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Benjamin F. Wells

The Victim a Farmer; the Murderer a Worthless Tramp.

Benjamin F. Wells, Jr., aged twenty-two years, resided with his parents in Kankakee township, Laporte county, was killed almost instantly Saturday evening at 5 o'clock on the farm of Charles Carpenter, a near neighbor of the Wells family, on the Springvale road, in Kankakee township. Regarding the murder the Michigan City Dispatch says: The murderer is a boy seventeen years old by the name of Albert Bruminger, a tramp, whose parents reside in Louisiana, Mo. Bruminger came to the Carpenter neighborhood three weeks ago and was hired by a farmer of the neighborhood as a farm hand. On the day of the tragedy Carpenter, his sons and some neighbors, among whom was young Wells, were loading hay and storing it in the barn. Young Bruminger came up to them in the afternoon, stating that he had been given a layoff, a statement which proved to be false, and had been around there only a short time when he picked a quarrel with Carpenter's son, about thirteen years of age. He struck the boy with his fists and kicked him under the chin. Then Wells interfered and stopped the fight. This act angered Bruminger. He ran into Carpenter's house and got a single-barreled shot-gun, which he had seen standing there, and went out into the yard with it. The gun was loaded, and cocking the weapon, the young desperado pointed it at Mr. Carpenter. Mrs. Carpenter ran out and screamed and her cries attracted Bruminger's attention, when some one sprang in and took the gun away from him.

Still furious and determined to injure some one at all hazards Bruminger began throwing stones at Carpenter, Wells and others. Finally Wells approached the young tramp and told him to get out and go home. Bruminger then drew forth his pocket knife and began striking at Wells, who made an effort to get possession of the knife. During the melee Bruminger struck Wells a fatal blow. The knife pierced his breast over the heart, taking a downward course. Wells cried out to those who witnessed the deed, "Hurry up, I'm stabbed," and staggered to a shade tree in the yard. Having dropped down under the tree he stated he was getting very faint, and in fifteen minutes after the fatal blow was struck the unfortunate man died. The stabbing was witnessed by Mrs. Chas. Carpenter, Charles G. Carpenter, her son, another Carpenter boy and M. J. Carpenter, a cousin of the Carpenters.

When Bruminger struck the fatal blow he fled. Frank J. Kane, a neighbor of the Carpenters went for the nearest doctor. A couple of farmers soon started in pursuit of Bruminger and they caught him in a field which he was crossing, two miles from the Carpenter homestead. They conducted him to Laporte and turned him over to Sheriff Reed. Bruminger is now in jail.

The murdered man was the son of B. F. Wells, Sr., who resides near the Carpenters. Young Wells was a faithful and honest boy and bore a good reputation in the neighborhood. He was the only son. His brother died in Chicago a few years ago. On the other hand the murderer is a vicious rake, who admitted Sunday to Deputy Coroner Ohming in the county jail he had run away from home because he quarreled with his father. He stated that his father is an engineer in a tobacco factory in Louisiana.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: August 7, 1891
Volume Number: 8
Issue Number: 17
Page: 1
Column(s): 6

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