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Mrs. Trowe

Cholera Infantum and Symptoms of Bloody Flux Making Havoc in Hageman.
Four Deaths and Twenty-Five Cases the Result of Disregard of the Health Order to Clean Up.

Last Monday report came to this place that an unusually large number of people were sick at Hageman. Investigation proved this statement to be correct. On that day twenty-five persons were down with Cholera Infantum and symptoms of Bloody Flux. On Sunday the one year old child of Alfred Ericson died of cholera infantum, and on Monday morning Mrs. Trowe, wife of _____ Trowe, was dead. Monday night Peter Pearson, 19 years old, and the eldest son of widow Pearson, breathed his last. Ten minutes after his death, the twelve year old son of widow Gustafson was dead.

The length of sickness was very short in all cases, Mrs. Trowe was first taken sick on Thursday, but her case was not considered serious, and no doctor was called until a short time before her death.

The following is a partial list of the sick people, and is as complete as we have been able to get it.

MRS. SENECA BIGELOW and two children.
JONATHON BROWN, two children,
N VALINE, two children,

After reports were spread far and wide that the sickness was caused from meat-poisoning, and was terrible in its devastation, Dr. D. J. Loring, of Valparaiso, chairman of the Board of Health, came down Wednesday to make an investigation. In company with Dr. Green, a member of the board of health, he went to Hageman that afternoon, and made an examination of the cases. A large amount of evidence was gathered, and on their return to Chesterton, a telegram from Dr. Long, a medical expert, was received, stating that he would come to-day, (Thursday). The physicians are satisfied that the disease is epidemic dyssentery, but do not wish to give a decision until all evidence is carefully weighed. Some cases were found where the patients testified to not having eaten any meat, yet were afflicted in precisely the same was as those who had eaten meat.. The doctors agree that the town of Hageman is in a deploarable sanitary condition, and a large number of orders to clean up, were issued. To-day, the result of the investigations will be made public.

It is generally conceded that the dirty, filthy condition of the place contributes more than all else to bring on the sickness. The two alleys running east and west, north of the railroad are very bad, the privys are bad, and right in this district there is more sickness than anywhere else. Just west of Squire Gondering's house, nearly to the corner where the road turns north, is a ditch filled with dirty, rotten water that sends forth a stench that is terrible. The surface of the water is covered with a green scum that makes one sick to look at it. In the heart of Hageman there was a vault in so bad a condition that one of the physicians of that town took upon himself the responsibility of hiring a man to clean it. Unless something is speedily done to clean up this place, a panic may be looked for.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: August 6, 1885
Volume Number: 2
Issue Number: 19
Page: 1
Column(s): 4

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