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August Schott

The man who was found hung near Mr. Sager's, south of this city, in December, 1872, and whose death was attributed by the coroner's jury to blows received by an unknown hand, now proves to have been on August Schott, having a brother named Ernest Schott living at Three Oaks, Mich., whom August seems to have been going from Minnesota to visit, when he met his death at this place by this murder or suicide. An agent of the N. Y. Mutual Life Insurance Co. has been in this city several days, trying to gather evidence of facts about August's death bearing on the question whether it was by murder of suicide. It is now no secret, nor any matter or doubt, that the man is fully identified as above stated, and that a claim for an insurance for a large amount on his life is now made.

Later, -- The agent has concluded a thorough investigation, and left, with full assurance, as he says, that Mr. Schott committed suicide -- partly because every other theory fails of evidence, and partly because the man had been discharged from the army for insanity, and afterward kept about 18 months in an insane asylum before being insured, and had frequent recurring spells of unsoundness afterward. The agent also says he has traced up all the rumors of a bloody sled, bloody floor, and blood at the back door of a saloon, as well as a death-bed confession at our insane asylum, and found their origin to be fabrication.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: June 25, 1874
Volume Number: 18
Issue Number: 26
Page: 3
Column(s): 3

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