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La Roy Talcott

At the residence of his parents, at this place, on Thursday afternoon, 16th inst., of Dysentery, LA ROY, youngest son of Wm. C. and Maria Talcott, in the 7th year of his age, after a distressing illness of nearly two weeks.

This child was reduced by sickness to a mere skeleton while in infancy, and remained at the point of death for more than a year, but so far recovered and improved as to afford his parents much hope and comfort, until this last painful illness. -- On his sick and dying bed, sensible almost constantly to the last, he bore the most excruciating agony of body with patience and resignation that would have done credit to the wisest, bravest and best persons that ever were afflicted or tormented.

While his parents endeavor to console themselves with solemn pleasure in contemplating his lovely qualities and behavior, the distressing thoughts of those familiar groans of pain and insuppressible shrieks of agony which have been sounding in their ears for several days and nights past, crowd upon their minds and overwhelm them with grief, driving them to their last and only comforting consideration,

That having hielded up his breath,
His troubles are all o'er,
And sickness, sorrow, pain and death
Are felt and feared no more.

And it is a comforting consideration to the afflicted parents to think -- and to know -- that while they are thus for the third time in a few short years, bereft of their own flesh and blood, and the enjoyment of a child's presence and company, and left with but one lonely and sorrowing child for their affections to centre upon, and to cheer their pathway to life, their late beloved sufferer, as also their loved that suffered in like manner before him, are now and forever in that blessed condition described by a sacred writer,

"Where the wicked cease from troubling,
And the weary are at rest."


Yes, thou art gone to the spirit land,
To mingle with the happy band;
Thou has left thy tenement of clay,
To soar above in endless day.

Thy pains and suff'rings now are o'er --
The monster Death can do no more;
From cures and troubles thou art free --
Thou'st gone to heaven thy God to see.

But Oh! my son, 'tis hard to part
With one so twined about my heart;
Can I no more behold thy face
Which ever shone with truth and grace?

Alas! it is so; thou art gone to the tomb;
Thy mother is left in sadness and gloom.
No more to be cheered by those accents of love,
Till again we unite in the regions above.

Newspaper: Practical Observer
Date of Publication: August 22, 1849
Volume Number: 1
Issue Number: 4
Page: 2
Column(s): 6

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