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Dessie Wilson

Letter Regarding the Murder of Little Dessie Wilson.

The following letter from E. C. Field, of Crown Point, appeared in last week's star:

"Dessie Wilson, seven years of age, daughter of Jos. Wilson was shot and instantly killed on last Friday at 4:20 p. m. the charge of shot entered near the left shoulder and came out through the right breast and the entire charge was carried in a compass of about one and one-half inches in diameter. The shot was fired so close that the clothing on the child was powder burned. The mystery is, how could some fiend have perpetrated the murder, or was it the result of childish play? Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and family are so distressed over the matter, that any advice of friends pointing to the solution of the mystery affords them great comfort. On Tuesday I was invited down to interview the boys, and look about the house, in the hope that I might be able to aid in determining the question of whether the shooting was accidental or the deed of some deperate tramp. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, it is needless to say, have no question but what it was the act of some villian, and have sought the investigation of the matter by others to give confirmation to their belief and in the apprehension of the murderer. It is most likely that the whole truth will never be known in as much as the prepetration of the act is beyond human power of identification. The children were alone and saw no person, and no article of any description is known to be missing, and no disturbance of household effects discoverable. It would be plausible to theorise that it may have resulted from play among the children, but for the pointed denial and intelligent account given by the boys, Eddie and Earnest (ten and five years of age respectively) and from some physical facts which cannot be reconciled with this theory. There was no one at home but Eddy, Earnest and Dessa. Just before the shooting, they had been out with their father some distance from the house, and returned alone, passed into the sitting room, and there little Dessie was shot. Earnest stepped over his sister, who had fallen behind him, and taking his brother Eddie's hand, they ran to the marsh where their father was at work, and the first words uttered were "a man has shot Dessie." Mr. Wilson immediately, and as fast as his horse could carry hime, went to the home to find his daughter dead and the room full of smoke from the discharge of the gun. He found the gun hanging from the rack in the usual place. A talk with the boys and an inspection of the room leads to the conclusion that a fiend is abroad.

It may be that no degree of vivilence or effort will aid in the culprit's arrest, but a knowledge of the fact will make every one more watchful, and will elicit for the family intense sympathy.

Yours etc.,

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: September 20, 1888
Volume Number: 5
Issue Number: 23
Page: 1
Column(s): 2

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