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Wiebern Wartena

The Slayer of Dregher Dies at Rensselaer Protesting His Innocence.
Michigan City Dispatch.

Wiebern Wartena was hanged at Rensselaer Friday Feb. 26, for the murder of John Dregher. A large crown gathered in the town to witness the execution, and it was conducted in the presence of over one thousand people, some of whom were permitted to see Watena while he lay on his bunk previous to the hour fixed. Wartena was escorted to the scaffold at 11:40, and when on the trap delivered a wild harangue in broken English and party in Holland Dutch, declaring his innocence of the crime charged against him, and calling upon God to have mercy upon his accusers. At 11:52 the trap was sprung, and the body was allowed to hand until 12:25 p. m., when it was cut down. His neck was broken by the fall. None of his relatives were present. Many people form the southern part of the county and from Westville attended the hanging.

Wartena's crime was committed on the 29th of October, 1884. He came to this county from Holland a few years ago, and located near French Landing; on the Kankakee river, south of this city. He procured food for himself, wife and four children by fishing in the river and doing odd jobs for his neighbors. One of these neighbors was John Dregher, who owned a small farm and some cattle. Dregher lost his wife, but kept his house in the same condition as during the wife's lifetime, and assisted Wartena and sometimes boarded with him. While on a fishing expedition Wartena killed Dregher and threw his body in the river. He took possession of Dregher's property, even his deceased wife's clothing, and claimed that he had bought all the property for $375, paying for it with a check which he had received from the old country, and that Dregher had returned to the old country. He finally confessed his crime.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: March 4, 1886
Volume Number: 2
Issue Number: 49
Page: 1
Column(s): 7

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