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Cornelia Woods

A Sad Affair.
Perhaps one of the most startling tragedies that ever happened in our midst, took place last Satuday, when Mrs. Cornelia, wife of George Woods, living on a farm east of and adjoining Chesterton, shot herself through the heart with a shot-gun. The particulars as we have been able to gather them are substantially as follows:

For the past four or five weeks, Mrs. Woods had been in a demented state of mind, the cause of which is not known. She appeared very down-hearted and wanted to die. The family watched her closely, and had thought her condition would improve, and she would soon be her former self. Last Saturday morning she arose as usual, got breakfast, did up the morning work, fed her chickens, took care of the milk, and arranged everything about the house in perfect order. After breakfast Mr. Woods went out to the field to work and Mrs. Woods was left alone. After finishing up the work, which must have been between eight and nine o'clock, she fot the shot-gun, went out to the cow-shed, and placed its muzzle against her breast, over her heart, the butt of the gun resting on the ground. With the ramtod she must have pushed the trigger, as it was found lying beside her. Death was undoubtedly instantaneous, as the charge passed through her heart.

At noon Mr. Woods returned home for dinner, and finding the house deserted, began searching for his wife. After looking round the house and neighborhood he came to town and informed Mrs. Blatz and Mrs. Quick. They went back with him and renewed the search. Mrs. Blatz was the first to discover the dead woman, and the shock to them was heart-rending. At the time Mr. Quick was in Valparaiso, and he was sent for, arriving as soon as the journey could be made. The Coroner arrived later in the day, and rendered a verdict of "death by suicide, while in a demented state of mind."

The funeral took place Monday morning commencing at 10:30. The services were conducted by Rev. DeLong, and the remains buried in the Chesterton cemetery.

Mrs. Woods was an old resident, living on the farm where she died for many years. She was known by all our people as a lady of highmoral worth, kind to all, and always a benefactress to the unfortunate. Her sad death is the regret of all.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: June 14, 1888
Volume Number: 5
Issue Number: 9
Page: 1
Column(s): 8

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