the opinion that it is a case of foul play.

Upon examination of the body it was found shoeless and stockingless. The lower part of the body was uninjured, but the upper part was crushed beyond recognition, the trucks of a train having evidently passed over it. The feet were clean and tender, showing a natural color. Beside the body was a five shot 32 caliber revolver with the handle broken, but no load discharged. In the pockets of the dead man was found a silver spoon, pen knife, and a memorandum book. It was a blank book of the Washington Life Insurance Co., of New York, presented to Chas. Yeaudeau, Alpena, Mich., with compliments of George W. Goff, general agent, St. Paul, Minn., 32 East 4th street. In it is a record of the earnings and expenses of the dead man and a family record. It shows that Chas. Yeaudeau was one of twelve children of Wm. And Mary Yeaudeau, both of whom are dead, and that he was born March, 1879, and his home was in Alpena, Mich. He went to the public school and the French school in that town. It also shows that the dead man worked on a number of vessels on Lake Michigan in various capacities from cook to deck hand. In a little envelope was found a certificate issued by St. Mary's Hospital, West Superior, Wis., Feb. 18, 1898, entitling Charles Yeaudeau to admission and surgical treatment, medicine and board at any time within one year in consequence of injuries or sickness hereafter received during life of certificate.

On the face one would suppose the dead man had fallen from a train while asleep and been run over. But now for the straws. On Saturday night, Aug. 13th, the E. J. & E. cars at Porter were robbed. About ten o'clock that night August Wahl, who lives north of where the body was found, heard a noise like a fight on the Lake Shore railroad track, which was so loud that he called out his wife to see what the trouble could be. When the body was found no shoes of stockings were to be found, but Monday morning Agent Morrisey's dog came home with a neat, nearly new tan colored shoe which had a blood stain on the tongue. The shoe was perfectly whole, the strings unlaced, and had the appearance of having been taken off the foot it was on in a natural way. The shoe fit the foot of the dead man perfectly.

Undertaker Lundberg has written relatives at Alpena, Mich., and is expecting more light to be thrown on the subject. The authorities assisted by the railway detectives are working on the case.

Newspaper: The Chesterton Tribune
Date of Publication: August 20, 1898
Volume Number: 15
Issue Number: 19
Page: 4
Column(s): 4

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