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Mrs. D. S. Way

Schooner Chiquita Washed Ashore Two Miles East of Millers Station.

With a dead man lashed to the rigging, the two masted schooner Chiquita dashed upon the shore about two miles east of Millers Station yesterday. The entire crew, consisting of the captain and three sailors, perished. It is thought also that the wife of the captain was aboard the schooner, and if so she also perished. The name of the captain is thought to be D. S. Way. The names of the sailors could not be learned.

The wreck was discovered in a lonely place near the beach by Albert Sabinski a fisherman, who immediately notified the coroner of Lake county.

It was early yesterday morning that the fisherman living in the huts near the place where the vessel struck saw the schooner careening helplessly before the fury of the storm. Soon the watchers on shore made out the figure of a man lashed to the rigging. Presently the boat struck, and there it remained, pitching and rolling in the angry waves all day long. The high seas made the launching of a small boat so dangerous that it was nearly night before an attempt was made to get to the wreck.

When a boat finally reached the wreck it was found that the body lashed to the rigging was that of the captain. There was an ugly gash in his forehead. He was a man of evidently of 55 years of age. His hair was silvery and he wore a mustache tinged with grey.

It is supposed that the bodies of the crew are washed overboard and strewn along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Among other things, a woman's wardrobe was also found, which would lead to believe that the captain's wife was aboard and also lost her life.

The name Chiquita adorns the stern of the craft in large qilt letters, but not the name of her home port. The log book could not be found.

Newspaper: The Chesterton Tribune
Date of Publication: November 4, 1899
Volume Number: 16
Issue Number: 30
Page: 5
Column(s): 5

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