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The Body of An Unknown Man Found On The Lake Beach.
The Coroner's Inquest To Be Held To-Day.

Last Monday Charles Peterson, who lived near City West, while walking along the beach of the Lake, and at a point five miles east of the Hamilton fishing shanties, discovered the body of a man in the water. Peterson did not touch the body, but left it where it was, and sent word to the Trustee of this township. Not until Wednesday, did any one go after the body, and then Undertaker Lundberg, with Coroner Coate's went out. The found the body of a man apparently about 55 or 60 years old, heavy set, smooth face, dressed in blue overalls, a blouse, and plow shoes. Two fingers had at some time in the man's life, been amputated from the left hand. The body was in a fair state of preservation, and had been in the water possibly two or three weeks. The Coroner was unable to hold an inquest on the body where found, and ordered it brought to Chesterton, and will hold the inquest to-day (Thursday).

It was thought that the body was that of Capt. Lawrence, a well-known Lake navigator, who was lost on Oct. 2, but his relatives who came to identify him, said it was not him. One relative of Capt. Lawrence has walked up and down the Lake beach over 150 miles searching for him, and they are willing to give almost anything for the recovery of his body.

As we go to press, we are unable to give the verdict of the Coroner, but according to the evidence now known, it must be "Death of unknown man from unknown cause."

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: October 30, 1890
Volume Number: 7
Issue Number: 29
Page: 1
Column(s): 6

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