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John Swanson

John Swanson Crushed To Death, And His Wife Fearfully Mangled By An Enraged Bull Last Sunday.

Last Sunday there occurred one of the saddest and most fatal accidents that it has been out lot to chronicle for some time. About ten o'clock on that day John Swanson, a well-known farmer, living just east of Woodville, attempted to drive a bull from one field into another when the animal turned on him and a fight for life began. Swanson was unarmed and the bull knocked him down and hurled him into the air. The man's cries brought Mrs. Swanson, who, heedless of her own peril, rushed to the rescue. The bull turned on her and soon was trampling her underfoot. Mr. Swanson, who at this time was some rods away, lying helpless shouted to his wife to save herself, that he was done for. The bull, attracted by the sound of Swanson's voice, rushed back to him, and, in blind fury, began pawing the prostrate body. Mrs. Swanson, with a broken leg, broken ribs, and fearful wounds about the head, and bleeding profusely, crawled up a hill towards the house and dragged herself into a hog pen to get out of the way of the bull. And even here her life was in peril, for the hogs rushed at her to tear her to pieces. She got out of there, and finally got into the yard near the house, and started to crawl towards the highway in hopes of attracting the attention of possible passers-by. Some minutes after the tragedy was over Mr. Jacobson, in passing along the road saw Mrs. Swanson, and he ran to Mr. Rydeen's, a neighbor, to give the alarm. Mr. Gust. Ludstrom happened to be there at the time and he ran over to the scene of the accident. Unconscious that the bull had done the fearful work, he stood surveying the body and not twenty feet from the animal. Suddenly it took for him, but he escaped. He found Mrs. Swanson in a dying condition, and with the help of neighbors, got her in the house, and drove to Chesterton on a gallop for a doctor. Drs. Kellogg and Green were sent out and they succeeded in checking the glow of blood on the injured lady and now hope to save her life. On examination it was found that almost every bone in Mr. Swanson's body was broken and the flesh in many places was crushed to a jelly. The bull had been deshorned on account of its savage disposition and the wounds were all inflicted by the animal's feet and head. Coroner Coates was summoned and his verdict was in accordance with the above facts.

At the time of the accident Mr. Swanson's two children were at church. They left their parents in good health, and in a short two hours came home to find death and desolation. Their grief was heartrending. The funeral for Mr. Swanson was held from the house Tuesday and the remains buried in the Chesterton cemetery. John Swanson was a man with many friends, and his sad end casts a cloud of grief on all who knew him. His children have the sympathy of us all.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: September 18, 1890
Volume Number: 7
Issue Number: 23
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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