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Abraham Stotler

For the Observer.
Original Lines.

On the death of Abraham Stotler, son of M. and J. Stotler, who departed this life on March 6th, 1852, in the sixteenth year of his age.

Thou art gone thy dearest son, "But we will not deplore thee,"
Though thy fair form lies slumbering in the dark tomb;
Thy spirit has mounted on wings up to glory,
And left this dull world of affliction and doom.

How mild were thy features, thy voice sweet and gentle,
And love to thy parents beamed forth from thine eye,
And we loved thee our son, with affection parental,
But now thou art gone to thy home in the sky.

Thy body now slumbers in death's dark dominions,
And in silence is mouldering back to its clay,
But thy spirit has flown up on love's glitt'ring pinions,
And shines a bright angel in eternal day.

A tie dear and tender from earth has been riven,
And our tear-drops in silence and sorrow now flow,
But that tie is now up in the kingdom of Heaven,
And to meet the dear son in that land, we will go.

Then farewell dearest one till the great resurrection,
When the Arch-angel's trumpet shall bid us arise,
Then each other we'll meet there with sweet recollection,
And together fly up to our home in the skies.

Newspaper: Valparaiso Practical Observer
Date of Publication: March 15, 1852
Volume Number: 3
Issue Number: 33
Page: 2
Column(s): 6

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