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John Sharp

"Many are the unknown heros." this remark by a great author, is true. When the suffocated form of Murry Beach lay at the bottom of the cess-pool, thirty-four feet from the surface, his own friends were appalled and failed to go to the rescue. Hia family, frantic and bewildered, were screaming around the gaping aperature, no one volunteered but one, to save the man at the bottom of the well. John Sharp stepped forward into the bucket and ordered them to lower him into the well, remarking to those who remonstrated with him "that he had saved lives before," and would save the almost lifeless form of his friend, Murry Beach. He was lowered to the bottom and had placed Beach in the bucket and gave the signal to ascend. When within ten feet of the surface, he gave a stiffled groan, and fell head first to the bottom. He was rescued by lowering a grappling hook, and when lifted to the surface, life was extinct. Medical aid was called, but they were too late. His neck was dislocated by the fall. The well was old and for years had been used as a receptacle for sewage, and was filled with sewer gas within five feet of the surface. When the body was rescued the scene was heartrending. John Sharp's three orphans were but a few rods away, and the grief of the little ones caused strong men to weep and the stoutest hearts to quail. His wife died some time ago, and now his children are orphans, with out the hand of father or mother to guide or care for them in their helplessness. His act was one of personal heroism. He ventured his life, saved the life of his friend, and lost his own.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: November 21, 1889
Volume Number: 6
Issue Number: 32
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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