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Henry A. Upthegrove

Mr. Upthegrove's Funeral.

The funeral exercises of Mr. Henry A. Upthegrove were held at the Methodist Church last Sabbath morning at 10 1/2 o'clock, Rev. N. L. Brakeman, Pastor, officiating. The procession, headed by members of the Valparaiso Lodge of Odd Fellows, and representative members of lodges in other cities, in regalia, left the residence as the second bell began to toll.

The church was densely packed in every part, and many could not gain admittance.

The organ gave forth, in solemn tones, the "Dead March" as the pall-bearers, (preceded by the Pastor repeating apprpriate Scriptures) slowly passed up the aisle, and deposited the casket before the altar.

Services began by the reading of selections from the 21st and 22nd chapters of Revelations, followed by the 979th hymn" "Asleep in Jesus -- blessed sleep"!

Then followed the sermon, from Rev. 14 -- 13: "And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; Yea, sayeth the spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them." The discourse considered; I. The persons mentioned viz: the dead in Christ; embracing 1. Infants; 2. Adult believers; 3. The pious heathen. II. What is said of them, -- 1. They rest from labor; 2. Their works follow them; 3. They are blessed. The above is a bare mention of the general outline. We have not room for the general deliniation of the several general heads. As a Specimen of the manner in which the general ideas were wrought out by the speaker in the sermon, take the following on the last points --

They are blessed with: -- 1. Dilverance from all the ills of this life; 2. victory, not over death, for he strikes them down -- but victory in death; 3. Hope of the resurrection; 4. With preparation for heaven; 5. With title to the "mansion" prepared for them; 6. With an abundant admittance into the everlasting Kingdom; 7. With a knowledge of what Heaven is; 8. With the eternal enjoyment of it.

At the close of the sermon the Pastor read the following:


Henry A. Upthegrove was born in Ontario county, N. Y., June 30th, 1826. August 28th, 1845, he was married to Miss Mercy A. Topping, by whom he had two children -- a son and daughter. The mother died while the second child was an infant.

In 1856, he was married to Mrs. Eliza A. Lake, who survives to mourn his death. In the same year he moved to Michigan and settled in Newago.

In 1858, he removed to Indiana and settled in Crown Point, Lake County. In 1866 he came to Porter county and settled in Valparaiso. He was converted in early youth and joined the Presbyterian Church.

At Crown Point in 1858 he united with the M. E. Church, and remained a member till death. He died at home Friday, August 8th, 1879.

As a Christian, brother Upthegrove was sincere, competent, persevering to the end. As husband and father, he was kind, affectionate and faithful to the last. As a ---?--- man, he was thoroughly honest and upright in all his dealings. As a citizen he was honored and respected by all, as the large concourse assembled to pay him their last tribute ---?--- ---?---. He was thoroughly loyal to his country, and served it to his best ability. As a member of the fraternity, so largely represented at his funeral, he stood among the most highly honored and trusted.

But he is dead. His toll and suffering are ended, his life's work is done. His body must return to dust, his spirit has gone to the God who gave it. He is gone from the family, and the church; from the lodge and its fraternal greetings, and fellowship; gone where the ties of true brotherhood, and links of true friendship are never broken; gone from society and business, and from the common walks of men. Our consolation is: he has gone to the mansions of the blest. We will remember his virtues, forget his failings, honor his memory, and strive to meet him in Heaven.

Prof. Banta then, on behalf of his Lodge, paid a brief tribute to his character as an Odd Fellow; after which the Fraternity took charge of the remains, and he was buried according to the ritual of the Order, Prof. Banta leading in the last sad rites. The ceremonies ended, the Pastor pronounced the benediction.

Che-que-uk Lodge, No. 56, I. O. O. F., Valparaiso, Ind., Aug. 11, 1879.

WHEREAS, By the hand of Death we have been called upon to mourn the loss of our esteemed brother, H. A. Upthegrove;

WHEREAS, His devotion to the sublime principles of our order was marked earnest and sincere; and

WHEREAS, It is fitting and proper that a fraternal recognition of these exalted qualities be had by his brethren and associates, therefore

RESOLVED, That by his death our lodge has lost an active devoted and worthy member; a friend and brother who deserved and received our fullest confidence and highest esteem, and whose memory we will revere and cherish;

RESOLVED, That as a token of our respect for the deceased, the emblems of the lodge be draped in mourning, and the brethren wear the usual badge for 30 days.

RESOLVED, That we tender to the relatives and friends of the deceased, our condolence and sympathy in their save bereavements, bearing the seal of the Lodge be forwarded to them by the Secretary.

M. L. DeMotte,
W. H. Banta,
G. Block. } Committee.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: August 14, 1879
Volume Number: 23
Issue Number: 33
Page: 3
Column(s): 6

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