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Mabel Taylor

Miss Mabel Taylor Untimely Called.
-- A Sad Event.

The people of our town will be shocked to learn that Mabel, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Taylor, former residents of this place, died at her home in Guthrie, I. T., on Friday of last week, of malarial fever. From the Guthrie News, we quote the following, regarding her death:

"Miss Mabel Taylor died at an early hour this morning. Death, the great spectre, has cruelly snatched away the life of the maiden flower whom every one admired, loved and esteemed.

There was a time not long since when she was the gayest, most light-hearted and joyful of girls. She was pretty, some would say handsome, and with those shining black eyes she wielded a spectre that enforced obecisance. She shown in the brief hour of her existence when her girlhood blossoming into ladyhood, but now she has answered that call which comes to all. "I come," she said, and that was all. The flowers shall bloom upon her grave and there it ends.

Captain Taylor and the mother have watched and hoped and nursed for three weeks past. Their sorrow knows no bounds and 'tis sad that they must bury their only girl, just as she was ripening into maturity. Her brother Will also takes her death very much to heart.

Miss Mabel was 17 years of age. She was born in Indiana and came from there last fall. She was accomplished in many ways, and perhaps there was no one in the city who was a better pianist. She was about to go a young ladies' seminary in the north when she took sick with typhoid malaria."

The following is from the Guthrie News of Sunday.

"Miss Mabel Taylor was laid at rest in Summitt View cemetery Saturday morning.

The funeral services were held at the residence of her parents on Second-st. the house was crowded with weeping friends, while the Rev. King, with tears in his own eyes, uttered the touching and impressive words. The Presbyterian choir sang "She is not Dead, but Sleepth," and other like songs. The pall bearers, who were all young men, friends of the departed, looked upon the remains and every one in the house followed their example. The broken hearted mother and father and brother took their last gaze and the mother rained kisses upon the cold, unresponsive face, and the casket was carried in solemn manner to the hearse.

Thus departed the joy of the household, the happy, shining soul that was the light of the home circle. Her piano is silent and her laughter will be heard no more. There is a void which cannot be filled.

The hearse conveyed the remains to the grave, followed by the carriages of family and friends. The pall bearers lifted the casket again and let it gently descend into the earth. The sun shown for a moment upon the silver inscription, "Our Darling -- At Rest," and the minister said, "Dust to dust and ashes to ashes," when the earth fell upon the coffin, and now a little mound with a wreath of flowers upon it marks the spot."

"A little girl has died," they say --
Only seventeen?
Weep if you may, bend low as ye pray;
What does it mean?

We cannot weep, though the child is dead
And hearts beat sore;
Life droops unwed, by yon stirless bed,
By the shadowed door.

Listen! God fashioned a house -- He said:
"Build it with care."
Then softly laid the soul of a maid
To dwell in there.

An always He watched it, guarded it so,
Both day and night;
The wee soul grew as your lillies do;
Splendid and white.

It grew, I say, as your lillies grow,
Tender and tall;
Till God smiled, "Now the home is too low
For the child, and small."

And gently he shut the shutters one night,
And closed the door.
More room and more light to walk upright
On a Father's floor.

More room and light for the maid you know,
Only seventeen.
On God's high row and where the angels go,
She smiles between.

In sympathy

-- J. B.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: August 28, 1890
Volume Number: 7
Issue Number: 20
Page: 1
Column(s): 2 and 3

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