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Report of Inquest.

We the jury empannelled and sworn to examine the body of a man found lying dead near the junction of the Buffalo and Mississippi R. R. Co., whose name we have been unable to ascertain. We find him to have been a man about 45 years of age. Sing[--?--] gray headed, his beard is of about two months growth, heavy & mixed with white hairs -- the beard on his upper lip of about two weeks growth, height about 5 ft 8 or 9 inches, heavy build & weighing probably 150 lbs. had on a red flannel under shirt and common cotton shirt, striped blue cotton pants, a nankeen vest with buttons made of moulds & covered with the same, a brown cloth sack coat, a pair of domestic sockings, a pair of fine boots, with red tops and a patch on the inside of each and a palm leaf hat nearly new were found lying near by -- in his pockets were found two new bladed knives, a razor & case, a bunch of 4 keys, a pair of German silver spectacles, with but one glass, a putty knife in a leathern case, a fine comb, two vials with some liquid resembling launanum, and a small paper on which was written Robert Mills & Co., & Robt. Milree & Co., on the corner of which was written in pencil, "Worthy."

Porter co., Ia., Sep. 2d, 1852.

E. E. Campbell, Foreman, Ralph Wilkinson, Jas. Hough, S. M. Styckney, G. W. Colburn, Miller Blachly, L. Colburn, Wm. Morrow, G. W. Flynn, G. W. Flynn, A. Green, K. Green, S. Wright.

We the jury of Inquest on the body of a man found lying dead about one half of a mile west of junction of Buffalo and Mississippi Rail Road after having been legally empannelled & sworn, did proceed to examine the body and inquire into the cause of his death and do find upon examination that his neck was dislocated which we believe to have been the cause but the Jury are unable to ascertain whether the dislocation occurred by accident or otherwise.

Porter co., Ind. Sep. 3, 1852.

E. E. Campbell, Foreman, Miller Blachly, Luke Colburn, Ralph williamson, Jas. Hough, Wm. Morrow, Geo. W. Flynn, S. M. Stickney, Alanson Green, K. Green, G. M. Colburn, S. Wright.

Done under my supervision as acting coroner, according to law, this 3d day of September 1852.


Newspaper: Practical Observer
Date of Publication: September 6, 1852
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 6
Page: 2
Column(s): 5

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