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May Wood

Death of Mrs. Asa Swartout.

That intensity of gloom which prevails only in the hearts of those who have lost their nearest and dearest earthly friend, but elsewhere is not known, hangs heavily in the household of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. W. Wood and their son-in-law Mr. Asa Swartout.

For on Thursday last a darling daughter of 18 summers and so recently the bride of especial attraction in our sociable little city -- a child of rare promise and a companion of loving tendencies -- a lady of righteous ambition and confiding hope, was taken from her bright path of duty among friends of earth to her eternal home, never to return as a treasure of life, but to remain in their fond memory, as the guiding star of him to whom she was most dear and a monument of comfort to them whose united efforts for her purity and happiness she lived to honor and bless.

In an hour of bitter grief it is consoling to realize the existence and presence of friends who express their sympathy in word or act, and by such these saddened ones have been surrounded. Many hands have been ready through the lingering and patient illness of the departed to aid in any possible way, and upon her death a profusion of floral tributes were offered which rendered the scene of her funeral beautifully impressive. Of these were noted the following:

Wreath, star and box of flowers with vine, from Messrs. Ingraham, Corbin & May, Chicago.

Broken column -- Mrs. A. E. Letts, Mrs. Jos. Gardner and Mrs. M. S. Harrold.

Gates ajar -- Mrs. E. Ball.

Harp -- Crescent Society.

Anchor -- Bible class of Mrs. A. V. Bartholomew, with the following: "To the memory of one we loved; from the S.-S. class of which she was a member. Jennie Letherman, Maud Skinner, Steve Finney, Harvey Lantz, Girdon Bartholomew, Lizzie Ball, Lulu Skinner, Ella Jeffrey, Tina Jeffrey, Jennie Salisbury, Grace Herr, Helen Spaulding, Emma Sayles, Alice Letherman."

Basket of flowers -- Mrs. Isha Smith, Englewood.

Basket of flowers -- Lissie Ball.

Pillar -- Misses Eva and Ella and Mrs. Arthur Wood, Deep River.

Flowers -- Mrs. Letherman and others.

Wreath -- name unknown.

Flowers, arranged -- Mrs. M. L. McClelland and Mrs. J. C. Dunlap.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: October 25, 1883
Volume Number: 27
Issue Number: 43
Page: 8
Column(s): 4

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