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George Wolf

George Wolf Shot Sunday Night at His Home Near Lake Station.

Last Sunday night one of the most startling tragedies happened at Lake Station that ever occurred in this part of the state. George Wolf an old man 72 years of age, was shot and killed in his home, and the murder was committed within a stone's throw of help. The particulars are:

Wolf lives a half miles west of Lake Station on the north side of the Michigan Central railroad, and the house is about 15 rods from the track. About 7:30 Sunday evening, a Michigan Central freight train was doing some switching in front of the house. The trainmen heard two shots fired in the direction of Wolf's house, and H. J. Klasmer, a brakeman, August Colar, and the fireman of the train, went over to the house to see the cause. Klasmer, on reaching the house saw Wolf sitting in the doorway, dead, with two bullet holes in his body, one in the pit of his stomach and the other in the breast. The railroad men notified the dead man's son, John Wolf, who lives about 70 rods west of the old man's house. The son had just returned from the station and was eating supper. He immediately went to his father and placed the body on the bed. An examination of the premises proved beyond a doubt that it was a case of cold-blooded murder for no weapon could be found to show that the old man did the deed himself.

The Coroner of Lake County held an inquest Monday, and rendered by a verdict of murder, probably caused by tramps.

At the time of the murder, Mrs. Wolf wife of the murdered man, was in Hegeswich, taking care of her grand-daughter, and the old man was alone in the house.

George Wolf came to Chesterton 36 years ago last March, and lived here 10 years. He then moved to Lake Station and has since lived in that vicinity ever since. He is the father of Mrs. Caroline Frieze, who lives about a mile and a quarter south of Chesterton, and also the father of John and August Wolf, who live near Lake Station, and of Wm. Wolf, of Chicago, and Louisa Weston, who lives in Tolleston. The old man owned 120 acres of land where he lived, but about five years ago deeded it to his son John, in consideration of support for the rest of his days. The old man was feeble and crippled up, but managed to do some work. He was also partially deaf. He had no money in the house that anybody knows of, and the murder could not have been committed for the purpose of robbery. The affair is shrouded in mystery. The funeral was held Tuesday.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: September 6, 1888
Volume Number: 5
Issue Number: 21
Page: 1
Column(s): 1

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