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Henry Schweir

Henry Schweir, the Thirteen Year Old Son of Theodore Schweir Dies of Hydrophobia.

Little Henry Schweir is dead.

It will be remembered by our readers that a mad dog passed through this town and bit several dogs one night last July, and on the morning following came upon Theodore Schweir and his thirteen year old son, in a field near Babcock. The enraged animal sprang upon the boy and bit him upon the forehead. The father tried to beat the animal off, and in turn was attacked. The dog fastened his teeth in his arm, but did not break the skin. The boy was at once taken to Chesterton and placed under the care of Dr. Corey, who cauterized the wound and advised that he be at once taken to the Pasteur Institute at Chicago for treatment. This was done. The institute people at once recognized the case as a very bad one, and said so, owing to the fact that it was in the head, where the poison would be more rapidly circulated through the system. The boy was given a thorough treatment under the Pasteur method and sent home as cured. As time passed on the parents began to think the cure a permanent one, but last Thursday the boy complained of not feeling well. This condition lasted until Saturday, when he grew worse. He was brought to Chesterton to Dr. Corey, who examined him. The boy was offered water, which he tried to drink, but could not get to his lips, and it was at the doctor's office that he first showed symptoms of hydrophobia. He could eat all right, but liquids he could not touch. He was taken home and a consultation was held with the Pasteur people, who said that all that could be done was to apply cocoaine to the throat to relieve the choking sensation. Saturday night he grew worse, and Sunday morning was in the agonies of hydrophobia. Doses of medicine were injected into his body that would kill strong men that failed to have any effect on the boy. After the third dose, however, he began to show signs of succumbing to the influence of this medicine, and was in a measure freed from intense suffering. During Sunday he would go into spasms, froth at the mouth, and bark, and then regain full consciousness for a few seconds, when he would again relapse into unconsciousness. He died at 25 minutes after 12 o'clock Monday morning, just three months and five days after he was bitten. It is one of the saddest cases on record in this county, and a terrible blow to the parents.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: October 21, 1892
Volume Number: 9
Issue Number: 28
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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