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Henry Shroeder

Dies Riding on the Bumpers While Drunk as a Lord.

Henry Shroeder, a tramp printer, while riding on the bumpers of a Lake Shore freight train, missed his footing, feel under the wheels, and was beheaded. The accident occurred Thursday night two miles west of Chesterton. His remains were brought to Chesterton by order of Coroner Coates to await identification and instructions regarding the disposal of the body. Information given by a companion showed that the dead man's home was in Cincinnati. His friends were found and notified, and the remains put in charge of Undertaker Lundberg, who shipped them to their proper destination. It may be of interest to many to note the changing vicissitudes of a tramp when his vocation is followed with energy and sagacity. This young man was 27 years of age, and as the papers in his possession only gives a record of less than one year of his life it is impossible to contemplate what he would have accomplished if had lived out his three score and ten. He had in his possession many letters from parents, brothers, sister and friends, all of the most affecting and endearing nature, and all exhorting him to be a good boy and pleading him to come home. As before stated he was a printer and belonged to the Typographical Union. He held twelve of this union's cards, issued in the following states and territories, and none of them a year old: California, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, Texas, Missouri, Georgia and Tennessee. By the letters in his possession it was found that in September, 1890 he was in San Francisco; in December, 1890 he was at work in Dallas and Houston, Texas, Feb. 1st he was at work on the Atlanta Constitution at Atlanta, Georgia; Feb. 23 he was in Chattanooga, Tenn. Many intervening dates shown by his letters and traveling cards place him a great distance from the places he worked in a few days at a time. He was accompanied by a chum, the two leaving Chicago in company to go to Fort Wayne, but by accident got on a freight on the wrong train. At Grand Crossing they replenished their whisky bottle, which had been emptied since leaving Chicago. They were both quite drunk, and when Shroeder fell his partner jumped and was brought to Chesterton insensible. The next day he was able to get around and testified at the inquest.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: May 1, 1891
Volume Number: 8
Issue Number: 3
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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