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Jane St. Clair

ST. CLAIR. -- At her residence, in Center township, on Tuesday evening, July 27th 1875, Jane St. Clair, wife of Amos St. Clair, in the 57th year of her age.

She was born in Loudon county, Virginia, but while quite young moved to Ohio, where she resided until her marriage, after which she moved to Porter county, Indiana, where she has resided for about 25 years, being one of the pioneers of the county. She leaves a husband, four children, all grown up, and one sister, who lived near her, to mourn her loss. She was an industrious and exemplary wife, an affectionate and indulgent mother, and a kind neighbor and friend to all around her. During her affliction, which was a long though not severe one, she was visited daily by all her old friends and neighbors, who took a deep interest in her welfare, showing by their kindness and tenderness toward her the great esteem they had for her. She seemed unaware of the approaching dissolution of body and spirit until the time was very near at hand. But when the shades of darkness had fully enveloped the earth, and while weeping friends stood around her bedside, unseen angels bore her spirit home to God who gave it. The funeral services were conducted by Elder Mikels, of Valparaiso, after which the hearse, followed by a long concourse of friends, bore her remains to the new cemetery.

Where she was laid to rest in the cold, cold ground,
There to await the trumpet's sound.
"Sleep on dear mother, take thy rest;
God hath called thee home, He thought it best."

Farewell, mother, thou hast left us,
Gone to that happy land above,
Where there is no pain or sorrow,
But where all is joy and love.

Yet we miss thee, sadly miss thee,
And our hearts are filled with pain,
When we know that on earth never
Shall our mother come home again.

Low in the ground thy form lies sleeping,
The grief we feel no one can tell;
Yet in heaven we hope to meet thee,
But now, we bid thee a long farewell.

S. J. S.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: August 5, 1875
Volume Number: 19
Issue Number: 31
Page: 3
Column(s): 7

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