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John Tredy

Death Sad and Sudden, Resulting from a Frightful Run-away.
Marble Cutter John Tredy, a Respected Young German Citizen, the Unfortunate Victim.

Mr. John Tredy, of the firm Tredy & Miller, stone and marble cutters, about 9 o'clock on Monday morning last met a serious accident which sadly resulted a few hours afterward in his death. From what we have been able to learn, it appears deceased was standing upon the hounds of his wagon, at the rear of their works on Franklin street, in the act of removing the wagon body, when the horses, being hitched to the vehicle, started at a running speed. The unfortunate man so suddenly unbalanced fell to the ground, but his feet became in some way lodged or entangled about the front end of the wagon, and in this helpless and hopeless position, with his head scraping and bumping through the dust and over pavements, he was furiously dragged by the crazed beasts to his untimely death.

On Michigan street a halt was effects by the pole the wagon coming in contact with a tree at the corner of T. A. Hogan's residence. Quickly as possible he was extricated from his horrible situation and carried in an insensible condition by Messrs. Lepell and G. W. Babcock, they being first upon the ground, into Mr. Hogan's yard. They administered as best they could to the dying man's sufferings, at the same time hastening summonses to physicians, who were soon upon the scene. But nothing could avail. He recognized no one, and spoke not. Unmistakably the grim mantle of death had already shadowed his contenance. His medical attendants were Doctors Coates, Morrical and Herriott, who remained with him, though not a hopeful indication was perceptible, to the end. And in praise of Mr. John Lepell, than whose manly heart none beats warmer, be it said, his faithful services throughout the trying ordeal are appreciated not alone by the relatives and immediate friends of the deceased, but as well by all who witnessed his thoughtful attention.

Deceased was an exemplary young man who was highly respected in the community. From reliable information at our hands, we learn he informed his wife on Saturday last that he anticipated his early demise and seemed to think it would result from unnatural causes.

John Tredy was born in Holstein, Germany, July 18, 1852, of the parentage of John and Katrina Tredy. In early life he was a painter, but at the time of his death a practical stone and marble cutter. He emigrated to this country in 1865 and settled in Valparaiso. On December 25, 1878, he was married to Miss Viola Beemer, of this city, whom now leaves a widow with an infant child. He was in religion confirmed in the Lutheran church, at the age of 14 he was united to the German Methodist, and on Feb. 16, 1878, he united with the Presbyterian. A very affecting and appropirate sermong by Rev. Robt. Beer, at the Presbyterian Church, on Tuesday afternoon, after which his remains were interred in the old cemetery.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: September 1, 1881
Volume Number: 25
Issue Number: 35
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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