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C. A. Schellman

A Swedish Laborer of Hageman instantly Killed.

An accident which is to be mourned by all good citizens occurred at Hageman last Thursday afternoon, about 3 o'clock. The accident happened in D. V. Purington's brick yard located within the village and is one of the largest in Porter county. The name of the deceased was C. A. Schellman, a swede doing general work about the premises. The "crusher" machine was the deadly contrivance which ushered the unfortunate man's soul to eternity. While working near this machine Schellman's clothin accidently became entangled in the shart by a bolt of a hook attachment, and he was instantly hurled at a frightful speed, his body making three revolutions before the machine could be stopped. The body passed between the line shaft and the heavy spiked planks, tearing them up and crushing remains into an almost unrecognizable condition. One foot and limb was torn from the body, the limb encased in a boot being found at some distance from the body, which had become nude, all the clothing having been wrenched off of it. Every bone of his body was broken and the mass of bruished flesh was a terrbile sight to behold. They were carefully removed to his late home which was formerly known as the Ackerman property, where they were put in presentable shape for inspection by his friends. Mr. Schellman was 45 years of age, and leaves a wife with several children. He was a hard working man and leaves and house and lot unencumbered. Coroner Letherman, of Valparaiso held an inquest over the remains, and rendered a verdict in accordance with the fact which was "accidental death." The owners of the brick yard where the accident occurred, are very much depressed thereby, but are exonerated from all blame. The village of Hageman is considerably wrought up over the fearful fate of the victim, and his wife and family have the undivided sympathy of the entire community.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: December 10, 1884
Volume Number: 1
Issue Number: 37
Page: 5
Column(s): 4

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