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Mrs. M. R. Walsh

WALSH -- At her residence in this city on Thursday, Aug. 30, 1883, Mrs. M. R. Walsh, aged 41 years.

For a number of years deceased had been a sufferer from that dread disease, paralysis, which finally terminated her life after a long and painful prostration. She bore her affliction with the greatest fortitude, ever entertaining strong hopes of recovery, and those about her were often saddened at hearing her express wishes, which they knew but too well were only futile. Seldom does one pass away to whom as much deserved praise can be given as to the subject of our sketch. Eleven years ago she was married to Mr. M. R. Walsh. She came over a large family of children, most of them small, and recently left motherless. She seemed to understand the responsibility of her new position, and entered at once into the conscientions fulfilment of her onerous duties.

Nine years ago, Mr. Walsh's second oldest son, Richard, was taken ill, and died very suddenly; two years ago, his youngest child, Harry, died after a short illness; and only four months ago did he lose, his son Rob, so highly esteemed, and much beloved by all who knew him. She had cared for her step-children in health and sickness with a true mother's solicitude, and was amply repaid for her kindness in winning those children's love and esteem. "The Lord loves whom he chastises," and it is consolation to think that her case was only a verification of those words of Scripture. She did not aspire to the world's honor, nor did she crave the world's praise. In her simple, quiet manner, she did the "best she could," and angels can do no more than that. After all what do dame and glory avail except in as much as they have aided us in the fulfillment of our duties to God and the perfection of the object of existence, namely, doing the Will of God? Truly has it been written - "Whether crowned or crowless when we fall, it matters not so as God's Will is done.

Mrs. Walsh's funeral was conducted at St. Paul's Church on Saturday, Sept. 1st and her remains laid to rest in the Catholic Cemetery.

Her labors here are over, her work here is done; but the record of her deeds has passed on high, and her memory shall line the hearts of those to whom she devoted clung with more than ordinary affection.


Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: September 6, 1883
Volume Number: 27
Issue Number: 36
Page: 1
Column(s): 6

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