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George W. Taylor

On Thursday the 13th inst., in Valparaiso, Rev. GEO. W. TAYLOR -- Brother Taylor had been for about 18 years, a faithful and consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, fifteen years of which time he had been an efficient Local Preacher. From his style, pathos, and energy in preaching, he had gained universal esteem. On my first interview with him, I asked him, if in the providence of God he should be called to die, whether he could safely trust the promises he had preached to others? He replied, "he could." On each day of his painful illness, he manifested the same resignation to the will of God. The last whisper that I heard from his lips, he was repeating the name of Jesus, O! sweet Jesus! Blessed Jesus! Glorious hope!

Thus closed the life and labors of a good man; loved most by those who knew him best. He has gone to his rest, and "shall stand in his lot in the end of the days."


At a special meeting of the VALPARAISO DIVISION, NO. 126, SONS OF TEMPERANCE, held at their Hall, on the 14th day of September, 1849, W. P. RUMSEY, in the Chair; all the Officers present:

After the opening, Brother J. G. D. Pettijohn, rose and announced to the Division the decease of Bro. G. W. TAYLOR, which took place on yesterday, in a feeling, neat and appropriate address; whereas G. W. Turner, James Russell and George Farrington, were appointed a committee to prepare a preamble and resolutions expressive of the sense of the Division on the occasion, who retired for a short time and reported the following:

Whereas, God in his infinite wisdom has been pleased to call from our fraternal band to we trust a higher and holier circle, our Brother GEO. W. TAYLOR, whose urbanity of manners, virtuous and christian course of conduct, had justly and properly secured to him the love and esteem of all who knew him -- And Whereas, we feel that under this sudden and sad bereavement, we, as a Division, are not the only afflicted ones;but a doating and sorrowing wife and children as well as a large circle of relatives and friends, the Church and the world, have sustained an irreparable loss: Therefore,

Resolved, That while we feel it our duty to submit cheerfully to the will of Him who doeth all things well -- yet it is with a deep sense of the loss we have sustained that we record the death of so amiable a brother as GEORGE W. TAYLOR.

Resolved, That although the deceased had been but a short time a member of our Order, yet his Christian virtues and gentlemanly deportment as a citizen and a friend had endeared him to our hearts, and we will long cherish in our memories, his many noble qualities.

Resolved, That while we sympathise with the bereaved and lonely widow and orphan children of our Brother, yet we feel that they "sorrow not as those who have no hope," but that they, if they live as becometh the Gospel, will one day meet him in that fair clime, where sorrow, pain and death are unknown.

Resolved, That we will attend the funeral of the deceased at 2 o'clock, p. m., to-day, clothed in the appropriate regalia of the Order, and that as a tribute of respect to his memory we go in mourning and clothe our Charter and emblems in mourning for the space of 30 days.

Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing resolutions be forwarded by the R. S. to the family of the deceased, and the editor of the Practical Observer be furnished with a copy for publication.


Newspaper: Practical Observer
Date of Publication: September 26, 18949
Volume Number: 1
Issue Number: 9
Page: 2
Column(s): 6

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