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And Twenty New Cases at Porter Station -- An Interesting Controversy on the Subject.
From Tuesday Edition.

The lull that occurred in the progress of the Porter epidemic was the lull that came before the storm as it was followed by a fresh outbreak of the disease and a large number of new cases. Fifteen is the total number of those who have so far died and the disease if not on the increase, just now cannot be said to be abating. In the meanwhile, opinion as to the cause of the disease runs counter to a greater extent than ever before, Dr. Marr still holding tenaciously to the tainted meat theory as the following dispatch from Indianapolis to the Chicago Times will show:

The state Board of Health has received Dr. D. D. Marr's report of his investigation into the cause of the epidemic at Porter Station, Porter County. He controverts Dr. Loring, the County Health Officer, in the matter of the origin and cause of the prevalent sickness. Dr. Marr says he has taken the testimony of many witnesses and is able to show that from two stores in Porter were sold to citizens certain meat, cheese, and sausages which were "rotten," covered with green putrefaction, and "maggoty." Some of this stuff was eaten by the Poles and Swedes, who make up most of the population. Dr. Marr charges that Dr. Loring did not investigate the matter of the selling of bad produce; that "it was not policy for him to do so." He (Marr) promises to "startle the natives" with the results of his investigations when fully completed.

Dr. Loring county health officer, received the following letter dated Aug. 13 which explains itself.

D. J. Loring, M. D., Valparaiso, Ind. --
Dear Sir:
We are in receipt of complaints from Chesterton in relation to the unsanitary conditions of that town and Porter, and although you have directed the inhabitants to clean up it is probably that they have not done so. In view of fact that some of the physicians believe in the theory that some of the sickness is caused by tainted meat, I would suggest that you give notice to the butchers not to sell any such meat, and in case they do so prosecute them under sec. 2,-069 of the Revised statutes of 1881. It may be that these complaints have no truth to them, and I have full faith in your willingness and ability to do every thing that ought to be done.

Yours Truly,
Secretary State Board of Health.

Dr. Loring in an interview this morning expressed himself on the subject as follows: "I did thoroughly investigate the cause of the Porter epidemic, and said in my report that diseased meat was in my opinion one of the primary causes of the disease. I based my opinion upon testimony of the patients. Not an ounce of the meat which was said to be tainted could be obtained for analysis. The sanitary conditions of Porter is excrable and I gave notice to clean up. I also personally gave notice to the butchers of Chesterton not to sell any tainted meat under penalty of the law. If diseased meat is the only cause that led to the epidemic it is strange that the disease has broken out afresh when it is positive that no diseased meat has been sold for some time.

Prosecuting Attorney Crumpacker after diligent investigation says that he can find no cause for prosecution. The only testimony that can be obtained would be hear-say evidence and of a kind not admissable in court."

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: August 20, 1885
Volume Number: 29
Issue Number: 34
Page: 3
Column(s): 4

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