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Lake Shore Kills Another Man.
Last Saturday the west bound local, when near Baillytown, struck an unknown man, inflicting injuries which resulted in his death. From what can be learned, the engineer saw the man on the track, and supposed that he would step aside when the engine neared him and of course did not slacken the speed of the train. To his horror, and after it was too late, he saw the fellow reel on the track and fall backward just in time to be caught by the pilot. The train was stopped as soon as possible and the victim was found under the pilot rolled up in a wad. The bones of his arms, legs, ribs were broken, and his flesh badly gashed. The work train which was standing near by took the man to Chesterton for medical treatment. The accident occurred just before noon, Saturday, and he lived until Sunday morning at 5 o'clock. He spoke a few words, in what was thought to be italian, but no one could understand him, and he lay in an unconscious state until he died. Mr. Forbes was appointed to nurse him, and took him to a vacant house near th depot, and staid with him. Immediately after death, and indeed before, the body stunk terribly, on account of the terrible hot weather, he was buried a few hours afterward. Nothing could be found on his person to identify him, and it is supposed that he was an Italian tramp who either deliberately committed suicide, or had a fit just as the train struck him. Coroner Letherman came down Sunday afternoon and had the body taken up so that he might hold an inquest. Nothing of importance was developed by the inquiry, further than the deceased came to his death by being struck by a Lake Shore locomotive, and that his identity is unknown.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: July 21, 1887
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 16
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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