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Anna J. Sperb

SPERB. -- Died on April 16, 1887, Mrs. Anna J. Sperb wife of Wm. Sperb, at her home in Eau Claire, Wis., after a brief illness. The remains were brought to Chesterton on April 18th for interment. Deceased was born in Louisville, Ky., on December 8th, 1885, and was the eldest daughter of James and Catherine Ansbro. In 1856 the family moved from Kentucky to Old Porter, remaining their until 1863, when they moved to Miller Station where they have since made their home. On June 27, 1882 Anna was united in marriage to Wm. Sperb, and with her husband, went to Eau Claire, Wis. She leaves two children, the eldest, Mary, but 4 years, and the youngest, James W., 2 years old.

All of the funeral service took place at St. Patrick's church on Monday, April 18th. The funeral service was alternately chanted by the choir and Father Kroll in the psalms of "De Profundis." "Miserere" and also in the Libers. At the end of Mass, Father Kroll preached a most powerful sermon, showing how the church as yet had not ended her Alelujas, when again she dressed in the somber garb of mourning and sounded forth her mournful songs at the sad and solemn occasion of the demise of one of her youthful children. He showed how not quite five years ago a happy couple knelt before the alter, full of joy and bright hopes, making their solemn promises to God. He hoped that they had been faithful to each other both in temporal and spiritual regard. It was hard to say "we lay to rest a loving mother," but God in his infinite decrees had thus ordained. He hoped each and every one, especially those who had not been faithful to God in regard to their promises, that they reflect how soon joy is turned into sorrow, how quickly all passes away. And finally that through these little children, deprived on earth of a mother, her prayers at the throne of God might protect them from danger, and that the husband who in union with her not quite five years ago, made solemn promises to God, would be faithful to his sacred charge, seeing that these little innocents might be reared thus, and one day to be united with their mother at the throne of God.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: April 28, 1887
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 4
Page: 1
Column(s): 8

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