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George W. Williams


A Jolly Party of About Thirty Picnickers From Westville Bear Home in Solemn Procession the Lifeless Body of Their Leader.


A party of picknickers, comprising some 25 or 30 prominent and highly respected citizens of Westville, came from that place Tuesday to enjoy a day of recreation and repose on the water and banks of our beautiful Flint Lake.

They were a happy crowd, and all seemed "merry as a marriage bell." They had partaken sumptuously of the dinner they had brought with them, and were feeling exceptionally well satisfied. The affair was repeatedly pronounced a signal success in every particular. The sail-boat which belongs to Messrs. G. F. Bartholomew, Will Gardner, Will Letherman and Harry Pagin, of this city, and which has been a favorite friend this season to such as are fond of its quaint tricks, had been in use all day and was found to contribute liberally to the pleasures of the occasion.

Five of the party, witnesses to the sport it afforded others, and thinking to avail themselves of the enjoyment it offered, boarded the frail craft and embarked for a short voyage, expecting on their return to shore to start soon for home. Dr. Hollenback, Mr. and Mrs. E. Drum, (of the Westville Indicator,) and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Williams, constituted the boat load. Only a little way out, the boat capsized. Mr. and Mrs. Williams were thrown into the water, and neither of them being swimmers, both must have drowned but for the ready assistance at hand. Mr. Drum had quite all he could do to take care of himself and his wife, and Dr. Hollenback strove manfully to rescue both the unfortunates who were about to sink.

For a short time it seemed as if he might succeed, but soon it became evident he must let the man do as best he might, for certainly the Dr. co'd maintain but one above the water's surface, and this one no very long time.

Parties from town chanced to be very near, and very soon John Dunlap, who had rushed to the rescue burdened with all his clothes, was in their reach and with the aid of Prof. Banta and Henry Sayles, the lady was landed, and though for a time her life was nearly despaired of, she finally was restored to consciousness and was able in the evening to ride home in a carriage.

Alas! Not so her husband. He had sunk instantly when let go by the Doctor and was not seen to rise again until drawn from the water near half an hour after, being the first corpse ever taken from the pure waters of that beautiful lake. His life was extinct, and though every effort was made for his restoration, it was without avail.

Mr. Williams was a man of about 35, medium height and weight, sandy complexion. He was a school teacher of considerable experience, and will be remembered as one who took an active part and interest in institutes. He attended the Normal for a time, and is highly spoen of by his principal, Prof. Brown. He has also been a newspaper writer, having favored the Vidette with numerous contributions at various times. He was of sturdy and exemplary habits by which he had won many warm and true friendships. He was the leader of this excursion and picnic.

He was the son of Patrick Williams, of Westville, and married in 1882 to Miss Emma, daughter of Jacob Shinaberger, and niece of ex-superintendent R. Shinaberger. Possibly she will be better remembered by our citizens as having lived several years in the family of Rev. G. M. Boyd, where she was regarded almost as one of the family.

As soon as possible when the man was declared dead, the undertaker from Westville was sent for. Mrs. Williams was taken home in a carriage, about 6:30 o'clock, from Mr. Merrill's house. And shortly after the hearse arrived and claimed its unfortunate freight. For Westville this is indeed a sad day.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: August 9, 1883
Volume Number: 27
Issue Number: 32
Page: 5
Column(s): 5

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