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Myrta Turner

On Friday night, Sept. 4th, Myrta the little six year old daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Frank Turner breathed her last. Just a week before, she was taken sick with symptoms of cholera infantum, and grew worse until Friday, black vomiting commenced. This caused her death. The funeral was held on Sunday, the ceremonies being conducted by Rev. Z. Lambert. Myrta was a bright child, and the idol of her parents. The sorrowing family have the sympathy of the community in their affliction.

Gently tread ye at her bed-side,
For our Mertie's dying now --
Her clear sparkling eye is glazing,
And the death-damp chills her brow.
Softly whisper -- sob but slowly,
For the angels now are come,
Lent by Him, the high and holy,
To convey her spirit home.

Hear ye not the gentle nestling
Of their golden beaming wings?
Feel ye not the holy thrilling
Their angelic presence brings?
Look, our darling now has seen them,
And they gathered round her bed --
"Pretty, Pretty," faintly falleth --
She is dying -- She is dead.

She is dead -- yet still there lingers
On her lip that parting smile;
Each one gazing feels more holy,
More like Heavan for the while;
For they think the blessed angels,
As they bore her soul away,
Left a trace of bliss immortal
Stamped upon her youthful clay.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: September 10, 1885
Volume Number: 2
Issue Number: 24
Page: 1
Column(s): 8

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