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Dessie Wilson

A sad tragedy occurred near Leroy, in Lake county, last Friday, in Joseph Wilson's family. Mr. Wilson was out in the field at work and Mrs. Wilson had gone to Palmer to do some trading. About 4 o'clock in the afternoon, one of the little boys came running out to where his father was at work, saying "that a man had shot his little sister," calling her by name. Mr. Wilson unhitched on of the horses and went to the house as fast as he could go, and found the little girl lying on her face just at the door of the buttery dead. It was thought at first that the children had done it accidently; but they have been cross-questioned in every possible manner, and the parents have come to the conclusion that it was not the children. They questioned a little four-year-old boy in every manner. His aunt asked how his brother got the gun down from its place, and he said, "Robby did not get the gun down, the man done it." Then she asked him what they brought the corn knife and butcher knife in for, and what they were doing with them, he said, "we did not have them." The little girl that was shot was about 7 years old; one of the children that were in the house at the time, was older and one younger. The gun was smoking when Mr. Wilson got to the house. It seems hardly possible children their age to cover up such a deed if they had done it accidently. It might have been some person that was insance that had done the deed.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: September 13, 1888
Volume Number: 5
Issue Number: 22
Page: 1
Column(s): 4

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