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Charles Schneider

James Goodrich Kills Charles Schneider With a Chair-back.
-- Tuesday's M. C. Dispatch.

This morning at 7 o'clock the victim of a cowardly assault died at the Northern prison hospital, and another murder was charged to the account of James Goodrich, now serving a life sentence for killing an Indianapolis man two years ago. Goodrich is colored, has a vicious looking face, which depicts truthfully his brutal instincts. He is about 30 years old and works in shop No. 8, William Slattery guard. By his side until Thursday, May 24th, worked Charley Schneider, a three-year man from Lebanon, Boone county. On this morning the men became involved in a wordy discussion over a trivial matter, which ended in Goodrich striking his companion over the head with the back of a chair. The weapon was an ugly one and the blow dealt the murderous intent. It felled Schneider to the floor, where he lay insensible for a time, but recovered before reaching the cell house and, besides a few pains, he complained, none. He has been going around the cell house since in sort of a dazed condition until Sunday, when he suddenly appeared to become insane and had to be carried to the hospital. There his case was examined by Physician Calvert, who, after a careful diagnosis, pronounced the victim suffering from concussion to the brain. Sunday night Schneider raved like a maniac and had to be held down by two men, whose services were required again last night. Everything was done to relieve the man's sufferings, but he was beyond aid, and died in terrible agony at the above named time.

The murderer, Goodrich, was locked up in the dungeon for a time, but is again at work at his old task. There seems to be no punishment adequate for such a fiend. He might be taken out and tried for this last offense, but in order to arraign him he would have to be pardoned for his present sentence, which is for life. The fact that Schneider did not die for nearly two weeks after receiving the blow would preclude the possibility of his conviction upon a more serious charge than manslaughter, the greatest penalty for which is twenty-one years, hence the folly of thinking of giving the man a chance even to lessen his present punishment through another crime. The only way to reach him is to curtail his few privileges inside the walls, which should be done. The crime for which Goodrich is now toiling away his life was for striking a man over the head with a base ball bat and crushing his skull. It seems to be a favorite mode of extinction of enemies with him.

Charles Schneider was one of the most peacable men in prison, who always did his work, and earned all the good time permissible. He was 29 years old, and would released in July. His aged father and mother, who live in Maywood, Marion county, have been notified of his death, and until they are heard from no disposition will be made of the remains.

Coroner Mullen this afternoon held an inquest and rendered a verdict in accordance with these facts.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: June 7, 1888
Volume Number: 5
Issue Number: 8
Page: 1
Column(s): 8

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